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There is always a way to determine which one is the champion among all the teams. In the NFL this decision is made with the help of the NFL Playoff Schedule 2022-2023 matches.

In every sport, there are some teams that compete while among all of them there is only one that deserves to be the champion.

These matches are the additional matches in any NFL season and here you will know all the interesting facts about the playoff matches in the NFL.

What is the NFL Playoff Schedule 2022-2023?


The NFL season consists of a total of 18 weeks where every team plays some matches against the other teams.

After these 18 weeks are done every team gets someplace on the standings table.

Well, that place is not enough to tell all about which team is the champion.

One of the many reasons is that there are sometimes two or more teams with similar results, so it is necessary to decide between them.

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The Playoff in NFL matches is played between the 7 teams from each conference. So, these matches are between the top 14 teams of the NFL season with 7 being from each conference. An interesting thing about the Playoff games is that these are the elimination matches.

So, if a team wants to proceed in the season, that team must win every next game. Moreover, there are matches after these games as well.

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All you need to know about the NFL Playoffs Schedule 2022.

Understanding the NFL playoffs is not as simple as it seems. There are a lot of interesting things that you need to consider so here are some of the most interesting facts that you need to know in this regard.

How are the teams seeded for the NFL Playoffs Schedule?

Well, the methodology of seeding teams for the playoffs is very interesting. As there are 4 divisions in each conference, the top team from each of the teams is seeded at first for the playoffs. Now there are 3 more teams required from that conference to play in the playoffs.

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The whole conference is checked for the best teams and the teams in the top 3 positions in the conference regardless of their divisions are selected.

In this way, 7 teams from one conference can be easily selected. The same process is repeated for the other conference and in this way, we get a total of 14 teams. So, the teams for playoff games are decided in this way.

What happens if teams tie in their season results?

There could be a case where teams are being selected for the wildcard teams in the Playoff and then there is a tie between season results. In that case, the best solution is to use the set of tie-breaking rules.

These are the rules officially provided by the NFL and every team has to follow those rules.

What is the Wildcard round?

The playoffs are played in different rounds and the wildcard round is the first one after the 18 weeks of the regular season games are completed.

The wild-card round is also known as the super wild-card round in some cases. This season this round consists of 6 matches meaning there will be a total of 12 teams competing in this round.

What is the Divisional round?

After the wild-card round is played the Divisional round comes next. It is the round where the second-seeded division winner plays against the seventh-seeded team which is a wild card.

Similarly, the third one plays against the 6th. Likewise, the 4th team plays against the 5th.

A total of 4 games are played in this round. Unlike some of the rounds, this round has no restriction on the teams playing against each other being from the same division or not.

Interestingly, the first team from each division automatically comes to this round without having to play the first round or the wild-card round.

What is meant by the Conference championship?

After the divisional round is completed the Conference championship round comes. There are only two teams from each conference that can survive in the divisional round as all others are eliminated.

These two teams from each of the conferences are to play in the Conference championship.

The games played in this round are to be hosted with the team with higher-seeded value. So, here 4 teams are reduced to 2 which head for the next round.

Is the Super Bowl the final game of the NFL season?

It is the final round as there are only 2 teams left for the round and one needs to be eliminated. The winning team of this round is the champion for the NFL season.

Everything about this game apart from the teams is already decided and the game is played according to the decided neutral site.


Although the weekly games of the NFL are important, these are the games that come with the most entertainment with back-to-back games every week.

The real thrill of the NFL lies in the playoff games. These are the games where one team is eliminated after losing a match and the number of teams significantly reduces after every round.

While all other teams are being eliminated, one of them advances to the Super Bowl and ends up winning the season and becoming the Season Champion.

If you are an NFL fan, then you need to keep track of all of the matches and team results to know whether your favorite team is going ahead or not.

However, you need not worry as we have got you covered. We provide all the details about every NFL game so that you can chill while you watch your favorite game.


When is NFL Playoffs Schedule Starting?

NFL Playoff starting from Jan 2023.

How many matches are there in the elimination rounds?

There are a total of 13 matches including all the wild-card, divisional, conference championship, and Super Bowl rounds.

Who decides the site for the Super Bowl game?

The NFL authorities decide the site and ensure that it is a neutral one for the game.

What is a Pro Bowl game?

It is a game played before the Super Bowl game where the AFC All-Pros and NFC All-Pros are headed against each other. It does not affect the seasonal result.

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