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Pennsylvania Lottery supports all around Pennsylvania, from Philadelphia to Erie and also from Pittsburgh to Scranton.

It is beneficial for all the older Pennsylvanians. There are many games that are offered by Pennsylvania. To know more about the games, read the blog till the end!

Pennsylvania Lottery
Pennsylvania Lottery


Lottery Pennsylvania Lottery
Started 1971
Pennsylvania Lottery ResultsAnnounced
Pennsylvania Lottery Winning Numbers Announced
Requirements Credit Check is done, Background Investigation is done, tax clearance check.

What is Pennsylvania Lottery?

What is Pennsylvania Lottery?
What is Pennsylvania Lottery?

The Pennsylvania Lottery is handled by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Moreover, The lottery was first made by Pennsylvania General Assembly in 1971.

However, In November 1971, Henry Kaplan was made its first Executive Director.

On March 7, 1972, the first ticket was sold, and also on March 16, 1972, the first ticket was drawn.

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According to the law, around 40 percent of the proceedings should be invested in the prizes, and also 27 percent should be in funding programs.

Moreover, In the present time, the proceedings are exceeded as 60.9 percent is in prizes, 29.9 percent is invested in programs, and also 6.7 percent is given to the retailers.

Moreover, 2.5 percent is invested in operating expenses.

However, in 2017 the total revenue decreased with the amount of $75 million.

Therefore, Governor Tom came up with a new budget and put up a statement that $75 million will be re-established via this new budget.

Pennsylvania Only-draw Games

Pennsylvania Only-draw Games
Pennsylvania Only-draw Games

Pick 2

This game started on January 27, 205 and it is a two-digit (0-9). It is drawn twice a day. You will have to play with at least $1 and you can purchase the tickets 7-days prior to the game.

Pick 3

This game began on March 1, 1977, It is a three-digit (0-9) game and is also drawn twice a day. Single tickets can be brought in increment up to $5.00.

Pick 4

This game began on November 22, 1988, It is a three-digit (0-9) game and is also drawn twice a day.

Pick 5

This game did begin on August 26, 2008, It is a three-digit (0-9) game and is also drawn twice a day.


Keno games went live on May 1, 2018, at many different locations throughout the state. Moreover, Governor Tom Wolf signed the bill on October 30, 2017, that made the lottery possible to offer keno.


The online lottery games started in May 2018. It includes many different scratch-off games that show lottery ticket results on the website.

Xpress Spots

The Pennsylvania Lottery offers Sports Racing and Football since Summer 2018. The monitor screen shows the score of a virtual sports game, like that of Keno.

Derby Cash

It is a virtual horse racing game that did begin on November 19, 2019.

Instant Games

Instant Games
Instant Games

The Pennsylvania Lottery offers many scratch-off games. Around 42% of revenue comes from scratch-off tickets.

Pennsylvania instant game has the minimum ticket price of $1 and goes as higher as $30.

Basically, higher-priced tickets have the probability to make you win even more and even a higher payout percentage. And also 57 % of sales are from $1 ticket to 76.94% from $30 ticket.

Fast play

Fast play
Fast play

Fast Play Lottery games began on February 28, 2017. Lottery terminal prints the fast play game ticket. However, it is the same as instant games.

The player has to match one or more numbers or symbols as the winning symbols, in order to win.

Moreover, at present, the ticket for Fast Play games are at price points of $1, $2, $3, $5, $10, $20, and $30.

Some of the Fast play games offer a progressive jackpot that increases the jackpot with each ticket that a person buys until the winning ticket comes. And the time ticket generates, the values of the jackpot go back to zero.

Lottery Offices

Lottery Offices
Lottery Offices

There are basically 7 main offices of the Pennsylvania Lottery. They are:

AreaName of the Place
Area 1  Philadelphia
Area 2 Wilkes-Barre
Area 3 Middletown (headquarters)
Area 4 Clearfield
Area 5 Pittsburgh
Area 6 Erie
Area 7 Bethlehem

How to claim your Prize Money?

How to claim your Prize Money?
How to claim your Prize Money?

Pennsylvania Lottery can pay prize money up to $2,500.

However, If you are having the prize money of $600, you will have to fill a standard claim form and send it to Lottery headquarters.



As there are many games in the Pennsylvania Lottery, but according to us you should try your luck with each and every game and this would definitely increase your chances to win prize money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pennsylvania Lottery prizes taxable?

According to the law, the Pennsylvania Lottery prizes are taxable income and should be mentioned in state taxes.

What is teh customer service number for Pennsylvania Lottery?

The Customer Service Phone Number of Pennsylvania Lottery is: +1 215-952-1123 / 1-800-692-7481 / 814-835-2423.

How to buy PA Lottery ticket online?

If you wish to buy the ticket online, you will have to sign up through the website. The player has to fill out the “Easy Registration Form” on iLottery. it just takes a few minutes to fill it.

How to play scratch-off in Pennsylvania Lottery Games?

Select the middle-left icon for Scratch offs, from Home Screen. The most recent game will include an image of the ticket. You can select the “Scratch For Fun” button to open the ticket.

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