15 Painting Leads Generation Methods That Works Of 2023

Just like any other business, the painting business also requires legit Painting Leads for growing their business.

Painting business can be lucrative due to people’s growing interest in home remolding and improvement.

However, it is quite challenging for a painting contractor to generate painting leads to grow their business in such a huge home improvement market. 

If you’re a painting contractor or professional and wondering, “Where do I get leads for my painting business”? You have found the right guide.

Here you will get everything you need to know about lead generation for the painting business. Let’s get started!


What Is Lead Generation In Painting Business? 

Before we dive deep into the topic of lead generation for painting companies, let’s understand what lead generation is in Painting.

Lead generation is the process of attracting potential clients who have shown interest in your products or services and converting them into a sale.

It uses different strategies and assets, including landing pages, paid advertisements, downloadable pieces of content, and a call to action to attract and convert customers.

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15 Painting Lead Generation Methods That Works Of 2023

It might feel like you need to be an expert to generate leads for your painting business because there are many things to do, and it isn’t very easy.

However, it doesn’t need to be complicated if you learn about the ways you can try with your local painting business.

We compiled a list of 15 ways to generate painting leads for your painting business. They have been working for painting business owners, and you can try for your business, too.

1. Go door-to-door

Even though it is an old-school method and doesn’t work as efficiently as it did before, local businesses can still generate leads through this.

Canvass your city and find houses with bad and old paints. Knock on their door, offer a free inspection or a special discount only for them, and give your contact information and talk about your business.

Don’t take much of their time but offer to help immediately or as soon as possible.

2. Have an Online and Automated Estimation System

If a customer is looking to do painting on their house, helping them to show how much the whole thing will cost could help them make their decision easier.

Set up an automated estimation system on your website. The client will need to enter the necessary information to get the price it will cost.

For projects bigger in size, you could offer a discount which would make your business more desirable than other businesses.

3. Find a Special Value Preposition to Set Yourself Apart

There are most likely many painting businesses in your city. Find a good value proposition that will make you different and more desirable than your competitors.

Perform a comprehensive analysis of your competitors and see what they are doing and what you can do differently.

It could be a lower price tag, faster service, after sale customer support, lifetime guarantee, or anything that will make you different.

4. Marketing Software to the rescue

It might be overwhelming to track all your marketing campaigns and see how they are doing.

Combining all of them together to give you a better idea and a collective result could help you get over the overwhelm.

Find working and quality marketing software and use it to help you with your understanding of your marketing efforts so that you can change what is not working and focus more on what is working.

5. Download Local Business Apps

Some mobile applications allow people to find jobs through a simple search. Many people use these mobile apps to make the process easier and faster.

Download and sign up for these local business apps. Present yourself and your business in as unique a way as you can in the application to attract attention.

Showcasing your work with some pictures could help you get more leads than others.


6. Shake Hands with Lead Provider Companies

If you don’t want to spend time generating leads or you can’t do it because it feels too complicated, you can always outsource this work.

The lead generation companies do all the work for you, or they have a website where a potential customer sends a request through their website.

Once they send a request, you will get a message with their information and project details so that you can contact them and give them an estimate about what they need.

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7. Design and Put Lawn Signs in Customer’s Yards

Lawn signs are an excellent way of showing your business to the neighboring houses of your customer.

Ensure you get permission from your customer and then put a well-designed lawn sign in their front yard.

Since the lawn sign is not too big, your design should only include your company name, contact info, and a simple call-to-action like a free incentive or a special discount.

A potential customer will see the work you did on the house and ask their neighbors about the work you did. Seeing your work and getting a referral will create the trust to get you a new job.

8. Use Flyers Around Your City

Another old-school technique could work efficiently with a good design and location to drop the flyers.

Design a simple flyer with your name and contact information and drop these flyers around houses with bad paint or in the center of the city.

Adding your website so people can see who you are could also help them determine whether they want to work with you.

You need to have all the necessary information on a simply designed flyer: your website and contact information.

9. Find and Work with Local Online Directories

Online directories provide you with all the information about businesses to their visitors. They generally have a wide range of customers and high visitor numbers.

If you can find local online directories that are popular with your target audience, working with them to add your business will help.

If you can, add some pictures of your works and contact information along with a special offer like a discount or a free inspection.

Your point is to create a difference from other painting businesses on the website.

10. Focus on Content Marketing

If you are not providing value to people on the internet, you will miss out on many opportunities. Content marketing focuses on creating informational content for your target audience.

This could be a blog post where you talk about the most common problems in painting or answer questions or a social media post to give tips and tricks.

In this context, your main point is embedding a small call-to-action to turn those visitors into clients. 2

11. Create Informational Videos

Platforms like TikTok or YouTube are extremely popular nowadays and attract a lot of different people from various areas.

Make informational videos about what people want to see and share them on these platforms with a description to optimize for your local area.

With this optimization, you make sure that your video reaches the right audience.

12. Utilize Local Facebook Groups

Search for local Facebook groups that might be relevant to you, like a local homeowners group or a general group of your local area.

Join these Facebook groups and try to be as helpful as you can by posting some information about the painting or commenting on people’s posts and answering their painting questions.

Create a following and recognition in the group so that people can remember you when they need a painting business.

13. Optimize Your Website for Local SEO

If you want to have constant organic traffic from the people in your city, focus on optimizing your content and website for local SEO.

Research the high-ranking keywords and add them to your content along with your city or neighborhood name.

Other classic SEO principles like building domain authority, search engine, and conversion rate optimization will help you better in putting your website on top of the search results in your desired keywords.

14. Have a Referral Program

Your best bet in getting new customers is using your old customers. That is because they know how you work and whether they can trust you.

If someone gets a referral from a friend or family about a business, they will most likely work with that company than a random company they find on the internet.

Giving out special offers like a discount or a freebie could help your old customers to make more referrals and get you more business.

Make it a program and increase the offers as the number of referrals increases from someone. You can also give some sort of reward to the person that got referred.

This way, they will be more inclined to work with you in addition to the referral they got from a trusted source.

15. Paid PPC Marketing Campaign

Fast results are important if you want to generate leads immediately. However, generating fast results is not common.

Using paid marketing campaigns could help you to get these fast results. PPC, also known as pay-per-click, is one of the most budget-friendly and effective paid marketing campaigns.

Set up a campaign with the right audience, keyword focus, and a nice landing page.

Once someone clicks on your ad, they need to turn into a customer because you are paying for that click.

The best way to have a high conversion rate is to have a nicely designed landing page or a special offer just for that ad. 3

Benefits Of Google Ads For Painting Leads Generation

Here are some benefits of using Google AdWords for generating leads for painting business: 

Gives Immediate Results 

Google AdWords is that it provides more immediate results than SEO when it comes to providing visibility on search engines.

It allows you to create advertising campaigns instantly and start driving significant targeted traffic, while with SEO, it takes months and even a year to get good rankings.

Easy To Measure Performance

Google Ads makes it easy to measure the performance of your ads and how many Painting leads they are getting.

You’ll get an accurate estimate of how relevant your ads are, what your painting lead source is, how visitors behave on your, and how much time they spend on a specific ad.

Control When You Get Painting Leads

Painters are always in demand, but like most businesses, they also have a seasonality factor to their business.

Google Ads has an excellent feature that allows you to turn them off and off as required and customize them based on the season (interior ads in the summer and exterior ads in summer).

Increase Brand Awareness

Another great feature of Google AdWords is its unique ability to increase brand awareness by boosting the visibility of your product or service.

Google ads appear multiple times in front of people and encourage people to interact with your brand.

Dominate The Search Results 

Google Ads show up at the top of the page, giving you the ability to dominate the search results page and Google Maps.

When your potential customers search for a painter, your ads listing on the first page and Google Maps are more likely to click on it.

Access More Prospects 

Google has incorporated Gmail Ads with Google AdWords, which allows you to access more prospects via their Gmail inbox.

Moreover, Gmail ads appear on the advancement tab and social tab and cost significantly less than search advertisements.

Reconnect With Your Visitors

Google ads also let you reconnect with the visitors of your website. These people have visited your site but have not bought anything yet.

You can show them targeted ads tailored to their interests and turn them into customers through RLSA campaigns and Display Remarketing.

Get An Edge On Your Rivals 

Regardless of the quality of your products or services, you won’t be getting any good painting leads and will lose business to your competitors if you are still not running any ads to promote your business.

Google Ads allow you to gain instant visibility on search engines and stand out among your competitors with the help of the right keywords.  4

Why Choose Us?

We know how to advertise your painting business and give you an upper hand over competitors.

We use advanced strategies to generate and distribute leads so you can get a high ROI on your investment.

We’ll also give insight into what contractors in your area pay and how to produce value painting leads that produce jobs for you.

Our painting lead generation marketing is based on real-time data from clients to create targeted campaigns.

We deliver 100% exclusive local leads that need your services. Here are the services we provide to generate leads for Painting:

  • Custom Landing Page

Create a perfect lead generation landing page to boost your exposure and attract as many leads as possible. 

We’ll ensure your website appears on search engine results so that more potential customers see your brand and traffic starts rolling in. 

  • Content Writing For Painting Leads

Write professional and fully optimized website content designed to attract an audience and generate leads and sales every time.     

  • Focused on ROI

Give you access to y traffic sources, conversion paths, and optimize-ad-spent to calculate your Return on Investment (ROI) from lead generation.

  • Dedicated Account Managers

A dedicated account manager will be there to support you at every step, from getting your account set up to winning jobs.

  • Transparent Reporting

We provide accurate information on what the users want, spend the most time on your site, and mirror everything else happing on your website.

  • Only Pay for Results

We aim to deliver high-quality leads ethically, meaning you only have to pay for qualified painting leads.

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How can I generate Painting Leads for free?

You can try the following methods to generate Painting leads for free:

  • Use incentives
  • Collaborate with influencers
  • Utilize social media for sharing your work

How can I find Painting leads by using Google?

To find Painting leads using Google, you can do the following things:

  • Remove keywords that are not performing
  • Invest in keywords that are performing good
  • Use more long-tail keywords

How can I turn cold leads into prospects?

To turn cold leads into legit prospects you should:

  • Offer your best bid
  • Showcase your best work
  • Do not be too pushy or too unbothered


How much can I make in a Painting business?

You can earn $80,000 – $120,000 annualy if you decide to start a painting business.

How good is the profit margin of a Painting business?

You can expect to keep a profit margin of 25% – 35%.

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