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All you need to know is about NFL Schedule and Teams playing this 2022.

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While the NFL games themselves are very interesting individually, one thing that is even more intermingling than that is the NFL Schedule.

NFL Power Rankings

With a lot of different teams, the process of schedule making is like none other in the world. The best part is the intelligent matches that make every team play with the other team as per requirements.

Check NFL Schedule

When you need to check the NFL Schedule, there are a lot of options to do that. A lot of websites provide you with the option to check NFL Schedule.

Below is the complete schedule list of all weeks of NFL

NFL Schedule Week 1

NFL Schedule Week 2

NFL Schedule Week 3

NFL Schedule Week 4

NFL Schedule Week 5

NFL Schedule Week 6

NFL Schedule Week 7

NFL Schedule Week 8

NFL Schedule Week 9

NFL Schedule Week 10

NFL Schedule Week 11

NFL Schedule Week 12

NFL Schedule Week 13

NFL Schedule Week 14

NFL Schedule Week 15

NFL Schedule Week 16

NFL Schedule Week 17

NFL Schedule Week 18

Several even have the option to check for the NFL Game Tonight. However, the NFL Schedule is not that simple in itself and there is a lot that you need to know about it. Here we will be discussing all of that.

What is NFL Schedule?

What is NFL Schedule?

So, there are a total of 32 teams playing in the NFL officially and it is not an easy task to create the NFL schedule. Each of the teams here has to play about 17 matches.

These 17 matches are to be equally divided in the conferences and divisions as well as where the teams are playing. So, the total time that it takes during a year is 18 weeks where every team can play its matches and a total of 272 games can be easily scheduled.

How is the NFL Schedule Created?

How is the NFL Schedule Created?

If you are looking for some mind-blowing facts, then one about the NFL Schedule is that it takes hundreds of computers with 5 NFL executives to create the masterpiece NFL Schedule.

Several algorithms are running to make the schedule interesting every season. So, thousands of cloud computers are working together to produce thousands of possibilities in schedules.

The work of executives here is to pick the best possible one out of all those created by powerful computers.

All the Teams playing in NFL

As you may know, there are a lot more than 32 teams in the NFL but only 32 play officially and those are divided into conferences as well.

So, here are all the teams playing in different conferences in the NFL.

NFC Teams In NFL 2021

The following are some of the teams playing in the National Football Conference

  1. Arizona Cardinals: Arizona Cardinals are known as the oldest teams in the NFL which has won two leagues.
  2. Atlanta Falcons: They have played in Mercedes Benz stadium for many years as a south division team.
  3. Carolina Panthers: It is a Charlotte-based professional American football team in North Carolina
  4. Chicago Bears: Bears have the most successful franchise with almost 8 wins.
  5. Dallas Cowboys: This east division team is one of the most popular franchises in the NFL
  6. Detroit Lions: Lions play professional football in Detroit and play all of their matches in Ford Field in Downtown Detroit.
  7. Green Bay Packers: It is a Wisconsin-based team playing in the North Division of NFC.
  8. Los Angeles Rams: The team comes from the Los Angeles Metropolitan area and plays from the West Division in its conference.
  9. Minnesota Vikings: Vikings have the highest combined winning and regular-season percentage as an East division team.
  10. New Orleans Saints: Saints is a south division team playing in the National Football Conference in the NFL.
  11. New York Giants: Giants are known for their dominant play strategy and early success
  12. Philadelphia Eagles: Eagles have their home games played at Lincoln Field and it is a member of the East division.
  13. San Francisco 49ers: The team coming from the bay area of San Francisco plays in the west division of its conference.
  14. Seattle Seahawks: This team joined the NFC West in 2002 and before that, it was assigned to the AFC.
  15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Buccaneers belong to the South division, and it is a team related to Florida
  16. Washington Football Team: Also known as Washington Redskins, it is a team

AFC Teams in NFL 2021

The following are some of the teams playing in the American Football Conference

  1. Baltimore Ravens: They have their home games played in the M&T Bank Stadium while the headquarters is located in Maryland.
  2. Buffalo Bills: Bills belong to the east division, and they play their home matches in Highmark stadium located in New York.
  3. Cincinnati Bengals: Bengals belong to the North Division and their home stadium is located in Downtown Cincinnati.
  4. Cleveland Browns: This team from Cleveland is named after its co-founder and the coach and it plays in the north division.
  5. Denver Broncos: Broncos play in the west division, and they won their last out of 3 titles in 2016.
  6. Houston Texans: Texans belong to the South division and their home matches are played in NRG Stadium.
  7. Indianapolis Colts: Colts belong to the south division and since 2008 all of their matches have been played in the Lucas Oil Stadium.
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars: Jaguars also come in the South Division of AFC and their matches are played in the TIAA Bank Field.
  9. Kansas City Chiefs: This is a west division team, and it won the champions title in 2020.
  10. Las Vegas Raiders: This team from Las Vegas comes as a member of the AFC’s West division.
  11. Los Angeles Chargers: Chargers is another team belonging to the Western division. Brandon Staley is the head coach here.
  12. Miami Dolphins: Dolphins belong to the East Division in AFC. They have been champions in 1974 as well as 1973.
  13. New England Patriots: This team from the East division has been the champions more than 6 times after 2002.
  14. New York Jets: Jets won their last title in 1969 and they are a part of the east division
  15. Pittsburgh Steelers: This north division team has been the champions 6 times in the history of the NFL.
  16. Tennessee Titans: Titans belong to the south division, and they are located in Nashville.


Although the NFL is already pretty interesting it can get even more interesting when you know all the facts and figures.

Knowing about and knowing how to check the NFL Schedule also matters a lot when you are looking to know all the facts and figures.

This was all that you needed to know in this regard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who won the NFL title last year?

The Kansas City Chiefs from the American Football Conference won the NFL title Last year. The match was between the Chiefs and 49ers and ended at a score of 31-20.

Which player won the NFL MVP in 2021?

Peyton Manning won 5 awards for his amazing performance. Interestingly this was his first year of being introduced to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Has a Wide Receiver ever won the MVP award in the NFL?

No, a Wide Receiver has never won any NFL award for 59 years.

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