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Jake Paul is an American Youtuber, social media influencer, actor, philanthropist, rapper, and boxer.

He is one of the highest-paid YouTubers in the world, and in this article, we will take you through his childhood, career, lifestyle, and we will also reveal the net Worth of Jake Paul.

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Net Worth of Jake Paul$20 million
Full NameJake Joseph Paul
Date of BirthJanuary 17, 1997
Place of BirthCleveland, Ohio, U.S.
Marital StatusUnmarried
Age24 Years
Jake Paul
Jake Paul


Childhood of Jake Paul
Childhood of Jake Paul

On January 17, 1997, Jake Paul was born in Cleveland, Ohio, to Gregory Paul and Pamela Stepnick.

He has an older brother, Logan, who is a YouTuber too. Paul went to Westlake High School, Cleveland, Ohio, and completed his graduation from Cleveland State University, Ohio.

As a kid, Jake was always more interested in extracurricular and sports. When he was only sixteen, he started posting videos on Vine (defunct now) and gained a massive following of five and a half million.

AgIn 2013, After Vine got shut down, he thought of posting videos on YouTube, and today, he has an impressive count of 20 million subscribers.

YouTube Career

YouTube Career of Jake Paul
YouTube Career of Jake Paul

Jake started posting videos on YouTube in 2016; he used to make sketches, songs, and vlogs on his channel then.

In 2016, he was offered the role of Lance in a film called ‘Dance Camp.’ Post this, he even starred in a movie called ‘Mono’ and played a cameo role of this character named Dugan.

During 2016-2017, Disney hired him for a sitcom called “Bizaardvark,” where he appeared in two seasons. Post this, he got fired due to complaints against him posted by his neighbors.

Later in 2017, he launched a digital marketing platform and creative agency called “Team 10,” meant to create and promote entertainment for teenagers.

In the same year, he released his infamous song called “It’s Everyday Bro,” which became viral instantly and gained 70 million views in a month.

In 2018, he posted a video titled, “I lost my Virginity,” with a semi-nude picture of Paul and his now ex-girlfriend Erika Costell, which he later changed into age-restricted content.

He has also released a couple of songs ever since.

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Boxing Career of Jake Paul

Boxing Career of Jake Paul
Boxing Career of Jake Paul

In 2018, Jake began his boxing career. He fought against Deji Olatunji, which received a massive pay-per-view on YouTube.

He then made his professional debut in a boxing match against another Youtuber named Gib in Miami, which he won.

After defeating Gib, he then challenged an NBA player named Nate Robinson and won the second round of the match.

In 2020, he fought against welterweight champion Ben Askren and defeated him in the first round itself.


Awards won by Jake Paul
Awards won by Jake Paul

In 2017, Jake won the Social Media Star award by Radio Disney Music Awards, Choice YouTuber by Teen Choice awards, and Choice Music Web Star awards.

He has also been nominated for the Comedian and Videographer award by Vine.

Controversies of Jake Paul

Controversies of Jake Paul
Controversies of Jake Paul

Jake has been infamous for the content he posts on YouTube and how he conducts himself in general.

He was fired from the Disney series “Bizaardvark.” This happened after he published his address on social media, which created a stir of fans outside his house.

His neighbors also filed a complaint against him for his late-night parties, loud music, and reckless behavior conducted by him.

In 2019, Paul threw a house party in his Calabasas house, filled with young people.

Someone tipped the police that some drinks were spiked, post which police raided his home.

He has also been charged for trespassing, although he was not arrested but was asked to appear in court.

Net Worth Of Jake Paul

Net Worth Of Jake Paul
Net Worth Of Jake Paul

Jake Paul is one of the highest-paid YouTubers in the world, and if you are curious to know how he has managed to earn so much, then keep reading.

Net Worth of Jake Paul through YouTube

A significant part of Jake’s income comes from YouTube. He has over seven million views and twenty million subscribers on his channel and reportedly earns $7500 every day from YouTube.

Net Worth Of Jake Paul Through Real Estate

In 2017, Jake purchased a 15,000-square-foot mansion in Calabasas for $6.925 million with Italian marble flooring and a spiral staircase but later in 2021; he sold it for a loss of $6.15 million. He will be moving to Miami, Florida, now.

Net Worth Of Jake Paul through Boxing

Apart from his YouTube, Paul manages to earn impressive amounts from his boxing matches. He reportedly made $7 million in a fight against Askren. And in his most recent battle against UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley, he earned $2 million.

Other Assets and Earnings

Paul owns a couple of fantastic luxury cars, including Rolls-Royce Phantom, Lamborghini Huracan Performante, a Ford Focus, Tesla Model X, and Toyota Tacoma. He also owns a private jet and often shares his pictures on social media with it.

Apart from these, he owns a few sparkling, expensive ornaments and earns a reasonable sum of money from his social media handle.

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Conclusion of Jake Paul
Conclusion of Jake Paul

The Net Worth of Jake Paul is impressive, but he aims to achieve more. We hope you enjoyed learning a few things about this American YouTube star and found this article helpful.


What is Jake Paul's Net Worth as of 2022?

Jake Paul’s net worth is $20 million as of 2022.

Who is richer between Logan and Jake Paul?

Logan is richer than his younger brother Jake by a very narrow margin.

Who is Jake Paul currently dating?

Jake recently confirmed in a TikTok Video that he is dating a social media personality, Julia Rose.

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