Perfect Money – A New Generation Internet Payment System In 2022

Perfect Money is a superior financial service that allows customers to make instant payments.

Users can securely transfer money throughout the internet. It opens unique opportunities for customers and online business owners.

It aims to take the transactions on the internet to the supreme level!


Trading PlatformPerfect Money
Year of establishment 2007
Rating out of 5 3.8
Trading software Android & iOS
Minimum deposit $300
Website Click here
Perfect Money
Perfect Money

What Is Perfect Money?

What is Perfect Money?
What is Perfect Money?

Perfect Money is an online trading payment solution. It offers fund storage using several deposit methods, including e-vouchers, wire transfers, and credit cards.

The payment system also offers accounts in various currencies, including Bitcoin and loan services.

It is a digital model of currency; it is intangible. We can’t store it in a wallet or feel it like old fiat currency. It can also be called e-currency.

Perfect Money Finance Corp has a good history of providing financial services to merchants and traders.

The company has its office registered in Panama, but its operational headquarters are located in Zurich(Switzerland) and Hong Kong.

How To Use Perfect Money?

How to Use Perfect Money?
How to Use Perfect Money?

Getting a Perfect Money account is very convenient; the easiest way of getting a PM account is:

  1. Visit the official website of Perfect Money.
  2. Click on the signup menu or directly go to the signup page.
  3. Fill out the enrollment form.
  4. You will have to write personal and contact details like your name, email, address, etc.
  5. Select your account type; business account or personal account.
  6. Write down the password.
  7. Tick the terms and conditions box.
  8. Click Register.
  9. Now check your email.
  10. You get the member ID and other information.

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Why Choose Perfect Money?

Why Choose Perfect Money?
Why Choose Perfect Money?

Perfect Money offers multiple benefits, so it is hard not to choose it as a primary payment solution.

  • Mobile App Review 2021: PM offers its services in a mobile app, making it feasible for traders to make and receive payments. It provides total account management and is available on Google Play and App Store.
  • Range of Funding Methods: PM agrees to take deposits and withdrawals via Bitcoin, bank wire transfer, debit and credit cards including MasterCard and Visa, as well as prepaid cards and e-vouchers. 
  • Accounts: Traders can set up multiple accounts for free. Traders can use different accounts for buying and selling Bitcoin or Gold if it suits the trader.
  • Widely Available: The logo of PM is found on many global brands. It allows online payment to well-known online payment services like PayPal.
  • Additional Features: It also provides market exchange rates, loan services, and currency exchange quotes.

Fees Of Perfect Money

Fees of Perfect Money
Fees of Perfect Money

It charges fees when transferring funds. It varies from account types to methods of deposit and withdrawal.

  • Bank wire deposit fee—0.5%
  • Internal transfer fees for verified accounts—0.5%
  • Internal transfer fees for unverified accounts—1.99%
  • Currency conversions—market price
  • Withdrawal fee for bank wire—2.85% + account holders bank fee
  • Instant Bitcoin withdrawal—0.5%
  • Deposit and withdrawal via Western Union—2%
  • Exchange PM to bitcoin—2.5%
  • Exchange Bitcoin to PM—3%
  • International wire transfer—7%
  • Internal Bitcoin deposit—0%

Note that a 4% per year interest rate applies to all accounts.

Features Of Perfect Money

Features of Perfect Money
Features of Perfect Money

Perfect Money presents exciting features for Personal and Business accounts.

With the use of PM payment system, users can do the following:

  • Make regular payments on the internet
  • Receive payments in numerous business projects on the internet
  • Complete money transfers between members
  • Make payment for services and goods in Internet shops
  • Securely store money funds on electronic account and receive monthly interests
  • Buy Gold Meta, Bitcoin, EUR, and USD currency online
  • Make use of the built-in Bitcoin wallet
  • Use the currency changer service
  • Enjoy the facility of Mobile App
  • Create e-vouchers and prepaid cards

Types Of Trading Available At Perfect Money

Types of Trading
Types of Trading

Perfect money offers seven unique ways of depositing money. Firstly, to make payment with it, you need to load the account. PM will turn your genuine wallet into a virtual wallet.

Bank Wire: You can receive payment from an online account to your PM account and send payment from your online account to a PM account.

Instant Bank Transfer: It is a convenient way of depositing money from the comfort of your home. You can instruct the bank to transfer money from a bank account to a Perfect Money account without visiting the bank. Moreover, the transfer is instant.

Certified Exchange Partners: You can purchase PM e-currency with other types of e-currency like Money Gram, Western union, or just for cash.

Cash Terminals: Cash is quickly transferred to the PM account. Just create an order at the Deposit section of your account. Visit the nearest payment terminal and make a deposit. Funds get instantly credited to your account.

Bitcoin: You can deposit Bitcoin cryptocurrency to the PM account. Funds will be deposited after three network confirmations.

Perfect Money Prepaid Card / e-Voucher: You can buy an e-Voucher or a Pre-paid Card and credit your account after entering the activation code.

E-currency: E-currency transactions are instant.

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Customer Service

Customer Service
Customer Service

PM aims to provide specialist 24/7/365 customer service. It has a mobile app as well as a website.

You can contact them using the Contact Us section on the website. They provide multi-level security for safe transfer.

What differentiates Perfect Money from others?

Following are the features that differentiate Perfect Money from others

  • You can transfer Money and accept payments on behalf of different business projects
  • You can save Money in the wallet
  • Make payments on online stories
  • Make P2P and B2B payments while using Perfect Money
  • You can make instant payments
  • You get access to an electronic wallet to save funds
  • You get monthly interest on the amount you have in your wallet
  • You can use cryptocurrency for making payments

Our experience with Perfect Money

This application has wasted my time. My account looks slow and vague. I had to login into my account several times before it finally opened.

It has been a really annoying experience using Perfect Money. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone else because they will suffer the way I did.

Perfect Money Comparison

Perfect Money comparison
Perfect Money comparison

Let’s compare Perfect Money with other similar services.

Perfect Money vs. WebMoney

You will have to top up your WebMoney account if you want to do money transactions.

You can get a loan and raise Money on your WebMoney account, but Perfect Money doesn’t offer loan services. 

Perfect Money vs. Payeer

Payeer wallet allows cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies trading. You can make payments while using such currencies as you do with traditional currencies.

You can deposit and withdraw funds using payeer, but you don’t get interested in the saving that Perfect Money offers. 

Perfect Money vs. Skrill

Perfect Money allows you to transfer Money between users and pay for the good you buy online. Plus, you can save Money in your e-wallet.

While using skrill, you can make payments overseas even without paying transfer fees. There is no such feature in Perfect Money.

You can send Money to 18 different countries by skrill. You can use a debit card, credit card, and personal bank account for transferring funds via skrill. 

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews

“Perfect Money is one of the best payment services because it doesn’t enable a transaction to get reversed.

I have never bought or sold Bitcoins through it. But it has its own Bitcoin Perfect Money account, which allows users to deposit Bitcoin payments for 0% fee and send them at a fee rate of 0.5% for verified and 1.9% for the unverified account. Overall it is a great service.”

“Most of the Bitcoin ATMs charge more than 3%, so their fee of 3% cannot be considered high.

As well as PM’s instant Bitcoin Withdrawal fee 0.5% is less as compared to their competitors, so I love them.”



PM offers Euros, Dollars, Euros, Gold, and Bitcoin accounts. Also, safe money transferals via Global Certified Exchangers.

The Android and iOS mobile apps are also perfect for dealers who want to deposit or withdraw while on the move.

There are some fees you need to be aware of on top of the charges applied by your forex broker.

PM is no card storage, which may be unpleasant for traders who prefer the flexibility of other e-wallet services like PayPal.


How does a Perfect Money payment work?

PM allows users to transfer and store funds using Certified Exchanger services securely. You can pay online without filling any form or giving credit card details. There is also an option of exchanging currency at the market rate.

Is Perfect Money legit?

Yes, PM is legit. It is a Hong-Kong based company registered under Startup Research & Investments Ltd. It was established in 2007 and is trusted by many trustworthy global brands.

What are the supported countries at Perfect Money?

PM accepts clienteles from many global locations, including the UK, Kosovo, Canada, Cyprus, Jordan, Pakistan, Qatar, India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Japan, Kenya, Cambodia, Zimbabwe, and many more. Note that clients from the US are not accepted.

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