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Andre Romelle Young, AKA, Dr Dre is a famous American rapper and producer.

He was the one who introduced the world to gangsta and funk styles of rap, which received a lot of love and appreciation globally.

And not only this, Dr. Dre is the person behind the success of many other famous rappers such as Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and many more.

In this article, we will tell you the net worth of Dr Dre and will also share bits from his life and career. So let’s get started.

Other Details

Net Worth Of Dr Dre$800 million
Real NameAndre Romelle Young
Date of birthFebruary 18, 1965
Born CountryUnited States
Born PlaceCompton, California, United States
Age 56 Years
Spouse/ExNicole Threatt
Net worth of Dr Dre
Net worth of Dr Dre

Childhood Of Dr Dre

Childhood of Dr Dre
Childhood of Dr Dre

Andre Romelle Young was born on February 18, 1965, in Compton, California, United States.

His parents Verna young and Theodore, were both musicians, and they separated when he was seven.

Post-separation, Andre lived with his mother, who married quite a few times, forcing him to switch schools and places.

Over time, he studied in various schools, including Roosevelt Junior High School, Vanguard Junior High School, Fremont High School, and Chester Adult School.

Andre was always besotten by music, owing to his music background. As a teen, he even worked as a DJ.

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Career Of Dr Dre

Career of Dr Dre
Career of Dr Dre

Dr Dre began his music career in 1984 when he joined World Class Weckin’ Cru, a music group.

They released their first single titled ‘Surgery,’ which sold more than 50,000 copies.

After working together for two years, Dre formed a new group called N.W.A. (Niggaz for Life) with fellow rappers Ice Cube, D.J. Yella, and Eazy-E. Their songs and theme was dominated mainly by the gang and urban crime lifestyle.

The lyrics of their songs were harsh, and they introduced the world to real life.

N.W.A. released their debut album titled ‘Straight Outta Compton,’ which became a massive hit selling more than two million copies instantly.

They released another album titled ‘Efil4zaggin’ before separating.

In 1991, he, along with fellow co-founder, Sue Knight, formed Death Row Records.

Next year, he released his first title track, ‘Deep Cover’ featuring Snoop Dogg. Next year, in 1993, came the turning point of his life when he released the album titled ‘The Chronic.’

Songs like ‘Let Me Ride,’ ‘Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang,’ ‘Fuck with Dre Day,’ from his album took the world by the storm, creating a cultural phenomenon.

Post his success as a rapper, he became a producer and launched various rappers including, Snoop Dogg and Eminem. However, due to some disputes, he left Death Row Records in 1996 and formed his own company called Aftermath Entertainment.

He released his album called ‘Dr. Dre Presents the Aftermath,’ but his most popular albums included ‘The Slim Shady LP,’ Eminem’s debut album, The D.O.C., ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and many more, which were all huge hits.

Apart from music, Dre has also appeared in several movies and Tv shows including, ‘Set It Off,’ ‘The Wash’ and ‘Training Day,’ and many more.

Awards Won By Dr Dre

Awards won
Awards won

Dr. Dre has won seven Grammys out of 26 nominations, two MTV Video Music Awards, one Maverick Movie Awards, and more. He also ranked number 56 in Rolling Stones’ list of ‘100 Greatest Artists of All Time.’

Net Worth Of Dr Dre

Net worth of Dr Dre
Net worth of Dr Dre

The net worth of Dr. Dre is estimated to be somewhere around $800 million. We have shared a list of resources that makes his wealth.

Earnings From Business Venture Of Dr Dre

In 2008, Dre launched his own brand of headphones called ‘Beats by Dr. Dre.’ It consisted of various kinds of earphones including, circumaural headphones, supra-aural, and in-ear headphones.

In 2014, he sold his brand to Apple for $3 Billion. This venture made $585 for him in total.

Net Worth Of Real Estate Of Dr Dre

Dr Dre purchased a stunning 4 acres property in Brentwood, LA, for $40 million. He bought this property from Tom Brady and Giselle in 2014.

The colossal mansion spans 18,298 square feet of ground. It has nine bathrooms, five bedrooms, a library, sauna, gym, and whatnot.

In April 2021, he bought another Mediterranean house in Calabasas, California, for $3.5 million. This stunning house features a recording studio and a movie theatre.

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Conclusion of net worth of Dr Dre
Conclusion of net worth of Dr Dre

The net worth of Dr Dre is pretty impressive, and he was able to amass this wealth because of his knack and exceptional musical talent.

It is only fair to call him the King of rap as he introduced the world to such a great style of rap and music. We hope you enjoyed reading this article.


What is the net worth of Dr Dre?

The net worth of Dr Dre is estimated to be $800 million after his separation from his wife. Dr Dre had to pay $100 million to his wife as settlement money.

Is Dr. Dre really a Doctor?

No, Dre is not a doctor. He took one half of this moniker after his favorite basketball player and half of it from his real name.

How many kids does Dr Dre have?

Dr. Dre has six kids in total. He shares two of them with his wife Nicole.

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