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National Broadcasting Company is counted among the four biggest networks of the United States, the other three being ABC, CBS, and Fox. Read the complete article to know more about NBC TV Schedule Tonight

NBC has always been focused on broadcasting programs while maintaining diversity to appeal to a large audience and cater to their demands accordingly. 


What is the NBC TV channel? 

National Broadcasting Company, Inc (NBC) is a famous American commercial broadcasting company.

The Television component of NBCUniversal is under the Comcast Corporation.

It is headquartered in New York City at 30 Rockefeller plaza. Moreover, it also has offices in Chicago and Los Angeles. 

What type of content is provided on the NBC TV channel? 

NBC provides diverse content to its audience, and its most popular programs include

  • “The Voice” in this program stars from the entertainment industry and mentors young musicians who compete for recording contracts.
  • The reboot of Will and Grace broke down stereotypes about the LGBTQ community, and the program initially gained popularity over a decade ago. 
  • Saturday Night Live, in which current events and politicians are lampooned and satirized.

NBC TV Schedule Tonight

20 July 2022

8:00pmChicago Med
8:30 pmChicago Med
9:00pmChicago Fire
9:30pm Chicago Fire
10:00pmChicago P.D.

Want to know the schedule of NBC TV tonight, this table can help you. 


8:00pmThe Voice 
8:30 pmThe Voice 
9:00pmThe Voice 
9:30pm The Voice 
10:00pmOrdinary Joe


8:00pmThe Voice
8:30 pmThe Voice
9:00pmLa Brea
9:30pm La Brea
10:00pmNew Amsterdam


8:00pmChicago Med
8:30 pmChicago Med
9:00pmChicago Fire
9:30pm Chicago Fire
10:00pmChicago P.D.


8:00pm Law & Order For the defense
8:30 pm Law & Order For the defense
9:00pm Law& Order Special victims unit 
9:30pm Law& Order Special victims unit 
10:00pm Law & Order Organized crime


8:00pmBlack list
8:30 pmBlack list
9:30pm Dateline


8:00pmEncores La Brea Law and order For the defense Ordinary joe Organized crime 
8:30 pmEncores La Brea Law and order For the defense Ordinary joe Organized crime 
9:00pmDateline weekend mystery
9:30pm Dateline weekend mystery
10:00pmEncores Sat night live


8:00pmSunday night football
8:30 pmSunday night football
9:00pmSunday night football
9:30pm Sunday night football
10:00pmSunday night football

NBC Live TV 

After understanding the news preferences of its viewers, the National broadcasting company initiated a streaming option for its programs.

Its application works with various streaming devices, including Roku Channel, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Xbox One, etc.

You can check which of the streaming devices are compatible with the NBC app at its website

However, NBC apps have several limitations like; on the apps of other networks, the viewers can view various episodes of their favorite TV show.

However, the NBC app allows viewing only the recent episodes. Moreover, there is also a lack of content available on NBC.

Another limitation is the marketing of this app. Other networks have detailed social pages and FAQs to guide the users on using the app, but the same is not the case with NBC, as there is no such level of marketing and guidance to the audience.

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How to Watch NBC without cable? 

NBC is a local broadcasting company; hence there are huge chances that you can receive the signals through your TV antenna for free.

However, if you cannot catch the signals of NBC from your TV antenna, then live streaming can be an option for you. 

There are many live streaming platforms like Hulu Live, Sling, AT&T TV, and Youtube TV, which let you enjoy the programs of NBC at their local channels at rates cheaper than that provided by the local cable TV providers. 

Live streaming options

Hulu TV 

Hulu TV is the best option for the people looking for the wide live coverage of NBC.

Along with the channels that are popular in cable, including ESPN, Hulu streaming provides more than 75 live TV channels and broadcasting local NBC channels across the US. 

Want to subscribe to Hulu streaming? You will have to pay only $64.99 per month subscription charges.

In return, what you will get includes Unlimited access to the on-demand catalog of Hulu and 50 hours of Cloud DVR for recordings. It offers you an opportunity to have a free trial of 7 days. 


If you are a sports lover, you should not miss a chance to subscribe to FuboTV as it provides live streaming services across America, Canada, and Spain especially focussing on the sports channels.

With more than 116 channels and 250 hours of Cloud DVR, and an on-demand library of TV shows and movies, it charges only $64.99 per month while also providing an opportunity to have a 7-day free trial. 

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Get NBC with an OTA Antenna

Not interested in internet TV services and want to look for other ways to watch NBC and other stations free of cost.

All you need to have is an air antenna and a little knowledge of how to have your favorite channels.

NBC is a broadcasting station that you can have on your TV free of cost only if you have the right antenna.

Let’s discover how you can watch local stations and NBC with an OTA antenna.

Check the availability of NBC stations. 

First, you will need to check which TV stations you can have at your home.

This is important to check as the closer you are to the station, the more you can catch the signals through some indoor antenna.

However, if you are away, you will require to have some outdoor antenna for catching NBC. 

Get an OTA antenna that’s right for you.

After checking the availability, you need to buy an OTA antenna.

You can use an indoor antenna if you live in the city, and if you live in a rural area, you will need to purchase an outdoor antenna. 

However, if you are stressed about which antenna you should choose, don’t as all the antennas do the same thing. So, go for the one that has good ratings and comes at a good price. 

Set up the antenna and scan for channels

Many TVs have a tuner built-in. Hence you only need to follow the antenna instructions, plug it into your TV, and scan for your desired channel.

After scanning, you will see the local NBC TV channel and other channels within the range of your OTA antenna. 

Start watching your favorite shows!

Now, you can watch your favorite show on the go.

Moreover, you can also invest in HDHomeRun that helps you to stream OTA content to your smartphones.

Moreover, you can also record the shows through its DVD upgrade. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is NBC Free On TV?

Yes, you can watch the NBC channel online. It is not a part of the TVEverywhere system, and hence it is not compulsory to do Cable TV login.

For watching NBC TV online, you need to go to live streaming on its website. Moreover, you can also watch live streaming at their android and iOS application. 

Does YouTube TV Have NBC?

YouTube TV provides coverage to NBCUniversal networks that include CNBC, Bravo, E!, USA and NBC, etc. This is a live-channel streaming service. 

What Is NBC TV's Schedule Tonight?

NBC TV schedule tonight according to central time zone is 

From 8:00 pm- to 9:00 pm Chicago Med 

From 9:00 pm_ 10:00 pm Chicago Fire 

At 10:00 pm Chicago P.D. 

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