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All the interesting information, facts, and figures you need to know about the NBA.

One thing about Americans is that they love sports. Moreover, some of those sports are those which are not that popular around the world.

However, basketball is one of them which is popular around the world and played in several countries, as well as there are some international level tournaments for basketball as well.

When we talk about America, we will see how everyone here loves basketball. Even most of the kids play it at their schools to find a career in it.

What is NBA?

What is NBA?

NBA men’s National Basketball Association and is a professional basketball league played in North America. Speaking of the major professional sports played in America, it is one of them.

Not only is the NBA one of the best in America but it is also the premier men’s professional league of basketball in the whole world making it very special.

History of NBA

If we take a look at 

In American history, we will see that a league for basketball was founded in 1946. It was known as BAA, the Basketball Association of America.

The name of this league was changed to NBA in 1949. It was done when BAA merged with NBL, The National Basketball League.

Type of NBA Games

How To Watch NBA?

The NBA games are just like the regular basketball games. There are some rules that players follow. Mostly these rules are there to protect the gameplay from foul moves.

However, sometimes the rules are updated or changed for a better experience. In terms of NBA matches, every season goes from October to April.

Scoring in NBA

In NBA games the main way of scoring is by putting the ball through the basket on the opponent’s end.

How many teams are included in the NBA?

NBA Team

The NBA is a league that is composed of 30 teams. Out of these 30 teams, 29 are from the United States while the 1 last team comes from Canada.

These 30 teams are divided into 15 different conferences just like baseball. Similarly, the teams in the conferences come with the division of 5 teams each.

The Team Structure in NBA

The Team Structure in the NBA is pretty interesting. There are a total of 15 players each team can have. Out of these 15, the 13 can be active for a match.

While only 5 players are active in a match there are amazing opportunities for substitutions.

The best part here is that there is no limit on substitutions which means that the field will be occupied with the best players from both teams all the time.

Players selecting their jersey numbers in NBA

Players selecting their jersey numbers selecting the jersey number in the NBA is the easiest.

There are no huge restrictions and only a few little details are there to restrict the players from selecting a number.

Usually, players can take any of the numbers if that number is not being used by someone in the team. Moreover, the number 69 is not allowed at all.

How many matches are played by each team?

During a regular NBA season, every team will play 82 games. Out of these 82 games held would be home while the other half would be away games.

Out of these 82 times, the teams from the same division would come 4 times each.

There will be 6 teams so 12 matches with other divisions.

Now the matches left in the NBA schedule will be with the teams from the other conference. In this way, there will be a total of 82 matches per team.

How is a Winner Decided?

Every season of the NBA has a winner. The method of deciding the winner is rather interesting.

As the matches go on, every team finishes all of its matches, and the NBA standings are almost ready.

The winners meet in the best of 3 division NBA finals. After these matches, the team with the best record for the season qualifies for the final of the NBA season.

The other top two teams still compete for the second team in the finals in this best of 3 semifinals match.

After the semifinals, the final is played and then the winner of the NBA season is decided.


While the NBA is already a pretty exciting league, things like the NBA playoffs make the whole event even more exciting for the American fans as well as the other fans all over the world.

Apart from the matches and league themselves, the NBA Draft is the event that excites most of the players and fans as it is the event where players are selected for several teams.

This event opens doors for a lot of new players from college basketball teams to this professional league.

The best part about this event is that international players are also eligible for being drafted for teams apart from the local college players.

Frequently asked question

How does a team win the NBA?

When a match is being played between two NBA teams there is only one purpose for both the teams. It is to put the ball through the hoop(basket) on the opponent’s end.

Every time this happens there are some points for it. As the time finishes the team with more points is declared as the winner for that match.

How are teams made in the NBA?

Making teams goes differently for the NBA. There are the old players then there are the new players.

Most of the new players are drafted from the college basketball teams on the draft event.

Moreover, international players are also drafted. There are some eligibility criteria that the players have to meet for being drafted.

How many players are there in each match in the NBA?

There are a total of 26 players in one NBA match. Out of these 26, the 10 are in the playing area, 5 each for both teams.

Other than that, the 16 players are always sitting out ready to be substituted.

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