17 Strategies To Get More Pressure Washing Leads In 2023

This article outlines the importance of generating leads for the pressure washing business and how you can produce high-quality pressure washing leads to grow your business. Let’s get into it.

Every pressure washing business needs leads to sustain, and without a reliable way to generate leads, your business won’t grow and expand.

To run a successful business, you must know your target audience to aim your marketing efforts accordingly.

Lead generation helps you find, who your prospects are, and how to turn them into paid customers.


Why Is Lead Generation Important for Pressure Washing Business? 

With more and more people turning towards search engines to find the services they need, digital marketing has become the most valuable asset to establishing an authoritative online presence and growing your business. 

Leads Generating is a marketing strategy to attract your desired customers and convert them into customers by showcasing your brand’s unique offerings.

Lead generation allows business to grow their customer base and maintain a consistent flow of sales and revenue. 

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How To Get Pressure Washing Leads?

Business owners mostly know how hard it is to generate constant leads for your business.

After all, the bedrock of revenue is the leads you are getting and how good you are at your job.

Generating leads gets harder if you are a local business because the target area is much smaller than other types of businesses.

Here are 17 ways that have been working for pressure-washing business owners. Try to implement most of these ways to generate more leads and get customers.

1. Offer Free Incentives to Loyal Customers

Offer Free Incentives to Loyal Customers

Offering anything that could benefit your customer and see a preview of your work could work great in getting new leads.

This could be a free trial, a small discount, or anything that you think might somehow help your visitor to make their decision easier.

Incentives also prove to your leads that you know what you are doing and you are ready to take the risk of giving out an incentive.

Make sure that these incentives do not hurt your business and benefit both of you simultaneously. A pay-back guarantee is one of the best incentives many businesses offer.

2. Design an Automated Booking System

With local businesses, finding an appointment date for a visit to the business takes a lot of time.

To cut down on the back-and-forth messaging and spending hours or maybe even days on finding suitable appointment dates, get help on creating and designing a booking system.

This online automated booking system will allow your customers to choose from any available date in your calendar.

It will not only save time, but it will also help you to be more organized and have fewer cancellations with your appointments.

Make the booking system extremely simple and easy to reach out to from your website.

3. Provide Value with Content Marketing

Provide Value with Content Marketing

Providing value overthrows the ads made specifically to gain customers.

Even though they are two extremely different things, they ultimately serve the same purpose. However, the first one requires more time and effort on your side.

You need to spend the time to write informative content on your website and social media and maybe even shoot videos.

At the end or somewhere in the middle of each content, you must add small call-to-actions to let the reader know that you can help them with their problems related to the topic.

This allows you to transition your content to a post about your business smoothly.

4. Get Help to Create a Responsive and Mobile Friendly Website

Nowadays, millions of people use their mobile phones to visit websites instead of using their computers.

That is why your website should be not only computer-friendly but also mobile-friendly.

You must ensure that your website works as smoothly on mobile devices as it does on computers.

This gives you a broader market share since you can cover people with mobile phones, as well.

Both designs of your website must also be responsive if you want people to stick with your website and browse it fast and efficiently.

5. Invest in Retargeting with Ad Campaigns

Invest in Retargeting with Ad Campaigns

Chances are, you are using and spending money on different ad campaigns to target possible leads for your business.

With these ad campaigns, there are going to be many people that you couldn’t turn into leads even when they visited your website.

However, if someone visited your website, this means they were interested in your business but didn’t make an appointment with you for pressure washing.

You should create new ad campaigns to retarget these people. With a better ad campaign, you might be able to turn them into leads.


6. Create a Budget for PPC Marketing

PPC Marketing is an extremely budget-friendly option among other paid marketing options.

Since you only pay per click, your chances of converting your visitors to leads are higher, and you only pay for how successful you are in getting people to click on your ad.

You need to pick good, high-ranking, and relative keywords for your business and for your location.

Having a good landing page and a solid call-to-action at the end of your ad is also important since you need to convert the lead you are getting.

Trying out different campaigns could get you the best results for PPC marketing since you only pay for your success.

7. Sponsor Local Events

Sponsor Local Events

There are most probably a lot of events happening in your neighborhood, and there are many people attending these events.

Find the evens that might be relevant to your pressure washing business or that might attract people who could need your pressure washing service.

Have a chat with the organizers of the event and try to sponsor them.

Put your name and logo around the venue of the event. If possible, you can also participate as a speaker or something else to provide value to the people.

If not, just being present there and talking with people, giving your card along with your sponsorships around the venue could generate a lot of leads.

8. Implement Local SEO to Your Website

SEO is a great help for every type of business out there in getting organic traffic.

It creates great momentum on your website and other digital profiles you have on the internet if you set it up correctly.

Focusing on local SEO to attract more relevant people is even more important with local businesses.

Find working and high-ranking keywords and put these keywords in your content on your website, Google Business profile, social media posts, and other places.

It is important to produce various content with these keywords included in it to generate more visitors.

9. Collect Emails and Create a Newsletter


Even though collecting emails from people and getting their consent to send occasional emails is hard, you can still somehow manage to do it by pushing it a little bit hard.

You could ask for their email when they are creating an account on your website or when making a booking.

When you collect enough emails from people interested in your business, start sending out a newsletter occasionally.

However, do not send too many emails and do not spam people with ad-focused emails.

Try to provide value with your emails, offer discounts, talk about problems, and advertise your blog. You can add a small call-to-action at the end of the email. 2

10. Set Up Different Campaigns for Each Social Media Platform

Social media is a hot spot for finding people since nearly everyone spends a lot of time on different social media platforms.

Using social media advertising and creating campaigns to target the right people could generate a lot of value for your money.

Use the most popular social media platforms and set up different campaigns for each of them since not each platform works the same.

11. Work With Telemarketing and Cold Call People

Work With Telemarketing and Cold Call People

Even though telemarketing is an old tactic, it could still be a gold mine for local businesses.

However, finding the telephone numbers of people in your neighborhood who could be interested in pressure washing could be tricky.

You could use an existing phone book directory and try your chance to narrow down potential numbers, or you could ask for numbers from your visitors.

The latter is harder because not everyone would be willing to give in their numbers.

Once you have enough numbers on your hand, create a small but effective script and then start cold calling people.

Talk about a potential problem rather than directly introducing your business. Once they agree on listening to the problem, casually talk about your business.

12. Use Physical Ads for Brand Recognition

Since you need people from your neighborhood, reaching out to them where they live is a great way.

Print out flyers, rent billboards, and use other physical ad means to create brand recognition around your city.

Your aim should be to let people know about your brand so that they come to you when they need pressure washing services.

13. Give a Specific Guarantee About Your Work

Give a Specific Guarantee About Your Work

People will be likely to be hesitant about choosing and using your business if they are not familiar with you.

This is hard to overcome, but perhaps the best way to ensure people that you will do a good job is to offer some guarantee.

This could be a pay-back guarantee or a revision guarantee for free if there is a problem you can fix.

14. Create Your Google My Business Profile

Google’s products are for everyone, and they are mostly free to use. Their products are also connected with each other, making it easy for people to find you when you have a profile on other products of theirs.

Google My Business is a product for businesses to create their profile and put themselves on the map of potential leads.

Create your profile, write down everything about your business, and always keep it up to date.

People will find your business easily when they are looking for a pressure washing business.

15. Use Referrals to Show Your Work


Your referrals are your proof of work. If there are people happy with the service they got, showing this off on your website and on social media is important to let people know you are good at your job.

Either use photographs of your works or ask your customers to give reviews on the internet about your business.

People will see these reviews and make their decision to work with you easier.

16. Use Yard Signs

Using yard signs is a quick and effective marketing idea to generate leads for the short term. Remember, in order for this to work, you need to have a strategy in your plan.

So, for example: if you are working in a certain area, then create some big yard signs and place them in and around that area’s route.

You should place these yard signs in areas that attract a lot of people, such as shopping malls, service areas, etc.

Make sure you have the necessary information on it so that any potential pressure business leads can reach out to you.

17. Give Back to your Local Community

Give Back to your Local Community

Pressure washing is a local business, and to attract the attention of your local people and to make your brand known, participating & giving back to your local community is a great way. Here are some ways in which you can get involved in your community:

  • Volunteer: Volunteering in a local charity event or similar thing is a great way to contribute to a social cause as a business and to make yourself form connections with your locals.
  • Sponsor your local team: Again, sponsoring your local teams is a great way to give back to society and to form an impression on people.


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What Is Pressure Washing?

Not everything is visible to the human eye, and in this case, we are talking about the dust that sits on the exterior of your house, the roof, floor, vehicles, buildings, and many such areas, which are always exposed to dust and dirt.

To keep even the nooks and crannies clean, Pressure washing comes in.

In this technique, high water pressure is used to remove the hard-to-remove dirt, mud, grime, and mold from various surfaces.

Pressure Washing is getting hugely popular and if you are thinking about starting a pressure washing business, then keep reading. 

How to Start Your Own Pressure Washing Business?

How to Start Your Own Pressure Washing Business

Pressure washing needs experience and expertise, and if you have already mastered the skill and you know what you are doing, then starting your own Pressure Washing business sounds like a good idea.

Take the below-mentioned points into consideration while starting your own Pressure Washing business:

  1. Set your goal and know your target audience.
  2. Identify the startup cost and expenditure you will need to set up your business.
  3. Create an effective business plan.
  4. Procure the equipment
  5. Start setting up your business.
  6. Get your business registered.
  7. Get a pressure washing license
  8. Open a business account and register for tax.
  9. Get business insurance.
  10. Start building a brand and attract potential clients.

Read in detail How To Start A Pressure Washing Business Of 2023?

How to price Pressure Washing Business Services?

You can price your Pressure Washing business by taking the following points into account:

  • Identify your investment and expenditure cost and set a price more than that.
  • Take a note of how much your competitors are charging and fix your price accordingly.
  • Decide how you want to get charged- On the basis of hourly work or a flat rate for a particular project.
  • Consider other expenses like traveling, miscellaneous, salary, etc.
  • Fix the price after keeping a decent profit margin.
  • Consider the marketing and promotional expenses and make good use of them.


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Equipment You Need To Start a Pressure Washing Business

Is Pressure Washing Business Profitable?

Is Pressure Washing Business Profitable

The Pressure Washing Business does not require huge capital investments and can be started at a low cost, making it a lucrative business option.

Initially, you can expect to earn anywhere between $40,000-$50,000 annually, and with time and experience, you can earn a six-figure income easily. 

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Is Pressure Washing Business Good Or Bad?

The Pressure Washing Business is not everyone’s cup of tea, and take it only when you have mastered how to use the technique.

This is because if you do not know what you are doing and don’t know the amount of pressure you are supposed to put, you can damage the surface.

The Pressure Washing Business is a good business to take on otherwise.

5 Benefits of Google Ads for Pressure Washing Leads Generation

Benefits of Google Ads for Pressure Washing Leads Generation

1. Produce Fast Sales in Less Time

Google Ads works much faster than SEO when it comes to generating leads.

With SEO, you need to find the right keywords, create content and optimize your site, and still, it will take months before you start seeing the results.

Google Ada allows you to launch a campaign in minutes and generate sales within 24 hours. 

2. Highest ROI

Google is the most widely used search engine, with over 72% of users around the globe.

Google’s massive range and broad spectrum make Google Ads great for reaching the target audience and getting the highest return on investment.

According to studies conducted by Google, advertisers generate $2 for every $1 spent on a Google Ads campaign.

3. Measure Your Success

Google Ads allows advertisers to keep a close on their campaign to see what’s working and what’s not and figure out the best ways to move forward.

You can track the number of times your ad has been seen, the source of your leads, which ad is getting the most conversions, the cost per lead, and much more.

4. Ability to Adjust Your Bids 

In Google Ads, advertisers can adjust their bids based on the day or time of the week, location, device, and demographics for more precise targeting.

This feature is great for targeting the users based on the past data as you know which areas have produced more conversions and adjust your bids accordingly to get higher ROI. 

5. Approach Customers Via Gmail Ads

Google Ads allows advertisers to connect to more users through Gmail Ads.

The Ads appear in the inbox of Gmail users who are already interested in your service to help you generate more qualified leads.

Gmail ads mostly appear on the promotion tab or sometimes on the social tab, displaying the advertiser’s name, subject, description, and logo.


Our Recommendation for Pressure Washing Leads Generation 

If you are looking for a reputable lead generation platform that can help you win more pressure-washing leads, TOTO Dream Marketing is the best option to go with.  

Their team of experts provides the best pressure washing lead generation services to help you anchor your position in the market and improve interaction with your prospects.

They make sure that your business shows up whenever a potential customer searches for pressure washing services in your area.

Sign up with them today and learn more about generating pressure-washing leads and turning them into customers.  

Why Choose Toto Dream Marketing? 

They specialize in generating real-time exclusive leads from your targeted market and even allow their clients to drill down to specific zip codes they want to provide services to and drive leads only from those zip codes. 

As a full-service marketing agency, they provide complete web design and on-page optimization solutions to ensure your website is easy to access and ranks high on SERPs to get more leads.

Here are the services they provide: 

  • Personalized Landing Page

A high-converting custom landing page to connect with your customers in a better way. 

  • SEO Management

Promote your business to all the top search engines by optimizing your site with the best SEO strategies.  

  •  Content Writing

Provide SEO-optimized high-quality content to engage and attract more leads.

  • Focused on ROI

Their marketing strategies are focused to impact your brand awareness, SEO, and lead quality to increase your overall ROI. 

  • Dedicated Manager

A dedicated account manager will be there to manage your account and work alongside you to achieve your preset goals. 

  • Transparent Reporting

They give their clients complete visibility into their lead generation funnel and performance metrics. 

  • Only Pay for Results

There are no charges until you get a viable lead from your targeted prospects. 


By the end of this article, we assume you must have learned all the tricks of the trade to start your own Pressure Washing Business and how you can skillfully market your business and find clients.

We hope that you will be able to find Pressure Washing Leads in no time by using our strategies. 


What is the Average Cost of Pressure Washing Leads?

When it comes to lead pricing, we analyze your targeted market first and then decide on the lead price based on the real market data to give you the most competitive lead pricing possible.

What Type of Pressure Washing leads would I Get?  

We provide both residential and commercial leads based on our client’s demands. 

How Soon Will I get My Pressure Washing Leads?

Typically, it takes 7-10 business days to get your first leads after you sign up. 

How Will I know Which Leads are from TOTO Dream Marketing?

 They have an advanced tracking system to help their clients know what leads are from them.

In addition, you can also demand access to all the recorded calls and email leads anytime you want. 

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