2022 NFL Schedule Week 1

Keeping track of the scores and matches can be important for you especially when you are supporting your favorite team. Scroll down below to check the complete NFL Schedule Week 1 2022.

Keeping track of all the stats will not only help you to stay alert to everything about the NFL season but it will also help you make some predictions about the games of your favorite teams.

The thing about the NFL is that there is non-stop action from the very first match. So, if you are looking to keep track of the back-to-back action of the first week in the NFL then here is the NFL schedule week 1 2022.

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NFL Schedule Week 1 (2022)

DateMatchesTime (ET)
Thu, Sept. 8Bills vs Rams8:20 p.m.
Sun, Sept. 11Saints vs Falcons1 p.m.
Sun, Sept. 11Eagles vs Lions1 p.m.
Sun, Sept. 11Jaguars vs Commanders1 p.m.
Sun, Sept. 1149ers vs Bears1 p.m.
Sun, Sept. 11Browns vs Panthers1 p.m.
Sun, Sept. 11Steelers vs Bengals1 p.m.
Sun, Sept. 11Patriots vs Dolphins1 p.m.
Sun, Sept. 11Ravens vs Jets1 p.m.
Sun, Sept. 11Colts vs Texans1 p.m.
Sun, Sept. 11Giants vs Titans4:25 p.m.
Sun, Sept. 11Raiders vs Chargers4:25 p.m.
Sun, Sept. 11Chiefs vs Cardinals4:25 p.m.
Sun, Sept. 11Packers vs Vikings4:25 p.m.
Sun, Sept. 11Buccaneers vs Cowboys8:20 p.m.
Mon, Sept. 12Broncos vs Seahawks8:15 p.m.
NFL Schedule Week 1 (2022)
NFL Schedule Week 1 (2022)

How to Watch NFL week 1 2022?

Watching all of the NFL’s matches live by visiting the stadium is almost impossible as several times there is more than one match per day, and they are happening all at the same time in different stadiums. So, you can either select some Live channel or search for some online platform to watch the NFL games.

Getting some online platform to see all of the NFL matches this season will be the best preference as you will be able to get all the live-action wherever you are.


Keeping track of all the information about NFL games can be a tricky thing unless you have all the information sorted out. Here we presented all about the week 1 schedule of the NFL according to the dates of matches played. In this way, you can always know the odds of your favorite winning matches as well as the season.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the first match of this season of the NFL Week 1 Schedule 2022?

The first match of this season of the NFL is between Bills vs Rams on September 8 2022.

How many matches were on the opening day of the NFL of NFL Week 1 2022?

Day 1 of week 1 has only one match and that is between Bills vs Rams

What is the total number of matches in the first week of the NFL this season?

The total number of matches for the first week in this season of the NFL was 16.

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