NFL Schedule Week 3

Week 3 of the NFL is just as impressive as ever, which means fans should be getting ready for some serious actions. There are some highly competitive and nail-biting matches that everyone indeed enjoyed. So, let’s get started with the NFL Schedule Week 3. Here is everything you need to know.

NFL Schedule Week 3

Here are all the games of week 3. These are the matches set date-wise for an easier understanding of each game.

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Panthers vs. Texans

Date: Thursday, 23rd September

Week 3 of this NFL season was set to start on 23rd September Thursday. It began with a match between the Panthers and Texans. The Panthers Bashed a victory against the Texans, scoring 24 and restricting the Panthers to 9 only.

Colts vs. Titans

Date: Sunday, 26th September

Day 2 of week 3 was also set to a great start with a lot of entertaining matches. One of those was between Colts and Titans. While the beginning of the season was great, it was not that great for the Colts as this was again a lost battle for them.

Falcons vs. Giants

Date: Sunday, 26th September

While the Falcons were able to grab the victory this time, the match was nail-biting for both teams. Match ended with a difference of only 3, with the Falcons leading with 17 points. The Falcons were finally able to secure their first victory for the season.

Chargers vs. Chiefs

Date: Sunday, 26th September

The week 3 of the champions for last season was not that great as they were able to compete but not win. The Chargers secured their second victory of the season, with the game ending on 30-24.

Bengals vs. Steelers

Date: Sunday, 26th September

As the team stats for both the teams were making this match enjoyable. The Bengals were able to steal the victory from the Steelers with a fantastic score of 24 to 10. The Bengals also secured their second victory of the season in Week 3.

Bears vs. Browns

Date: Sunday, 26th September

Although the Bears were set to a good start for the season, things were not good for them in week 3. The game was a bit disappointing for the Bears as they lost by scoring only 6 while Browns scored 26 points without any issues.

Ravens vs. Lions

Date: Sunday, 26th September

Ravens and Lions were headed in week 3 of the NFL, and the game provided some fantastic entertainment. The match ended with Ravens winning against the Lions with a score difference of 2. Unfortunately, the Lions could only score 17 against 19, leading them to their third continuous loss for the season.

Saints vs. Patriots

Date: Sunday, 26th September

In week 3 of the NFL, this match ended like a one-sided game, with Saints scoring more than double what Patriots were able to put on the scoreboard. Saints secured their second win of the season by scoring 28 against 18 Patriots.

Cardinals vs. Jaguars

Date: Sunday, 26th September

What a match this was! One team with their third win while the other one with their third loss of the season. The Cardinals won the game by scoring 31 against 19, while Jaguars cannot achieve a single victory this season.

Washington vs. Bills

Date: Sunday, 26th September

The Bills were able to put down a great game to secure their second win of the season. They were terrific on the field, scoring 43 to win. On the other hand, Washington was only able to score 21, leading them to their second loss of the season so far. This match was full of celebrations for the Bills

Jets vs. Broncos

Date: Sunday, 26th September

What a game this was by the Broncos. The Broncos took full advantage of being the stronger side and scored 26 against 0. Their strong defense was able to keep the Jets from scoring even a single point. The Broncos secured their third continuous victory of this season, while it was their third straight loss for the Jets.

Dolphins vs. Raiders

Date: Sunday, 26th September

The game ended as another nail-biting match for week 3 of this NFL season. While it was a hard day for Dolphins as they lost for 28 against 31, the Raiders kept their consistent performance by winning their third out of 3 games.

Seahawks vs. Vikings

Date: Sunday, 26th September

It was a good chance for Vikings to have their first victory of the season, which they availed themselves in a significant way. The Vikings put excellent gameplay as they won the game by scoring 30 against 17 of the Seahawks.

Buccaneers vs. Rams

Date: Sunday, 26th September

The game is always an entertaining one when two strong sides are heading against each other. It was a match where both the teams could have secured their third victory of the season. However, the Rams were able to steal the win by leading with 10. Buccaneers lost the game by scoring 24 against 34.

Packers vs. 49ers

Date: Sunday, 26th September

Another game between two great teams! Another thrilling Finish! The game ended with a difference of only two points where the Packers could steal the win by scoring 30. The 49ers could have made it their third win of the season; however, they could not do so.

Eagles vs. Cowboys – Last Match Of NFL Schedule Week 3

Date: Monday, 27th September

The last game for week three is set between the Eagles and Cowboys, where both of them will be looking for their second victory of the season. The real deal in this game is for the defense of both teams as the Eagles stand first while Cowboys are on 6th. It could be a thrilling match with a nail-biting finish. So, stay tuned.

How to Watch NFL Schedule Week 3?

It might get hard to watch all the week 3 schedule at once because most of the games will co-occur and be in different locations. That is why it will be a better idea to benefit from the NFL network. For this, you can get access to all the local and online channels that stream NFL. It will help you get the most out of week 3 of the NFL without any hesitation.


The NFL is full-packed with action and excellent matches. Every week has something unique that fans remember for the entire season. So, pick your favorite teams, wear their shirts, and get your snacks ready for some fantastic games without any delay.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many matches have every team played so far?

After week 3 finishes, every team would have played 3 matches.

Which team is leading the NFL till NFL Schedule Week 3?

Cardinals are currently leading the table.

What are the conference toppers so far?

Cardinals top the NFC while Raiders are on the top among the AFC teams.

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