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All the interesting information, facts, and figures you need to know about PBS.

Making kids learn while they do their daily life tasks is what every parent wants.

However, it is not that simple to do. While different gadgets and things are being made to make kids learn what is most necessary for them, those are not the most efficient ways of getting things done.

On the other hand, PBS is something that proves to be very helpful in this regard with all of its interesting stuff.

What is PBS?

Several services in America provide cartoons for learning purposes for the kids.

However, PBS is the American public broadcaster as well as the television program distributor.

Being a nonprofit organization, it provides some of the best educational programmings on public television which is available to every kid in the United States.

The best part is that there are tons of shoes which kids can not only watch to enjoy but they will be learning all the time as well which will develop their programming skills.

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History of PBS

History Of PBS

The history of PBS dates back to 1969. It was established on the 3rd of November by the presidents and former presidents of several universities and television organizations.

A year after it was established it began its operations. Afterward, it merged with other organizations and educational television stations for a better future.

It was 2019 when PBS announced that it is moving its headquarters to the Crustal City in Virginia and now the system has more than 350 member television stations around the United States.

How is PBS funded?

Being a nonprofit organization one of the biggest issues for PBS is the collection of funds to keep the whole thing running.

This is the case where a lot of help is gained from other organizations like the Corporation of Public Broadcasting, Pledge drivers, National Datacast, Several Private foundations, and a lot of member station dues.

PBS Television Stations

When it comes to the television Stations at PBS there are more than 350 of them.

These are the member television stations that are often owned by educational institutions.

Other than that, these are owned by non-profit and independent owners.

Mostly these are affiliated with one local public school, collect, or any other educational institution.

Sometimes the television stations also come from the entities owned by the government.

Programming on PBS

PBS is known for the diversity in the programming here. While it includes some amazing things like the PBS Masterpiece, There are different varieties for the viewers to get the perfect thing they want.

Considering the priorities and preferences, the PBS schedule was set in 2012 according to the prime time requirements.

This made the programming more genre-based, which made the schedule for different days.

The Sundays had drama series scheduled while the weekdays had other things. For example, Wednesdays were featured for science-related programs.

PBS Kids Shows

It was first launched in 1994 and made one of the best brands for children’s shows as well as the PBS kids games.

One major highlight about PBS is that it provides kids’ shows as a part of its service which makes it unique as the other competitors do not provide such services.

The schedule is very well made with the kids shows being shown in the afternoon time right after the kids are back from school and they want some relaxing time.

The best part about these kids’ shows is the partnership with several educational television stations and institutions which makes it possible to provide entertainment along with better learning.

This helps in broadcasting distance education right according to the educational programming guidelines making everything here very effective

PBS Member stations

While there are a lot of member stations, some are also known for rebroadcasting British television programming.

It includes a lot of entertainment as well as science fiction programs which are usually acquired from renowned sources like BBC.

PBS takes learning to the next level of ease.

As the technologies are advancing kids are spending more and more time in front of their gadgets, unlike in the past where most of the time was spent in front of the televisions.

It was the perfect opportunity for PBS, and it launched an application for mobile devices. It opens a lot of doors of learning for the kids who are spending a lot of their time on such devices.

Moreover, the partnership with platforms like Apple TV + is making PBS the right choice for all types of entertainment for kids as well as learning opportunities.

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Everyone wants their kids to learn while they are wasting their time. PBS is the right place to come for all of the entertainment and learning needs. With different types of programming dedicated according to time and days, it makes a great choice.

The Kids network adds to the best experience that PBS provides.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the PBS Networks?

PBS has a huge network of television stations most of which are partnered with other organizations. However, some of its most popular networks are PBS Kids, PBS Kids Go, PBS Satellite Service, and PBS HD. All of these are there for broadcasting different programming types.

Are there any Sports on PBS?

Yes, PBS is known for broadcasting different types of sports. However, the interesting thing here is that these sports are carefully selected to promote sports in kids. So, the sports broadcasters are the local High School and College sports. Apart from the live broadcasting, there are some sports programs broadcasted here as well.

What about the Governance of PBS?

When it comes to the Governance of PBS there is a board of directors that is responsible for all of the actions. It consists of 27 members out of which 14 are professional directors while 12 are general directors. The members elect the 14 professional directors and the 12 general directors are responsible for electing the CEO and President at PBS while the entire board elects the officers as well.

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