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Keeping track of the scores and matches can be important for you especially when you are supporting your favorite team. Scroll down below to check the complete NFL Schedule Week 1.

Keeping track of all the stats will not only help you to stay alert of everything about the NFL season but it will also help you make some predictions about the games of your favorite teams.

The thing about the NFL is that there is non-stop action from the very first match. So, if you are looking to keep track of the back-to-back action of the first week in the NFL then here is the NFL schedule week 1.

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Week 1 (Date wise all matches)

Week one had all of its matches on the 9th, 12th, and 13th of September. Here we have all of these matches arranged according to the dates played and the information about every game that you must know is also presented below.

Cowboys vs Buccaneers

Date: Thursday, 9th September

This was the very first match of this season of the NFL and it was played between Buccaneers and Cowboys as the opening match of this season. The match ended with the Buccaneers leading 31 to 29.

Jaguars vs Texans

Date: Sunday, 12th September

It was an amazing game between the Jaguars and Texans as Texans were able to score 37 while Jaguars hardly managed to pull off a 21 score giving the victory to Texans.

Chargers vs Washington

Date: Sunday, 12th September

It was a thrilling game with a close finish. The difference was only 4 where the Chargers won 20 to 16 for Washington.

Seahawks vs Colts

Date: Sunday, 12th September

The opening of this NFL season was not as great for the Colts as they lost 16 to 28 on their very first match against the Seahawks. The Seahawks were the stronger side throughout the game.

Jets vs Panthers

Date: Sunday, 12th September

Another opening game, another victory for the Panthers. Although the difference was left only for 5, the Panthers grabbed the victory with 19 to 14 for the Jets.

Vikings vs Bengals

Date: Sunday, 12th September

It was also a thrilling game between Vikings and Bengals with the difference left down only to 3. The Vikings lost to the Bengals with a score of 24 to 27. A disappointing finish for the Vikings.

Cardinals vs Titans

Date: Sunday, 12th September

Although Titans have played well in the past, this season’s opening was not that great for them as their first match was a little too hard. While the Cardinals scored 38, Titans only managed to score 13 to lose this game.

49ers vs Lions

Date: Sunday, 12th September

Both stronger sides were headed for their first match of this NFL season and they both did not fail to amuse the audience. The crowd loved the match while it was a hard day for the Lions. Last season’s runners-up grabbed the victory here by leading the game with 41 to 33.

Steelers vs Bills

Date: Sunday, 12th September

This was the day for the Steelers as they were able to defend their total of 23 while the Bills were only able to score 16.

Eagles vs Falcons

Date: Sunday, 12th September

Eagles and Falcons were head to head for the second day of this NFL season and the match ended with the Eagles having the absolute lead. The Eagles were the strong side throughout the game, winning the game 32 to 6.

Browns vs Chiefs

Date: Sunday, 12th September

The winner of the last season was set for a bright start to this NFL season. As expected, the start was amazing for the Chiefs as they managed to win the thrilling game with the Browns with a lead of 33 to 29.

Packers vs Saints

Date: Sunday, 12th September

A rather one-sided game but the crowd loved how Saints performed through the match. Saints performed exceptionally well in their first game of the season scoring a total of 38 while the Packers were only able to score 3.

Broncos vs Giants

Date: Sunday, 12th September

Giants and Broncos were set to play their first match of the season where the Broncos were off to a great start with a total of 27 and a win as well. Hard day for the Giants as they were able to score only 13

Dolphins vs Patriots

Date: Sunday, 12th September

One of the most thrilling matches for the opening week ended up with a score difference of only 1. Here dolphins were able to secure their first victory after scoring only 17 and winning the game with the Patriots scoring only 16.

Bears vs Rams

Date: Sunday, 12th September

The Rams started this NFL season with an amazing opening to the season scoring a total of 34 while the opponent Bears could not play well enough, and they were only able to make a total of 14.

Ravens vs Raiders

Date: Monday, 13th September

Although the last day of week one had only one match, it was a thrilling one for the crowd as the match ended with an exciting finish. Raiders were able to secure a victory with a total of 33 while Ravens only managed to set a total of 27.

How to Watch?

Watching all of the NFL’s matches live by visiting the stadium is almost impossible as several times there is more than one match per day, and they are happening all at the same time in different stadiums. So, you can either select some Live channel or search for some online platform to watch the NFL games.

Getting some online platform to see all of the NFL matches this season will be the best preference as you will be able to get all the live action wherever you are.


Keeping track of all the information about NFL games can be a tricky thing unless you have all the information sorted out. Here we presented all about the week 1 schedule of the NFL according to the dates of matches played. In this way, you can always know the odds of your favorite winning matches as well as the season.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the first match of this season of the NFL Week 1 Schedule?

The first match of this season of the NFL was played between Buccaneers and Cowboys where Buccaneers won 31 to 29.

How many matches were on the opening day of the NFL?

The day 1 of week 1 had only one match and that was between Buccaneers and Cowboys

What is the total number of matches in the first week of the NFL this season?

The total number of matches for the first week in this season of the NFL was 16.

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