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Logan Paul is a YouTuber, singer, actor, boxer, and social media personality. He first rose to fame on a video-sharing platform called Vine.

Logan is most famous for King Bachelor’s pad: Logan trailer parody and The thinning.

In this article, we will give you a closer look at the childhood, career, and net worth of Logan Paul.


Net Worth Of Logan Paul$35 million
Full NameLogan Alexander Paul
Date of birth1 April 1995
Age26 Years
Born place Westlake, Ohio, U.S.A
Marital StatusUnmarried
Logan Paul
Logan Paul

Childhood Of Logan Paul

Childhood of Logan Paul
Childhood of Logan Paul

Logan Paul was born on 1 April 1995 in Westlake, Ohio, U.S.A., to Mrs. Pamela Stepnick and Mr. Gregory Paul.

He is the older brother of the famous YouTuber and boxer Jake Paul.

Logan attended Westlake High School and enrolled in Ohio University to pursue Industrial Engineering, but he dropped out of college to pursue a full-time career in YouTube.

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Career Of Logan Paul

Career of Logan Paul
Career of Logan Paul

Logan first began making videos at the age of merely ten. At first, he used to make funny videos for his classmates and friends.

Soon he got interested in it a lot and, in 2013, created a channel on the video-sharing platform called Vine.

At that time, when he started posting videos on Vine, he started gaining immense popularity and won a fan base of more than seven million followers.

He also collaborated with other Viners like Matthew Espinos, Christian DelGrosso, Lance210, and King Bach.

After Vine was terminated, he created his channel on YouTube in 2013 and started posting videos there.

Within no time, he gained a massive amount of subscribers. As of now, he has more than twenty million subscribers on YouTube and more than 4.8 billion views.

He is also the 54th person with the most subscribers in the U.S., and this is a pretty big deal.

His most popular videos on YouTube are CHOCH TALES (Animated Stories), New World Order, the web series: BEST FRIENDS, and many other music videos and vlogs.

His most-watched video on YouTube is “FULL SONG: The Fall Of Jake Paul (Official Video) FEAT. Why Don’t We.” It has crossed more than 250 million views.

He has worked with Pepsi, HBO, Hanes, Virgin mobile, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Verizon.

Acting Career Of Logan Paul

Acting career of Logan Paul
Acting career of Logan Paul

Apart from making YouTube videos, Paul has always been interested in acting and has appeared in several shows.

Logan first appeared in an episode of the TV series ‘Bad Weather Films.’ He then made a guest appearance in the show Law and order.

He has appeared in shows like ‘Foursome’ (2016), The Thinning (2016), the space Between Us (2017), and many more.

Boxing Career Of Logan Paul

Boxing career of Logan Paul
Boxing career of Logan Paul

Like his younger brother, Logan has tried his footing in boxing too. Logan has only been in three fights till now.

His first fight was with KSI, which ended in a draw. They fought again in 2019, where Logan eventually lost to KSI.

His third match with Mayweather shocked the world. He managed to stay put in the boxing ring against this established boxing champion for up to eight rounds, which ended in a draw again.

Awards Won By Logan Paul


Logan Paul has won one Streamy Awards, and three YouTube Creator Awards.

Net Worth Of Logan Paul

Net worth of Logan Paul
Net worth of Logan Paul

The net worth of Logan Paul is $35 million. Let’s have a look at his sources of income below:

Earnings Of Logan Paul from YouTube & Endorsements

A substantial part of Logan’s income comes from his videos on YouTube. On average, he makes $5.8 million from his channel.

He made $80,000 from his Instagram and a dashing $1,50,000 from Facebook from his various endorsement and sponsorship deals.

He has also worked with brands like HBO, Nike, Pepsi, etc. that must have paid him a lot.

Not only this, but he also has his own clothing line called ‘Maverick,’ which sold over three million worth of clothing within just three days from launch.

Earnings From Boxing Match

Logan reportedly earned $2 million from his first fight with KSI. In his second fight with him, they close at $9 million.

For his third match against Floyd Mayweather, he made a whopping $10 million.

Net Worth Of Real Estate Of Logan

Logan Paul purchased a beautiful seven-bedroom home in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles for $6.6 million.

He calls this house ‘The Maverick House.’ The house is made in French style and has a swimming pool, wine bar, wine cellar, and many more.

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In this article, we revealed the net worth of Logan Paul and gave you an insight into his life, career, and childhood. We hope you find this article helpful.


What is the net worth of Logan Paul?

The net worth of Logan Paul is $35 million.

Whose net worth is more Logan Paul or Jake Paul?

The net worth of Logan Paul is $35 million, while the net worth of Jake Paul is $20 million meaning that Logan Paul’s net worth is more.

With whom Logan Paul will have his next boxing match?

It is not confirmed now, but Logan Paul might play his next match with Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield or Tyler Woodley.

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