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As the NBA season passes there is one thing that is kept up to date and well maintained and that is the NBA standings.

If you are in search of a game that is loved a lot by Americans, then Basketball is the game.

The National Basketball Association is the reason why this game is very well promoted. Every NBA season each team comes with a lot of motivation.

Some even win games from the very beginning of the season while other teams have to face a hard time.


What are NBA Standings?

As the NBA season proceeds it is important to keep track of all the results.

The Standings help to maintain this record in a tabular form so that the information about any of the teams can be checked at any point of the season or even after the season has ended.

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NBA Standings

The thing about the Standings table is that it presents all of the information about every team in a very well-presented form so that it gets easier for anyone to check anything that they want to check.
Eastern Conference
1. Miami Heat – e53296-4
2. Boston Celtics – a51317-3
3. Milwaukee Bucks – c51316-4
4. Philadelphia 76ers – x51316-4
5. Toronto Raptors – x48348-2
6. Chicago Bulls – x46364-6
7. Brooklyn Nets – pi44386-4
8. Atlanta Hawks – pi43397-3
9. Cleveland Cavaliers – pi44383-7
10. Charlotte Hornets – pi43396-4
11. New York Knicks – o37457-3
12. Washington Wizards – o35475-5
13. Indiana Pacers – o25570-10
14. Detroit Pistons – o23594-6
15. Orlando Magic – o22603-7
Western Conference
1. Phoenix Suns – w64186-4
2. Memphis Grizzlies – sw56267-3
3. Golden State Warriors – x53296-4
4. Dallas Mavericks – x52308-2
5. Utah Jazz – nw49334-6
6. Denver Nuggets – x48346-4
7. Minnesota Timberwolves – pi46364-6
8. New Orleans Pelicans – pi36466-4
9. LA Clippers – pi42406-4
10. San Antonio Spurs – pi34486-4
11. Los Angeles Lakers – o33492-8
12. Sacramento Kings – o30525-5
13. Portland Trail Blazers – o27550-10
14. Oklahoma City Thunder – o24584-6
15. Houston Rockets – o20622-8

Everything you need to know about NBA Standings

The NBA Standings table is not like most of the standings tables or points tables. There are a lot of things that often confuse people as they are complex to keep track of.

So, here we will be dividing the standings table into a few parts and elaborating it so that you can get a better understanding of how to read and understand the NBA standings table.

Different Group By options in NBA Standings

As you go for the standings option, you will come across a Group By dropdown option. It will have the following options in it:

  • Group by Division
  • Group by Conference

Group by Division

This is the grouping of teams where 6 tables are formed with each of them having 5 teams. In this way, keeping track of teams in their division becomes easier.

Group by Conference

Sometimes people want to compare their favorite teams against the whole conference. It is what this option is there for.

Here 2 tables are presented each having 15 teams from each conference and an overall comparison between conference teams is conducted.

Why is there no League/Season grouping available?

The way the NBA comes to an end there is no need to compare the teams of one conference with the teams of the other conference.

The champions of both conferences head for the NBA title. It is the reason why there is no such option available in standings.

Different sections in NBA standings

As you select the group by option according to your liking, the next option will be of Section. It will contain the following options:

  • Overall
  • Streaks
  • Ahead/Behind
  • Margins & Stats
  • Vs Div/Conf
  • Calendar


This section in the standings provides complete information about the overall record of the team. It contains the following columns:

  • Games Won
  • Games Lost
  • Win Percentage
  • Games Behind
  • Conference Results
  • Division Results
  • Home Results
  • Road Results
  • Overtime Results
  • Last 10 Games
  • Streak


Well, the name speaks for itself. This section contains information about the streaks a team has maintained in the season. Here are the columns included in this section:

  • Games Won
  • Games Lost
  • Win Percentage
  • Games Behind
  • Current Streak
  • Home Streak
  • Road Streak
  • Last 10 Games
  • Last 10 Home Games
  • Last 10 Road Games
  • Home Long
  • Road Long


It is the section that contains the information about the Ahead/Behind stats of the NBA section. Here is how the information is presented in this section:

  • Games Won
  • Games Lost
  • Win Percentage
  • Games Behind
  • Ahead Half
  • Behind Half
  • Tied Half
  • Ahead 3rd
  • Behind 3rd
  • Tied 3rd
  • PTS/G
  • PA/G
  • +/-

Margins & Stats

In this section of the Standings table for NAB, the information is presented in the following form:

  • Games Won
  • Games Lost
  • Win Percentage
  • Games Behind
  • 3PTS or Less
  • 10PTS or Less
  • Score 100+
  • OPP Score 100+
  • OPP .500+
  • Lead FG%
  • Lead REB

Vs Div/Conf

This section contains the performance stats according to how a team has performed against other teams in the division as well as conferences.

The data here is presented in the following way:

  • Games Won
  • Games Lost
  • Win Percentage
  • Games Behind
  • East division
  • West division
  • Atlantic division
  • Central division
  • Southeast division
  • Northeast division
  • Pacific division
  • Southwest division


It is the last section in the standings table, and it provides the performance results according to the calendar.

  • Games Won
  • Games Lost
  • Win Percentage
  • Games Behind
  • Oct
  • Nov
  • Dec
  • Jan
  • Feb Mar
  • Apr
  • Jul
  • Aug

Why does the position in standings matter for the team?

A team needs to stay in the top 8 teams for the conference. The top 8 teams are selected for the playoffs round.

There are some wildcard entries from the teams below the top 8 but to stay on the safe side it is the best choice to stay in the top 8 for the conference standings table.


As Basketball is one of the most loved games for the people, NBA brings out some of the purest action for the fans.

Well, some fans are not only up for reenjoying the game as they want to keep track of everything going on.

In this way, they find it difficult to keep track of things when the number of matches exceeds.

At the same time, the standings table provides all the correct information about a team, but it is complex for everyone to understand.

We hope that by now you can read and understand the standings table. Make sure to stay tuned as we will keep on bringing the best NBA facts and stats for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Way To Check The NBA Standings Table?

Checking with “Group By Conference” is the best option to see the standings.

What Do The Standings Tell About The Future Of A Team?

The standings in the NBA tell that if the team is in the top 8 then it is moving to the next round.

How Many Section Options Are Available For Standings?

There are 6 options.

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