NFL Schedule Week 8 2022

Week 8 comes as the NFL season moves further close towards its mid and most of the teams will have a general idea of how well they are going to end up with the season. So, here we will be sharing the 2022 NFL Schedule Week 8 details according to the date-wise back-to-back NFL action.

2022 NFL Schedule Week 8 All Matches Date wise

The following are all the week 8 matches sorted according to their dates.

DateMatchesTime (ET)
Thu, Oct. 27Ravens vs Buccaneers8:15 p.m.
Sun, Oct. 30Jaguars vs Broncos9:30 a.m.
Sun, Oct. 30Bears vs Cowboys1:00 p.m.
Sun, Oct. 30Steelers vs Eagles1:00 p.m.
Sun, Oct. 30Dolphins vs Lions1:00 p.m.
Sun, Oct. 30Patriots vs Jets1:00 p.m.
Sun, Oct. 30Raiders vs Saints1:00 p.m.
Sun, Oct. 30Panthers vs Falcons1:00 p.m.
Sun, Oct. 30Cardinals vs Vikings1:00 p.m.
Sun, Oct. 30Titans vs Texans4:05 p.m.
Sun, Oct. 3049ers vs Rams4:25 p.m.
Sun, Oct. 30Commanders vs Colts4:25 p.m.
Sun, Oct. 30Giants vs Seahawks4:25 p.m.
Sun, Oct. 30Packers vs Bills8:20 p.m.
Mon, Oct. 31Bengals vs Browns8:15 p.m.

How to Watch 2022 NFL WEEK 8?

To watch this NFL season getting the Game Pass is the best way. However, you can also grab all the live-action by tuning on to the live streaming channels.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price and currency of the NFL Schedule week 8 2022 game pass?

There are different currencies accepted for NFL game passes according to the countries. The prices can be seen when you buy the pass.

What to do if I lost access to my email account?

If there is no way you can access that email you will need to be in contact with the NFL team for further assistance.

What type of NFL Game pass do I need?

If you are traveling among countries, then you need the global version. Otherwise, you can go with the domestic version as well. It is due to the geographical restrictions of the NFL game pass.

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