NFL Power Rankings Week 17

Every NFL season brings a lot of thrill for the fans and this season is on the top of the game. NFL Power Rankings Week 17 should be one must check on list to stay ahead of the game,

With every week passing the rankings and standings are turning around as different teams are not failing at amusing their supporters.

Week 16 of this NFL season has been one of the wildest so far this season as there were a lot of twists and turns.

While some teams got better rankings, some fell, and others maintained their ranking. While the undefeated teams are having a league of their own, the three-win and two-win teams are providing the best entertainment for this NFL season.

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Some of these teams are starting to flex, some are rising as a new power for the season. Meanwhile, some teams are not putting the best of their efforts and they are going down with every match.

What are NFL Power Rankings 2022?


Every team has some strengths as well as weaknesses. Some are strong in the field of defense while others are strong in terms of Offense.

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However, when there are two teams headed for the match, some experts rank those teams in a comparison. These rankings are known as the power rankings, and these are the calculation of the strengths of both teams in the competition.

Week, power rankings are not only about the matches to be played. Some experts provide power rankings according to the divisions, conference, and league as well.

These give people a general idea about how a team is going to perform for the match. Sometimes the predictions made with power rankings come out to be true but sometimes there are violations as well.

NFL Power Rankings Week 17

1Green Bay Packers
2Kansas City Chiefs
3Los Angeles Rams
4Tampa Bay Buccaneers
5Indianapolis Colts
6Dallas Cowboys
7Buffalo Bills
8New England Patriots
9Cincinnati Bengals
10Arizona Cardinals
11Tennessee Titans
12Miami Dolphins
13San Francisco 49ers
14Los Angeles Chargers
15Philadelphia Eagles
16Las Vegas Raiders
17Cleveland Browns
18Minnesota Vikings
19Baltimore Ravens
20Pittsburgh Steelers
21New Orleans Saints
22Atlanta Falcons
23Denver Broncos
24Chicago Bears
25Seattle Seahawks
26Washington Football Team
27Houston Texans
28Detroit Lions
29New York Jets
30Carolina Panthers
31New York Giants
32Jacksonville Jaguars

Teams Playing NFL Power Ranking Week 17


Cardinals are not only staying on the top of the conference table but the top of Power rankings as well. Kudos to the players and management for pulling off an amazing performance this season.

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The Bills have been in business throughout this season so far and they are emerging as one of the toughest teams this season. The credit goes to the beautiful team building.


Buccaneers have always been providing entertainment and this NFL season they are also performing equally well. With the best offense, they make no chance for the opponent’s defense.


Although some players are not performing well, the overall team performance has been exceptional this season.


Raiders are emerging this season. Not on the top for the first few weeks but now they have the position they deserve in the League Standings table.


Although the Packers have gone through a tough time, things are going to get better for them in two or three weeks. They are expected to have only one lost game on sheets as the mid-season approaches.


Cowboys are not performing that well in defense, but other parts of the field are making up for the weaker defense. Offensively, they are considered to be the best in the league


The Rams are playing well but having some hard times as well on the field. There are some tough games to come as well.


Brandon Stanley makes things difficult for the opponents in the defense while the tackles and linebackers are the reason the Chargers are not performing well this season.


With perfect offense, the Chiefs need to work on their defensive side as well to bring something good in the coming weeks.


If the Seahawks want to secure a place in the playoffs, then they need to work hard on their defense. They can win games with every stop their defense makes.


Ravens need to work on their overall team communication if they want to survive this season. Things can’t be kept going this way


Their offense is letting them down again and again while the defense is doing great. They shouldn’t be taking any more risks.


The Broncos just had some tough days even after performing well. they should put some good quarterbacks on the field in future games to make things going.


The Bengals shouldn’t be taking any risks like their last game with the Jaguars. They are good on the standings, and they should stay good on the field as well.


Saints were thought to ace this season as a strong team, but they are nowhere near the top or bottom. It seems like they are comfortable being in the middle for now.


A young team performing well. They need some time to get good while their offense and rushing are good already.


They were not expected to end up where they are now. They surely need some good players on the field.


With no powerful offense, a team cannot expect to win games only with defense. Their week 3 and 4 games show how they are struggling.


Giants are not putting on the boards what they are capable of. Even if they are having a tough time they can surprise in coming games with the top-notch offense.


Colts bring the most entertainment for fans but that is not too good for the rankings. They are near the bottom of the standings and need to play well in the coming games.


An annoyingly talented defense with an offense not that well. They have not been able to pull something interesting off.


Although Vikings put some amazing players like Dalvin Cook, they were still unable to make good runs on the field. They need to work on teamwork.


Bears have the talent to show something in the coming matches. However, the players need to show individual character and brilliance along with teamwork.


Eagles must focus on their young players and groom them for the coming seasons. This season they do not seem like a strong team.


Not only the players but the coach and management are messing things up as well. Dolphins need to be careful next time they decide.


The team is not just constructed right. So, they can’t get any time to do things for them.


After 3 continuous losses, the Jets have shown some spirit against Titans. There are some tough games ahead so the Jets must brace themselves.


The Falcons have been worse in the past few seasons, and it is sad to see them continuing the same things this season.


The Texans have one win so far and that too against the Jaguars. Otherwise, they might have been the worst team this season.


The Lions have messed things up several times where they could have won this season. They should work on their team.


The Jaguars have been showing their worst performance this season. So, the team is struggling.


Staying up to date with the power rankings is one of the ways to tell about the level of thrill you can expect from the next games. So, if you are an aspiring fan of the NFL, you must know all about these power rankings this season.

We have got all of the hard work is already done for you so that you can sit back and enjoy every other NFL game this season.

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Who will win this season according to NFL Power Rankings?

There are a lot of strong teams, and the tables are turning with every passing week. So, predicting who will win this NFL season is a tough one.

What is the best way to watch this NFL season?

Getting access to the NFL network is the best way to watch this NFL season and stay up to date with every thrilling event.

Are NFL Power Rankings predictions correct?

Most of the time these predictions end up telling the correct result. However, sometimes the predictions are proven wrong by the weak teams.

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