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Mackenzie Scott is an American Novelist, Activist, and Philanthropist. She is a very polite and lovable person.

She became the richest woman in the world, but Mackenzie began donating billions in charity which made it difficult for her to maintain her position as the richest woman in the world. But still, Mackenzie Scott has a net worth in billions.

Mackenzie Scott
Mackenzie Scott

This article is about the Net worth of Mackenzie, and we will also discuss some other facts like her personal life, career, etc.

Other Details Of Mackenzie Scott

 Net Worth$57 billlion
 Real NameMackenzie Scott Tuttle
 Current NameMackenzie Scott
 Marital Status Married
 Husband NameDan Jewett

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Childhood Of Mackenzie Scott

Childhood Of Mackenzie Scott

Mackenzie Scott, whose born name was Mackenzie Scott Tuttle, was born on 7 April 1970 in San Francisco.

She was raised in the Golden Gate Bridge in Marine Country. Her father ran a Financial Investment company.

When Mackenzie was in Junior school, her father filed for bankruptcy. Mackenzie’s father became the subject of the security and exchange commission probe.

After that, her parents shifted to Florida, where her father tried to re-start a new financial career.

Mackenzie completed her high from Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Connecticut. After that, she attended Princeton University and graduated in 1992.

While in the university, she studied under famed author Toni Morrison in a creative writing class.

Career Of Mackenzie Scott

Career Of Mackenzie Scott
Career Of Mackenzie Scott

Firstly, Mackenzie completed her graduation, and then she moved to New York with the dream of becoming a novelist.

She started working at the hedge fund D.E. Shaw as an administrative assistant. She was assistant to Company’s Senior Vice President and fellow Princeton alum, Jeff Bezos.

Mackenzie eventually graduated to working as a research associate directly under Bezos. After some time, they both married.

Jeff wanted to open an online “e-commerce store,” and Mackenzie badly urged him towards his dream. So in 1994 they mutually decided to quit their job.

After that, Mackenzie started focusing on her writing skills and Jeff on his store.

In 2005, Mackenzie wrote a book, “The Testing of Luther Albright” for which she also won an American Book Award in 2006.

She revealed that she took ten years to write the book because she was helping her husband to build his dream and give birth to three children. Mackenzie’s second novel “Trap” was published in 2013.

Highlights Of Mackenzie Career

  • The Testing of Luther Albright
  • 116 organization Driving change
  • 348 Ways to help
  • Seeding by Ceding

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Personal Life Of Mackenzie Scott

Personal Life Of Mackenzie Scott
Personal Life Of Mackenzie Scott

Mackenzie met Jeff in 1992. They both started dating, and after three months of a relationship, they decided to live together, and they married in 1993.

When they married, Mackenzie was 23 years old, and Jeff was 29. They have four children.

After 25 years of marriage, Mackenzie and Jeff decided to separate from each other; in 2019, Jeff and Mackenzie announced their divorce.

At the time of divorce, Jeff was the richest man in the world. By all accounts, Mackenzie could have been entitled to half of all of Jeff’s assets since they acquired after the marriage.

In 2021, Mackenzie married her high school teacher Dan Jewett.

Award Won By Mackenzie Scott

Award Won By Mackenzie Scott
Award Won By Mackenzie Scott

Mackenzie won the American Book Award in 2006 for her book “The Testing of Luther Albright.”

The Net Worth Of Mackenzie Scott

The Net Worth Of Mackenzie Scott
The Net Worth Of Mackenzie Scott

Mackenzie Scott has a net worth of $57 billion. In 2020 she donated $6 billion to charity. Otherwise, her fortune would be more than $57million.

She plans to donate the majority of her fortune. In 2020 when she was separated from Jeff, Jeff allotted half of Amazon’s share to her as settlement money. After that, Mackenzie became the world’s richest woman.


In 2020, Mackenzie made two major announcements through the blogging platform ‘Medium.’

First, she formally changed her name from Mackenzie Bezos to Mackenzie Scott. And the second was that she donated $1.7 billion.

A few months later, Mackenzie again donated $3.2 billion to 384 Charity organizations.


Conclusion of Mackenzie Scott

Mackenzie Scoot is known for her Philanthropy and novel. She has also won awards for her books.

She was titled the world’s richest woman at one time, but she donated a large part of her money and lost the title with it.

Even so, she didn’t lose anything and won many hearts and gained blessings.

 We hope that you loved reading this article.


Did Mackenzie Scott help start Amazon?

Yes, Mackenzie Scott helped Jeff to start his business. She always encouraged him towards his dream. She also took a break from his writing because she was helping Jeff to settle his E-Commerce store.

Does Mackenzie Scott have a child?

Yes, Mackenzie has four children, three sons, and one daughter.

Where does Mackenzie Scott live now?

Currently, Mackenzie is living in Seattle.

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