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Dolly Parton is an American Songwriter, singer, actress record producer. Besides this, she is also a businesswoman and runs her “Sandallor production” a production company.

She is regarded as one of the best singers globally, and her albums are sold in millions. 

So let’s discuss the net worth of Dolly Parton and a few other interesting facts about her.

Other details of Dolly Parton

 Net worth$650 million
 NameDolly Parton’s
Date of Birth19th January ,1946
Marital status Married
ProfessionSong writer, singer and actress
Nationality United State of America
Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton

Childhood of Dolly Paton

Childhood Of Dolly Parton
Childhood Of Dolly Parton

Dolly is a farmer’s daughter; she is the fourth of twelve children.

She was born on 19th January 1946 and was raised in Tennessee. Dolly said in some interviews, that her family was financially backward at the time of her childhood.

Still, she was an ambitious girl and wanted to change their condition. She was dedicated to music, so she started singing, and now she has reached the level where we take her name as an example of success.

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The career of Dolly Parton

Career of Dolly Parton
Career of Dolly Parton

Dolly started her career at a very early stage, and she began her career with television. In 1967, when she was 20years old, she partnered with entertainer Porter Wagoner for the Porter Wagoner Show.

It was a flourishing beginning of her career. The partnership with Porter Wagoner also helped her receive musical contracts from RCA Records.

Dolly released her first single as a duet with partner, Porter Wagoner’s, titled “Last Thing on my Mind.” The song reached the country top ten in early 1968.

 After that, she released her first crossover, “Here You come again,” which topped at country Music charts.

In 1999 she released a series of albums inspired By Bluegrass music. Since then, she has been constantly active by releasing her songs, musical shows, and so on.

Highlights of Her Career

Here are some highlights of her career:-

  • You can’t make Old friends (music album,2013)
  • 9 to 5 (song, 1980)
  • Blue smoke( Album, 2004)

Personal Life of Dolly Parton

Personal Life of Dolly Parton
Personal Life of Dolly Parton

It is known that, Dolly didn’t have any affairs and relationships. She was married to Carl Thomas Dean in 1966.

Dean is a simple person, and he doesn’t like publicity, so he tries to shun away from it. Also, he runs an asphalt road-surface-paving business In Nashville.

He spend most of the in his company. Although Parton has no children of her own, she helped raise several of her younger siblings.

She supports her niece’s and nephews’ careers. And she is also the Godmother of performer Miley Cyrus.

Award won by Dolly Parton

Award won by Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton won numerous awards. She broke numerous records and won all the major categories like Grammy, Billboard, Golden Raspberry award, etc.

These are some of her significant awards.

  • Top vocal Group
  • Entertainer of the year
  • Top female vocalist
  • Best country vocal performance by a Duo or Group; female Country vocal Performance ( Grammy awards)
  • Country artist of the year; Distinguished achievement awards (Billboards)

The net worth of Dolly Parton

The Net worth Of Dolly Parton
The Net worth Of Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton’s net worth is estimated at around 650 million $ in 2022. Dolly may be in her seventies, but she is still a screen star to this day, and she has also appeared in the 2020 movie 

of Netflix Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the square. She also appeared in Heartstring, a 2019 series based on her songs.

She has been writing and performing hit songs for over 40 years now and has given 41 top-10 Country albums.

Dolly Parton Real Estate

Dolly lives in Nashville, and her current house price is estimated at around $ 1.1 million. As we have seen many times, she drives a Cadillac D’ Elegance.

She also donated $ 1million to Vanderbilt University in April 2020.

Business of Dolly Parton

Dolly has multi-moneymaking ventures outside of music, including theme parks and cookbooks.

She was also named one of People magazine’s People of the year. She runs a Dollywood theme park.

She also has a production company, “ Sandollar production.” The company  specializes in movies and television programs.


In 1990, Parton earned 10 million in Royalties because of Whitney’s Version.

Today, she owns publishing rights in writing; Parton’s makes roughly 8 percent per radio play and $2 per album sold.

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Dolly once belonged to an economically backward class, and now she is the topmost singer in the country. Her talent and dedication to work make her a millionaire.

We hope that you liked reading this article on the net worth of Dolly Parton.


Does Dolly Parton have tattoos?

She has many tattoos on her body. She also said that every tattoo has a particular reason

Does Dolly Parton have a child?

No, she didn’t have any children  because of her impending health issues.

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