17 Amazing Ways To Get More Plumbing Leads Of 2023

Plumbing is a high-demand industry with huge competition. Every homeowner needs a plumber once in a while to fix immediate problems such as a leaky pipe, overflowing toilet, or clogged drain. 

However, it doesn’t matter if you have the highest plumbing certificate or years of experience.

Your business will only grow if you’re consistently generating new plumbing leads.

Using the generic lead-generating strategies you find online would be a colossal waste of time unless you have a massive budget.

So, if you are new to the plumbing business or struggling with generating new leads, you’re in the right place.

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about lead generation in Plumbing.

Plus, we’ll be sharing some great tips on how to generate more plumbing leads. Let’s dive right in! 


Why Is Lead Generation Important For Plumbing Business? 

Unlike other service industries, people don’t need plumbers every day, which means getting new plumbing leads can be particularly difficult. Growing a plumbing business is all about generating leads. 

Whether you’re an independent plumber, or a commercial operator looking for new contracts, the strategy would be the same, and the goal is to keep the bottom line of your business healthy. 

With the help of a good lead generation campaign, you can build your brand and credibility and enjoy a constant stream of high-quality Plumbing leads regularly

17 Ways to Generate Plumbing Leads

Here are the 17 best-proven ways to generate plumbing leads. These ways are the most popular and successful ways that work for plumbing business owners.

If you are looking to generate leads for your plumbing business, use these ways to get more leads to your plumbing business.

1. Use pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements


You set up a budget and a campaign for your website and business and then put this into action on the internet.

PPC marketing for plumbers is a great way to get leads to your website. However, it requires spending money on your marketing efforts.

2. Set up your local SEO

Either get professional help or try to do it yourself but carefully set up your local SEO.

You can do so by making your website compatible with local SEO keywords such as “near me.” Keyword focusing on blog posts works the best for local SEO.


3. Get help with content marketing

content marketing

From video to infographics or blog posts to online guides, content marketing is one of the most efficient methods to generate plumbing leads.

You have to spend some time and possibly money on content marketing for better efficiency.

4. Create an email list and use email marketing

Start by adding an email subscription list on your website and collect emails from your customers, either existing or new ones.

The best way for this is to utilize your website or other social media presence.

Once you have enough people, start using this email list to send curated emails with discounts, opportunities, or anything that will make those people come to your website.

5. Have social media accounts and use them actively


Utilizing social media and showing your brand’s name out there with good content and interactive use, you can gain a lot of people, followers, and possibly customers. Your brand recognition will also increase substantially.

6. Use professionally created landing pages

Landing pages are what get you sales once someone comes to your website.

Professionally design or work with an expert to create various landing pages and increase your conversion rates.

When someone visits your website, you’ll get sales with the right call-to-action samples on the landing pages.

7. Conversion focused website

Conversion focused website

Your website is your identity. You must have a conversion-based website that focuses on getting you leads.

Your website has to be specifically designed to work on turning a visitor to your website into a paying customer.

Writing blogs, linking to other websites, fast and responsive design, full of call-to-actions, and other important details that makes it easy to navigate your website are all good parts of a conversion-based website.

8. Highlight your testimonials, referrals

The best way to prove the quality of your work is by pointing out your referrals from old customers.

Try to get your customers to comment on your social media pages and Google reviews, or make them write a testimonial for your website.

By highlighting them, you can prove how qualified you are and generate more leads.


9. Create referral programs

Create referral programs

If you create a referral program where an existing customer could get rewards by referring you to new customers, you create a bridge between referrals and direct leads through those referrals.

You could offer a discount or a small surprise to the person who refers you.

10. Professional digital marketing

Staying on top of your competitors and generating leads is mostly about being digital nowadays.

Investing in good digital marketing through PPC, social media, interactive videos, Google Ads, and other digital-related marketing strategies is the best way to start your professional digital marketing.

One of the most popular digital marketing platforms is Google. Their services, such as Google My Business and Google Local Services, provide an amazing value.

11. Manage your online reviews

Manage your online reviews

In this digital age, there will always be online reviews on different and trustable platforms.

Always be on top of any kind of online review, answer queries, say thanks to good reviews, and also pay special attention to negative reviews.

Try to fix the issue or explain the situation so that other people reviewing your business can understand the issue.

12. Use mobile applications

Get mobile web development help and create your own mobile application. Millions of people use mobile applications for most services, including plumbing.

You could also reward your customers through the application or offer benefits.

13. Have trained customer service


If there is an issue or a question that a customer wants to highlight or ask, they will go to customer service.

Make sure that the customer service that handles your clients are professionals. For that, hire trained and professional customer service to respectfully handle your clients.

14. Have a professionally curated online presence

Your online presence is not just your website. Have professionally managed social media accounts and interact with your followers and potential customers.

Also, get your Google My Business account set up and always update your information so that people looking out for your business are aware that you are taking care of it.

15. Create your own blog

Create your own blog

Having an SEO-focused blog will bring visitors to your website without you having to spend a dime on marketing efforts.

Having your own blog is the first and most important way of attracting organic traffic.

Write posts about plumbing in general or anything related to the plumbing business to generate visitors that might turn into leads later on.

16. Focus on retargeting

There are always going to be visitors who visit your website and leave. Make sure to create a retargeting campaign with your marketing efforts.

This retargeting campaign could help your visitors to decide with you if your retargeting is good and persistent enough. You could do that via Google Ads or social media marketing.

17. Utilize Google’s Services

Google provides many free resources for businesses to be digitally active and attract customers. You first need to use Google My Business to set up your business.

You can then use Google Local services to focus on local SEO. Google Ads is also another great way to do digital marketing.

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What Is Plumbing?

No one would enjoy being in puddles of water or not being able to get access to water, and that is where plumbing comes in.

Plumbing is a system of fixtures and pipes which are installed in a building or house to distribute drinking water and normal water properly and to remove the toxic water waste.

How to start your Own Plumbing Business?

How to start your Own Plumbing Business

If you have been meaning to start a plumbing business for quite some time now, then go through this easy guide that will give you all the necessary information that you need to start a plumbing business.

  1. Setting goals and choosing the target market 
  2. Identify Costs and set up price
  3. Setting up plumbing license 
  4. Business account set up and tax registration 
  5. Get Business Insurance
  6. Build a brand and attract customers. 


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How to Price Plumbing Business Services?

Have a look at some of the key factors based on which you can price your plumbing business services:

  • Consider how much your competitors are charging.
  • Set a price based on the expenses you incur to provide that service.
  • Consider what profit margin you want to keep.
  • Consider how you want to charge- a flat rate (average $160 and $430) or on a per-hour basis (average $45 and $150.)
  • Calculate the cost of advertising and promotion too.


Is Plumbing Business Profitable?

Is Plumbing Business Profitable

Yes, the plumbing business is profitable if you work hard enough, and then the sky is the limit for you.

On average, a Plumber can expect to earn up to $56,000 annually. And if you are really good at what you do, and know how to market your skill, then you can earn up to $100,000 annually.

There are, of course, challenges that you will face like you would in any other business.

But if you have this skill and want to be your own boss, then becoming a plumber or starting a plumbing service could be good for you. 

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Is Plumbing Business Good Or Bad?

No occupation is good or bad until you like or dislike it. Plumbing is skill-based work, and if you have the skill or are willing to learn the skill, then it could be good for you.

The pay is good enough, and so is the work.

You can always make your own team if you like and only do work that you like. 

7 Benefits Of Google Ads For Plumbing Leads Generation

Benefits Of Google Ads For Plumbing Leads Generation

So here are some top benefits of using Google AdWords for generating leads for Plumbing: 

1. Quicker Results than SEO

Google AdWords allows you to create immediate campaigns and appear at the top and bottom of Google Search results to get targeted traffic; however, with SEO, it takes time to get good ranking and traffic as you can focus only on a few keywords for the best results. 

2. Google Ads are Measurable

Google Ads are known as one of the most easily measurable online channels that provide tons of metrics to help you quickly determine what’s working or not working for your ad campaign, providing information like how where your website is getting the most traffic from, what ads are most clicked by the visitors and what they do next after clicking the ad. 

3. Google Ads Is Scalable 

So Google Ads is highly scalable, meaning you don’t have to spend on that arbitrary cap spent on that campaign.

You can easily find scalable sources, and your leads and budgets will increase accordingly. 

4. Boost Brand Awareness

Google AdWords also serves as a great way to build brand awareness by maximizing your search ad impressions.

Your ad is seen by your potential customers multiple times a day through the Google Ad network. Even if they don’t click it, they will see your brand and what you offer.

5. Flexible Costs and ROI

Another great feature of Google Ads is that it offers several bidding options and achieves results with varying budgets for businesses of shapes and needs.

You can start advertising from as low as a couple of bucks a month, enable the scaling of ad spend profitably according to your goals and achieve a Return on Investment (ROI).

6. Convert better than Organic Traffic

There is some solid evidence proving that paid search traffic converts 2x better than organic traffic.

It’s mainly due to the fact that paid traffic is more qualified and targeted to attract plumbing leads and queries that ad clicks are much more likely to be commercial in nature rather than informational. 

7. High Level of Control and Management 

Google AdWords offers a high level of control and allows users to manage and optimize the ad campaigns to generate leads and get the most results out of it.

So you’ll have full control over your campaign goals, the budget you want to spend, your target audience and keywords, and conversions. 

Our Recommendation For Plumbing Leads Generation 

Whenever people run into a plumbing issue, they have to quickly decide whom to call, and how quickly a plumber gets to the homeowner is one of the main factors in choosing a plumbing company.

That’s why you need to pick a lead generation company that specializes in the plumbing industry. 

We would highly recommend getting started with TOTO Dream Marketing is one of the best lead generation service providers, well-vested in Plumbing and many other industries.

They give quality and verified plumbing leads from your local area that you can close, create custom plans with, and also enhance your customer service. 

Why Choose Toto Dream Marketing For Generating Leads For Plumbing?

Toto Dream Marketing
Toto Dream Marketing

TOTO Dream Marketing offers exclusive leads plumbing leads from your local market in real-time.

All leads are phone-verified and screened for quality through an extensive verification system before being delivered to our clients.

TOTO Dream Marketing is not just limited to lead generation and does more for their partner plumbing providers, such as: 

  • Custom Landing Page

So we’ll build you a custom landing page to convert visitors into plumbing leads and improve visitor engagement and your lead capture rate.

  • SEO Management

We’ll take care of both on-page and off-page optimization to increase the organic traffic to the site and generate more plumbing leads 

  • Content Writing

So we’ll create helpful and high-quality content for your target audience to attract more traffic and convert people into customers to boost sales. 

  • Focused on ROI

We attract and nurture prospects by implementing data-driven and scalable techniques that will help you improve your brand reputation and also ROI on campaigns. 

  • Dedicated Account Managers

You’ll be assigned a full-time account manager who will help you manage your account, develop custom campaigns to generate plumbing leads, and guide you through how to convert leads into customers. 

  • Transparent Reporting

We provide better insight into lead Geo and traffic channel preferences giving you better visibility into the locations your leads are coming from. 

  • Only Pay for Results

We’ll only charge you for the qualified plumbing leads fitting the specific parameters of your ideal prospect. 


This was our take on Leads For Plumbing Near You, and it also gave you additional information on what a plumbing business might look like.

We hope you found this article and the information we provided helpful.


How are Plumbing leads Qualified? 

Lead qualification is a multistep process. We screen the leads based on the specific parameters, including ideal customer profile (ICP), lead scoring model, marketing-qualified leads and sales qualified leads, buyer personas, and list segmentation, and then assess whether it fits in the customer profile of your target audience. 

What are the benefits of plumbing lead generation?

The benefits of plumbing lead generation are that it can help you to increase your business’s visibility and attract more customers.

Why is it important to have a lead generation strategy?

Having a lead generation strategy is important because it can help you to target your marketing efforts and ensure that you are reaching the right people.

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