15 Pest Control Lead Generation Methods That Works Of 2023

It is important to find Pest Control leads when you run a pest control company so as to ensure that your potential customers can find your company whenever they are experiencing pest problems at home or in their business.

Lead generation plays a key role in running a successful pest control business and creates a constant flow of high-quality leads.

In this article, we’ll be talking about what pest control leads generation strategies will work best to grow your pest control business. Let’s get started. 


Why Is Lead Generation Important For Pest Control Business? 

Lead generation is critical for any business to identify potential customers and cultivate their interest in your services to increase revenue.

It is a proven method to turn your website traffic into paying customers and maintain a consistent cash flow. 

Without an effective pest control leads generation strategy, it’s impossible to survive in the competitive market, no matter how good your services are.

When it comes to generating leads for a pest control company, there are plenty of strategies to use.

However, we highly recommend using a professional lead generation service to get the best results. 

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15 Pest Control Lead Generation Methods

It is always trouble for any kind of business to create a constant pipeline of leads.

If you want your business to succeed and stay afloat, you need to constantly find ways to generate leads for your business.

This process gets harder for local businesses working in a specific niche such as pest control.

That is why we listed 15 ways to generate pest control leads working for pest control business owners.

1. Create Pest Control Videos for Informational Purposes

Many people do not know how the process works or what they need to be careful about regarding pest control services or pest control in general.

Creating informational videos to share on different platforms like YouTube, social media, or your website could help to attract potential customers.

By adding your contact information and talking about what you do, you could make it easier to turn those visitors into customers.

2. Research Your Target Audience Thoroughly

If you don’t know who you are advertising yourself to and who you are trying to get leads from, you will not succeed. You need to know what your target audience uses in their daily life.

Some people prefer not to use social media and stick with an old offline way of living. Figure out how many percentages of your audience is on social media and not.

Prepare special offers and advertisements accordingly. This will help you to personalize your offerings better.

3. Write Valuable Information in Your Pest Control Blog

Advertising alone and being spammy about your business is not always the best decision.

Showing your expertise, informing people, and answering common problems regarding pests could be a great way to get people to visit your website or social media accounts.

If you can provide value and embed a short call-to-action into your content, people will commit to reading your text and come to you for their pest control needs.

4. Offer Free Inspection

Building trust and a good relationship are not easy in a business. You need to take steps to make sure that the customer or visitor trusts you.

To create this trust, offering free inspections or other specialized incentives regarding pest control could go a long way.

You will get to showcase your expertise regarding pest control, and your confidence in offering free inspection in the hopes of getting the work could help to build a relationship.

Once you have this trust, the visitor will be inclined to work with you.

5. Invest in Paid Offline Advertising

Offline advertising is not the best choice for many businesses out there, but it is one of the best lead generators for local businesses.

Since most of your target audience is living close to you and they need a business in their city or neighborhood to handle their pest problem, putting yourself out there with yard signs, billboards, flyers, and other offline advertising methods could help people to discover your business and come to you.

Since people living in your city will see your advertisements, you will have a better chance of landing the client.

6. Start a Loyalty Program

If you have loyal customers working with you and are satisfied with your service, they could be the best lead generator.

Happy customers mean continuous work and referrals from them when their friends and family require similar work.

Offer a reward for each referral they make, give special discounts or other offerings when they come to you second, third, or more times. Make sure that you value your customers through this loyalty program.

7. Focus on Lead Capture

It is extremely hard to capture a visitor and turn them into a lead the first time they visit your website.

You need to add specialized offers, call-to-actions, and other action-based performances on your website to capture the leads.

Start by adding a phone number to call right away or put a contact form for people to write down their issues and reach out to you.

You can alternatively also use an automated booking system on the first page for people to book a free visit as part of your incentive.

8. Optimize Content for Local SEO

SEO and local SEO is the bedrock of getting constant leads to your website, but not everyone can do it well.

Optimization could be a big problem because SEO is not just about putting high-ranking keywords; you also need to take care of backlinks, navigation on your website, and the easiness of reading for Google and visitors.

Preferably work with a professional to optimize your content in the best way for local SEO.

It will help people around your city to find you on Google Maps or on Google search when they look for a pest control business. 1

9. Showcase Testimonials of Your Work

If you can’t showcase how good you are at your job and have no proof of this, you will likely not get many leads and lose visitors to your website easily.

The best way to create the trust you need on the first look is to use proof of work and testimonials from your customers that you worked and were satisfied with.

Another option you can use is to ask you’re satisfied customers to leave reviews on review websites like Google’s review section. It will help people to find you easily and make their decision better.

10. Focus on Educating People on Social Media

Social media is not a place to use for ads only. It is also a place to gain a certain following.

You can gain this following by offering different stuff, but the most important one is to educate people on your expertise.

If you use it well, many people will follow you for tips and tricks, and you can talk about your business in this content.

People will remember you, know your expertise, and be more willing to come to you for pest control needs. 2

11. Use Google Products and Optimize Them

Google is one of the biggest companies that helps small and local businesses with their products.

Billions of people use their services, and you can generate constant organic leads for your business by optimizing them well.

The biggest Google product for businesses is Google My Business. Create your profile there and put all your information, picture, contact information, and other things.

Ensure to put your location, as well. This way, when someone searches for a pest control business in your city, your location will come at the top of search results.

12. Consider Sparing Budget for PPC Marketing

Generating leads is not only organic traffic. Paid marketing campaigns can also do a great job if you optimize your campaigns correctly.

Set up a certain budget for PPC marketing campaigns. PPC is the most budget-friendly paid marketing campaign because you pay per click, not for the entire duration of the campaign.

You could generate 2$ for each dollar you spend on the campaign if you can optimize your campaign the right way.

Working with a professional could help you in finding the right campaign strategies.

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13. Go Door-To-Door

Since you are a local business, the offline way of finding leads will never get outdated for you. Take your card or a flyer and start knocking on doors around your neighborhood or city.

While you are knocking on doors, offering free incentives like free inspection beforehand could increase your chances of converting them.

Try to personalize your offers as much as you can for each person you are talking to.

As an example, some might already have used inspection in their houses recently; you can offer a certain discount if they have a pest problem for the next time.

14. Redesign Your Website for a Responsive Design

If your website is not fast enough, easy to navigate, and has a bad design, a first-time visitor and a potential customer will most likely not stay long on your website and search for other options.

A responsive and modern design with an easy-to-navigate system within the website could help you easily turn your visitors into leads.

Your website shouldn’t contain unnecessary information and must be as simple as it can.

15. Manage Your Online Reviews

There are many different websites for people to leave a review about the business. The most famous one is Google and Trustpilot.

Occasionally check these websites to read your reviews and ensure that each review shows the truth and there is no misinformation.

If there is a bad review, try to contact your customers and try to fix the problem by offering a free check on your services. 3

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Benefits Of Google Ads For Pest Control Leads Generation

Quick Than SEO

Google Ads provides the fastest route for your website to jump to the top of the search results.

As compared to SEO, which takes a while as your website makes its way up to the search results, Google Ads gives instant visibility and drives huge traffic to your website within days.

Build Brand Awareness

Google Ads also helps in building brand awareness with the help of Display Ads.

By using the combination of Search and Display Ads, you can grow your brand online much faster and can drive more pest control leads to your website. 

More Traffic For Pest Control Lead

Google processes approximately 5 billion searches per day. When you advertise on Google, you gain access to a massive audience and can drive more traffic to your website.

You can also use Google’s Display Network to target a specific audience to generate quality leads for your business. 

High Level of Management and control 

With Google Ads, you can manage and optimize your campaign to get the most out of it.

You can take full control of your campaign goals, target audience, ad spend, individual keywords, and ad look. 

Local Advertising 

Google Ads allows you to advertise your brand locally and dramatically maximize foot traffic to your business.

Local searchers have high purchase intent, especially for service-related keywords, as they are looking for immediate help. 

Performance Evaluation

Google Ads allows you to analyze your ads performance against your competitors and in general.

You can check your quality scores to understand what you need to do to achieve a higher position than your competitors. 

Why Choose Us?

We know how to create an effective lead generation plan that works. We have a team of experts that will create a custom-tailored lead generation plan to generate more leads for your business.

All our leads are 100% exclusive, with the highest conversion rate. We achieve maximum ROI for customers with the help of the following:

  • Custom Landing Page

We’ll help you earn clients with a custom landing page designed to convert. 

We’ll optimize your web pages to drive more web traffic to your website. 

  •  Content Writing For Pest Control Lead

We’ll regularly provide quality content educating people about pest control. 

  • Focused on ROI

All our strategies are focused on helping you increase your revenue and a lucrative return on investment

  • Dedicated Account Manager

You’ll get a dedicated account manager to guide you and communicate your needs to our team of experts. 

  • Transparent Reporting

You’ll be given regular insights into each stage of your lead generation campaign and how it’s coming along. 

  • Only Pay for Results

You only pay us for the qualified leads you receive.

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Which online methods are best for lead generation?

These are some of the best lead generation platoforms that you can use:

  • Google Ads
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • LinkdIn
  • Instagram

Is pest control business profitable?

The Pest Control business can be very profitable, and you can generate up to $75,000 yearly in profit. 4

What is the professional term used to denote someone who works as a pest controller?

The professional term used to address a pest controller is Exterminator.

How much does a Exterminator earn in an hour?

You can charge anywhere between $80-$120 depending upon the place you live at and the average charge in your city.

Which is the simplest way of generating Pest Control Leads?

The simplest way to generate pest control leads is by:

  • Running Ads on Google
  • Requesting clients for referrals
  • Giving out referral bonus
  • Being active on social media, etc.
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