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Who doesn’t know Donald Trump, but did you know that he was popularly known before running for the US presidency for his business acumen?

Trump is a politician, businessman, and author. And in this article, we will tell you all about the life, childhood, career, and net worth of Donald Trump.

Net Worth Of Donald Trump2.5 Billion
Full NameDonald John Trump
NicknamesThe Donald
Date Of Birth14 June 1946
Age75 Years
CitizenshipUnited States
Marital StatusMarried
Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Childhood Of Donald Trump

Childhood Of Donald Trump
Childhood Of Donald Trump

Donald John Trump was born on 14 June 1946 in New York City to parents Frederick C. and Mary MacLeod Trump.

He is the fourth kid amongst his five siblings. As a kid, trump was very energetic and bright.

At the age of thirteen, he attended New York Military Academy and positively utilized his potential in studies and extracurricular activities.

He then enrolled himself in the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania and graduated with a degree in economics in 1968.

Donald’s father, Fred Trump, was a very successful real estate tycoon. He built rowhouses and single-family houses in New York.

Donald took over his father’s business and renamed it a Trump organization upon graduating.

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Early Career Of Donald Trump

Early Career of Donald Trump
Early Career of Donald Trump

In 1974, Trump took over his father’s business and worked on its expansion exponentially.

His father loaned him money for expansion purposes by which he started investing in residential properties, luxury hotels, mainly in Manhattan and Atlantic City.

In 1796, Donald purchased Commodore Hotel in partnership with Hyatt, and they refurbished and renovated the hotel, opening it once again by the name the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

He then opened Trump Tower in partnership with Equitable Life Insurance Company which is a retail, office, and residential complex.

During the 1980’s he invested in several properties, including the Trump Plaza residential cooperative, the 19-story Plaza Hotel, the Trump Parc luxury condominium complex, and others.

Then During the 1980s, Trump made a massive investment in a casino business in Atlantic City and other properties like Harrah’s at Trump Plaza, the Trump Taj Mahal, Trump’s Castle Casino Resort- The largest casino in the world.

Donald Trump for Presidential Elections

Donald Trump for Presidential Elections
Donald Trump for Presidential Elections

Trump always had an interest in running for the Us Presidentship and entered the race as a reform party candidate in 2000.

In 2015, Trump announced that he would be running U.S. Presidential elections.

He pledged to “make America great again” and made promises to create new jobs, ban immigration by Muslims, impose tariffs on trade practices, and so on.

Upon winning the elections, he quickly took over the office and started executing orders concerning his promises during the election.

He started stirring a lot of controversies and has often been called out on Twitter for using racist and sexist slurs.

A lot of controversies marked his presidentship. He shocked the world by imposing a ban on Muslim travel.

He was a hot topic of discussion when he fired the FBI director. Even his mishandling of things during the Corona Epidemic led to thousands of deaths; all this led to losing his seat to rival Joe Biden in the recent election.

Married Life Of Donald Trump

The married life of Donald Trump
The married life of Donald Trump

Donald has been married three times. His first wife- Ivana Zelnickova was a Czech model and athlete; they had three kids together. They filed a divorce in 1990, and Ivana accused Trump of being abusive.

In 1993, he married his second wife, actress Marla Maples and had a daughter.

They parted their ways in 1999. He then married model Melania Knauss (his current wife) and had a son.

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Net Worth Of Donald Trump

Net worth of Donald Trump
Net Worth Of Donald Trump

The Net Worth of Donald Trump is 2.5 Billion which he has accumulated over the years, mostly from his real-estate business.

Earnings From Reality TV Show

In 2003, trump made a debut in the reality TV show, The Apprentice, where the contestants tried to compete for a job in the Trump Organization.

Donald hosted fourteen seasons of the show and was paid $213 million.

Earnings From Donald Trump’s Salary

Donald Trump received a salary of $400,000 while he was the president. He is entitled to receive a pension of $211,000 annually.

Ex-presidents are also entitled to receive $1 million per annum for travel expenses and $150,000 office and staff expenses.

Earnings Of Donald Trump from inheritance

Trump was technically a millionaire at the age of eight only. His father, Fred, set up a $1 million of trust funds, which earned a hefty amount of dividends.

After Fred’s death, Trump and his other siblings received $413 million each from dividends and inheritance.

Earnings Of Donald Trump From Businesses

In 1976, when Trump took over the commodore hotel, he spent $100 million on its renovation and named it into the Grand Hyatt.

This revived the hotel and earned him a lot. In 1996, he sold 50 percent stakes of the hotel to the Pritzker family for $142 million.

Then in 1982, Donald invested in building a 58-floor skyscraper which is popularly known as The Trump Tower today.

It has three restaurants, 238 residential units, and several retail businesses. Today, the property is worth around $400-$500 million.

Earnings From Properties

Several properties and hotels under Trump’s name pay him a hefty sum of money for using his name.

Donald also owns a couple of casinos at several places. Some of his properties include a golf club named Trump Doral in Miami, 40 Wall Street, Trump International Golf Links, Trump Winery in Charlottesville, resorts in NYC, Ireland, New Jersey, Dubai, LA Turnberry, Scotland, and many others.

According to his financial disclosure, he owns $1.4 billion of assets, received $100 million in rental income, $300 million from his resorts and golf courses, and millions in other mortgage liabilities.

Earnings Of Donald Trump From His Books

Trump has written a couple of books including, The art of the deal, The way to success, Trump 101, and The America We Deserve. All his books generated a revenue of $150-$250 million.

Earnings Of Donald Trump From Real Estate

Before moving to the White House, trump lived in a penthouse apartment in Trump Towers.

This apartment was famously decorated with gold, diamonds, and marbles and
cost $100 million.

He also bought another 213-acre property named Seven Springs located in Westchester County, costing $7.5 million.

In the 1980’s Donald purchased another 17-acre property worth $10 million in Florida. He calls this property Mar-a-Lago.



One of the wealthiest politicians in the world, author, real estate developer, and infamous politician, we hope you enjoyed reading and learning about the net worth of Donald Trump in this article.


What is the Net Worth of Donald Trump?

The net worth of Donald Trump is $2.5 Billion, making him one of the richest politicians ever.

What is Donald Trump's primary source of income?

Real estate investments are Trump’s primary source of income.

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