NetDebt Review 2023

A trillion population in the U.S. are under debt because of the lack of better choices they made or simply because of the unexpected ordeal they never saw coming.

Whatever the case might be, thanks to debt relief companies like NetDebt that help people get out of their suffocating debt.

And in this NetDebt review, we are going to break down all that you should know about this debt relief company, including the debt relief time, fees, pros, and cons, etc., before you decide to go for them.

So let’s begin!


GuideNetDebt Review
Minimum Debt Settlement RequirementNot revealed
FeesNot revealed
FeaturesFree consultation
Number of reviews1,079
Community RatingStrong
WebsiteClick Here
NetDebt review
NetDebt review

Key Takeaways

  • NetDebt offers debt settlement services such as Debt Consolidation & Credit Counseling.
  • NetDebt’s best features are its Bulk Negotiation Program and Settlement Calculator.
  • NetDebt is AFCC credited.

What Is NetDebt?

What Is NetDebt?
What Is NetDebt?

NetDebt offers debt settlement services to people who are facing hardship in paying off their debts.

In a debt settlement program, you are asked to stop making monthly payments to your creditor and start collecting the amount in a savings account instead.

Meanwhile, your company starts negotiating with your creditor and persuades them to accept a smaller amount from you instead of the full amount you owe.

NetDebt prides on its negotiation skills and has a history of proven records. The best part is that they do not ask you to pay them any advance fees and only ask you to pay once your program is finished and services have been rendered.

Now that you know what NetDebt is let us dig a little deeper and see what the different services, pros, and cons, debt settlement time, etc., of NetDebt are.


Features And Services

NetDebt Features And Services
NetDebt Features And Services
  • Bulk Negotiation Program: NetDebt has an established network of creditors, allowing them to submit your accounts for similar future contingencies. This means that if you get debt settlement done from them in the future again, then you will get fewer collection calls and will also set the groundwork for any negotiations that may take place.
  • Settlement Calculator: If you go to NetDebt’s website, you will see a calculator there using which you can get an idea as to how much you can save in how much time, which is something that we personally like very much.
  • Free Consultation: NetDebt offers a free consultation, just like many other debt relief companies, wherein you can discuss everything you need to know before signing up for their program.
  • Debt Consolidation & Credit Counseling: NetDebt also offers a Credit Counseling and Debt Consolidation program, where all your outstanding debts are combined into one, and you are then asked to make only a single monthly payment for a lesser interest rate.

Pros And Cons


  • Offers bulk negotiation
  • Free Consultation
  • AFCC accredited


  • Not accredited to BBB
  • Not transparent

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NetDebt does not charge you anything in advance; they only charge you after you see the result.

However, they have not revealed how much fees they charge; the industry average is 15%-25%, and so their fees should range between this bracket.

Debt Relief Time

NetDebt boasts that they can help you get rid of your debt within a time frame of 24-36 months which is also the standard time frame for a debt settlement program to end.


NetDebt has not revealed the amount that you will be able to save if you enroll in their program.

You can get in touch with them to learn about the same. And just to give you a heads-up, the industry average for the same lies between 25-35%.

Minimum Debt Settlement

Again, NetDebt has not mentioned what its minimum debt settlement requirement is.

However, you can enroll in their free consultation program, and they will let you know if you are eligible for their program after discussing things with you.

Types Of Debt Addressed

NetDebt can help you with unsecured debts, including:

  • Credit card charges
  • Personal loans
  • Private student loans
  • Medical bills

How To Get Started?

To get started with NetDebt follow the steps below:

1. Go to NetDebt’s website and click on “Talk to a specialist.

How To Get Started

2. Now fill in your details including your full name, email address, phone number, state, and the amount of debt you owe, and click on submit.

Get started

3. Once done, wait for their team to call you and relax.

Customer Support

NetDebt has efficient customer support, and there are a lot of positive reviews from people about the same.

If you want to get in touch with NetDebt’s customer support, then you can call them on 1-800-979-6812 number, and for any general queries, you can also visit their FAQ section.

NPC NetDebt Ratings

Customer Service4.5/5
Debt Settlement help4.7/5
Ease of use4.7/5

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Customer Reviews And Ratings

NetDebt Customer Reviews And Ratings
NetDebt Customer Review And Rating
NetDebt Customer Review And Rating

Out of 1,079 customer reviews on Trustpilot, NetDebt has received an average rating of 4.4/5 stars. 69% of people gave it a 5-star rating and were hundred percent satisfied with the service rendered by them, and 5% of people gave it a one-star rating.


Our Experience

I accumulated a lot of credit card debt, and the high-interest rate and high amount of monthly payments made it so hard for us to enjoy the quality of our lives.

But thanks to NetDebt, they helped me immensely in reducing the total payoff amount along with reducing the monthly payment amount.

We have already paid 80% of our credit card debt, and we know we will pay it off completely very soon. I am really happy with Netdebt and recommend them completely.

What Differentiates It?

NetDebt does not offer anything out of the box except for their bulk negotiation program, which can help you in dealing with a similar debt situation in the future with less trouble and quicker results.

Rest everything that they offer can be found in other debt relief companies as well, with some even better and more varied services and results.


CompanyNetDebtLiberty Debt Relief
Minimum Debt Settlement RequirementNot revealed $5,000
ServicesPrivate student loan debt, Credit counselingPrivate student loan debt, Credit counseling
FeesNot revealed Up to 27% of enrolled debt
SavingsNot revealed Not revealed
Relief Time24-36 months Not revealed
BBB ratingN/AA+
Trustpilot Rating4.4/54.3/5

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How We Review Debt Relief Companies?

We review debt relief companies keeping in mind the following factors:

  • Services offered
  • Affordability
  • Company’s online reputation
  • Effectiveness
  • Minimum debt relief requirement
  • Accreditations
  • Savings one can make
  • Debt relief helps time

Final Verdict

According to our research, we feel that NetDebt is a decent debt relief company that offers debt relief options like debt settlement, debt consolidation, etc.

However, there is too much lack of transparency on their part, and they also have somewhat mixed reviews online.

We recommend you check out Accredited Debt relief, our second best-rated debt relief company.

They require a minimum debt of $7,500 to get started and can help you save 40-50% of your enrolled debt amount within 12-48 months, as compared to NetDebt, which has not shared any information on their website.

We hope you found this NetDebt review helpful.


Is NetDebt legit?

Yes, NetDebt is legit and has a lot of customer reviews online.

What accreditation does NetDebt have?

NetDebt is accredited by AFCC.

What does the IRS do about forgiven debt?

The IRS charges tax on forgiven income of more than $600.

Can Debt settlement plummet my credit score?

Yes, debt settlement can lower your credit score because, during this process, you are asked to stop paying your creditors for a few months.

How can I save myself from filing for bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy should always be your last resort; you should consider debt settlement, debt consolidation and other debt-relief options before taking such a drastic step.

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