PamFax Review 2023

Even though fax is not as common as it used to be, many people and businesses still rely on it for sending files across countries with the best security and safety.

And if you happen to be one of them, then I am sure you must be looking for good fax service.

In this article, we have reviewed the PamFax service and have shared all the essential information that you should know, including its price, services, pros and cons, alternatives, etc. So make sure to read this PamFax review till the end.


GuidePamFax Review
FeaturesSchedule Fax, Add multiple recipients, etc.
PriceFree trial ($0.10 per page post that)
Mobile VersionAvailable
Free TrialAvailable
Trustpilot RatingN/A
WebsiteClick here

Key Takeaways

  • PamFax integrates with Google drive, dropbox, box, Onedrive, etc., and even Microsoft office and supports more than a hundred file formats.
  • PamFax lets you send a fax to 10,000 people at once, and you can even schedule your faxes.
  • PamFax is very affordable, and plans start here at as low as $0.10 per page. Also, it is compatible with both Android and iOS.

What Is PamFax?

What Is PamFax?
What Is PamFax?

PamFax is a fax service that allows you to send and receive faxes very easily in 236 countries.

The best part about PamFax is that it offers both monthly plans and also allows credit-based payments for sending a fax.

The price per page starts at $0.10, and to get started, you just have to create an account for free.

PamFax is compatible with Windows, MAC OS X, ANDROID, and also IPHONE/IPAD, so you can either download its app on your phone or access its web page from your PC or laptop.

Let us dig further and look at the features, pros, cons, price, etc., of PamFax.

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Features And Services

  • Easy Access – PamFax lets you directly access and attach files from your Google drive, dropbox, box, Onedrive, etc., offering you a lot of flexibility in sending faxes from your phone and computer.
  • Personal fax number – PamFax also offers a personal fax number, but for that, you will have to get its basic or professional plan.
  • Diverse support – Unlike many of its competitors, PamFax supports more than 100 formats offering a lot of ease and flexibility in sending any kind of file.
  • Add Multiple Recipients – You can add multiple recipients up to 10,000, which is unlike anything we have ever seen.
  • Schedule Fax – yes, you heard it right! Pamfax also lets you schedule fax to be delivered at a later date or time.


Pros And Cons


  • Offers free trial
  • Supports up to 100 files format
  • Compatible with Windows, MAC OS X, ANDROID, and also IPHONE/IPAD.
  • Allows fax scheduling
  • Affordable
  • Microsoft Office integration for excel, word, PowerPoint, etc.


  • Does not support email to fax except for Outlook.
  • Not ideal for large businesses

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Credit Based Paymentno monthly feesSeveral credit packs are available,
Sent faxes stored for 30 days,
No fax number available,
Page price starts at $0.10
Professional Plan$6.43 monthly20 free pages included unlimited fax reception,
Dedicated local area fax number,
Up to 20 free pages per month,
Company Manager to manage your employees,
Fax history stored indefinitely,
Page price starts at $0.06
Basic Plan$4.27 monthlyUnlimited fax reception,
Fax history stored for 30 days,
Dedicated local area fax number,
Page price starts at $0.10

PamFax also offers credit plans which you can see by visiting their website.


App And Web Interface

PamFax App And Web Interface
PamFax App And Web Interface

PamFax’s app has a sleek and easy-to-use interface. Within the app, you can see the options including inbox, send fax, sent box, settings, etc.

By clicking on sending fax, you get the option to enter the recipient’s number, add files, and cover letter option, and it is that easy to send the fax.

Also, the app runs smoothly, so you do not have to worry about any bugs. As far as the web interface is concerned, it is a no-brainer too.

You just have to visit PamFax’s website and create your account to get started. Its web interface will also give you the option similar to the mobile app.

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How To Get Started With PamFax?

Follow the steps to get started with PamFax:

1. Go to the PamFax website.

2. Click on the “sign up” option appearing n the top right corner of the screen.

How To Get Started

3. Now, fill in your first name, last name, email id, and password to create an account.

Get Started

4. You can start sending free fax after creating your account.

How To Send Fax Using PamFax?

Customer Service

PamFax does not have a contact number or email address on which you can contact; however, if you have any queries, then you can go to their website and submit a ticket by clicking on the “contact” button at the bottom.

NPC PamFax Ratings

Customer Service3/5
User experience4.5/5
Ease of use4.8/5

Our Experience

I installed the PamFax app on my Android phone and created an account to send faxes for free. The app interface was smooth and quite straightforward.

To check the speed and quality, I sent a fax to my sister, and she received the fax in two minutes, the quality was not compromised much, and I had a lot of options for attaching different types of file formats.

The only thing was that it did not integrate with my Gmail account, so I couldn’t link it with my mail.

What Differentiates It?

There are a few factors that highly differentiates PamFax from the others.

First of all, PamFax lets you add up to 10,000 recipients; although I don’t see a lot of you adding even a thousand recipients to the list, it might be useful to a small business, perhaps.

PamFax also lets you integrate your Microsoft office for excel, word, PowerPoint, etc. And also, it supports more than a hundred file formats which you can add to your fax.


FeaturesSchedule Fax, Add multiple recipients, etc.Easy interface, no brand mark, etc.
FeesFree trial ($0.10 per page post that) Free ($0.98-$49.95 for premium plans)
Mobile VersionAvailableN/A
Recipients10,000 peopleOne person
Toll-free numberN/AN/A
BBB ratingN/AN/A
Trustpilot RatingN/A3.7/5

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How We Review Fax Services?

We consider a couple of factors, including:

  • Affordability
  • Ease of sending and receiving fax
  • Fax quality
  • Integrations
  • Format support
  • User interface
  • Features and services offered, etc.

Final verdict

PamFax is a decent fax service that allows easy integration with a number of devices and also allows expensive file support.

With a free trial and prices as low as $0.10 per page, we feel it’s a good choice for someone looking for hassle-free fax service.

We hope you found this PamFax review helpful.

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Is PamFax legit?

Yes, PamFax is legit and is even HIPPA compliant.

Does PamFax allows you to use cover letter?

Yes, PamFax allows you to add a cover letter to your fax.

Is Pamfax safe to use?

Yes, Pamfax is safe to use and uses TLS and SSL encryption to make sure that your data remains safe and secure.

Can I send a Fax internationally using PamFax?

Yes, PamFax allows you to send fax in 236 countries.

Can I integrate my email with PamFax?

PamFax does not integrate with email except OutLook.

NPC Overall Rating


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