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Michael Jordan is an American basketball player who is considered one of the greatest basketball players.

This article will give you an insight into how he achieved such heights in his career and managed to make a massive name for himself.

We will also tell you the net worth of Michael Jordan and reveal how he spends his fortune. So keep reading.

Other Details

Net Worth Of Michael Jordan$1.6 Billion
Full NameMichael Jeffery Jordan
Nick namesAir Jordan, His Airness.
Date of Birth17 February, 1963
Born In Brooklyn, New York, United States
Marital StatusMarried
Age 58 Years
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

Childhood Of Michael Jordan

Childhood of Michael Jordan
Childhood of Michael Jordan

Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born on 17 February 1963 in Brooklyn to James and Deloris Jordan.

His father, James, worked as an electric plant supervisor, and his mother worked as a banker. They taught Jordan to be diligent and independent.

Jordan attended Wilmington’s ‘Emsley A Laney High School and discovered his love for sports like basketball, baseball, etc.

He wanted to join the school’s basketball team during his sophomore year but was rejected because of his short height. He tried next year again and got selected.

His exceptional talent and knack for basketball led his team to shine, and at that time, they played for various teams like Duke, Virginia, North Carolina, etc.

In 1981, Jordan’s magnificent performance on the court got him a scholarship from the University of North Carolina. He graduated from there with a degree in cultural geography.

At the University of North Carolina, he started training under coach Dean Smith. He won the title of “player of the year,” and his team won many matches over time.

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Early Career Of Michael Jordan

Early career of Michael Jordan
Early career of Michael Jordan

In 1984, Jordan got drafted by Chicago Bulls. At that time, the team was not performing well; his entry into the team changed that status and led the team to rise.

His team kept winning various matches against teams like New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers, Philadelphia 76ers, and many more.

Michael impressed everyone with his prowess, and it was a delight to watch him play.

His peers and rival team members used to get jealous of him and wouldn’t pass him the ball at times.

Post this, Jordan took some time off because of his broken foot and returned in 1986-1987.

They won seven consecutive victories with an average of 33 points per game on an average.

Michael Jordan is the only second player to score 3000 points in a single season.

He was also named NBA’s most valuable player five times and defensive player of the year during that time.

Retirement And return

Retirement and Return
Retirement and Return

In 1993, his father’s murder led him to retire from Basketball, and he went on pursuing his father’s dream to see him as a baseball player.

He then signed up for the Chicago White Sox baseball contract and played baseball for some time.

He then returned to Basketball in 1995 and started playing for the Bulls again, who was struggling to win matches without their star player.

His return led Chicago Bulls to win matches again. Then again, in 1997-98, he retired.

Post-retirement, he bought a share of Washington Wizards to remain close to the game. He was appointed as a president of basketball operations.

But this was not enough for the player inside him, so he left his position and ownership to join the team again.

He trained rigorously and played his final matches over two years. Michael announced his final retirement in 2003, with a career win of 32,292 points in total, which is considered the best league in the history of Basketball.

Awards Won By Michael Jordan


Michael played for Wizards and Bulls for fifteen seasons. His career win was an average of 6.2 rebounds, 2.3 steals, 5.3 assists, and 30.1 points in a total of 1072 games.

He has also won the Rookie of the year award, Five MVP awards, One Defensive Player of the Year award, Six NBA championships, six Finals MVP awards

Net Worth Of Michael Jordan

Net Worth of Michael Jordan
Net Worth of Michael Jordan

The net worth of Michael Jordan is a staggering 1.6 Billion, and below is the breakdown of his wealth.

Earnings Of Michael Jordan From Investments

Michael Jordan’s investment game is as strong as his Basketball game.

He founded Sportradar, Muzik, Gigster and launched a tequila brand whose most expensive bottle is $1600. He also owns a stake in Hornets and The Jordan brand.

Michael owns golf course Grove XXIII’s called “Slaughterhouse 23. The golf course has luxurious amenities, including a drone that serves beer to the members.

Earnings Of Michael Jordan From Endorsements

In 1984, Jordan signed an endorsement deal with Nike and earned $126 million. In 2019, the Nike Air Jordan brand earned a revenue of $1.3 Billion.

He has also done endorsement for companies like Gatorade, Hanes, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, etc., and has earned $1.8 Billion from them.

Earnings Of Michael Jordan From Real Estate

Jordan owns five houses in America. Two in North Carolina, One in Florida, and two more in Illinois and Utah.

Michael owns a 7000 sq. feet property in North Carolina and one lakefront home, which costs $2.8 million.

And he also owns another property in Jupiter, Florida, that costs $4.8 million and one more 32,000 square feet house worth $14.8 million.

Earnings From Michael Jordan’s Salary

Michael got a salary of $90 million when he played for his team.

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The Net Worth of Michael Jordan is a lot and he is one of the wealthiest players of all time.

We hope you enjoyed reading and learning about this NBA star player who is truly a treat to watch.


What is the Net Worth of Michael Jordan?

The net worth of Michael Jordan is a staggering $1.6 Billion.

For which team did Michael Jordan Play?

Michael Played thirteen seasons with Chicago Bulls and two seasons with Washington Wizards.

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