What Is Quad-Core Processor?

Curious to know what is Quad-Core Processor? We got you!

Technology is developing rapidly, and it might be hard to keep up with the new developments if you are thinking about buying a new technological device, especially a computer or a mobile phone.


The processors embedded in computers or mobile phones have a variety of versions, like either dual-core or quad-core processors, and these different versions affect the performance you are getting from your device.

Dual-core is rather old technology, and its higher level is quad-core which provides a faster experience with your device when you have it. We will examine quad-core processors and see what they are.

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What is Quad-Core Processor?

Quad-core processors, different from dual-core processors, are architectural computer processors that have four cores within one processor dye.

Dual-core processors have two processors. The higher the amount of cores within a single dye allows for that processor to do more simultaneously.

With quad-core processors, each of those four cores has the ability to process and act on different instructions at the same time.

In simpler terms, quad-core processors are architectural multiprocessors to provide faster process power within a computer or even a mobile phone.

They came after dual-core processors as the development of the processor technology. The most famous producers of quad-core processors are Intel and AMD.

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How Do Quad Core Processors Work?

Quad Core Processors

Thanks to their four different processors on one single dye, Quad-core processors can have different instructions in each of them, allowing the entire processor to work more efficiently and provide more at the same time without tiring the entire dye and the system.

So each of these cores has its own mission, and they work towards that without getting help from one of those other cores in the dye, this is known as multithreading.

This enhances the performance you are getting on your computer and provides you with a smoother experience.

Is It Better To Have A Quad Core Processor Than a Single Core?

Hyperthreading is used by many single-core processors. Hyperthreading allows the single core to run two threads simultaneously.

This makes it possible for the processor to support pseudo-parallelism, which improves the efficiency and performance of your computer.

This is especially helpful when multiple applications are running in your system.

However, a quad-core processor supports multithreading which helps in delivering even better and smoother performance.

So yes, having a more quad processor is useful but only if the program is capable of splitting tasks among different cores.

What Factors Affect A Processor’s Performance?

What Factors Affect A Processor's Performance

Here is a list of factors that affect a processor’s performance:

Number of Cores

As explained above, the number of cores a processor has directly affects its performance.

So a quad-core processor will deliver smoother performance as compared to a dual-core or single-core processor.


Another important factor that affects a processor’s performance is its cache.

This is because a cache stores the data and instructions that a processor follows to operate, and a processor access cache the most.

Before going to the system’s main memory, a processor checks the cache first in the following order:

  • L1 cache is the fastest and also the smallest cache.
  • The L2 cache is large but not as fast.
  • And L3 is even larger, but again, it is more slower.

The Clock Speed

The clock speed in a processor is as important as the number of quads.

The clock speed in a processor determines the number of cycles that the processor can execute in Gz or gigahertz per second.

So higher a processor’s clock speed, better will be its performance.

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Core i3 Vs. Core i5 Vs. Core i7

What Does Number Of Core Mean?

  • There is always a single processor chip, and this chip can have 1-16 cores. So you can buy a single-core CPU, whose processor chip has only one core. A dual-core processor comes with two cores, and so on.
  • Currently, the best that you can find in a consumer PC is an 18-core processor. There is a 64-core processor consumer PC available, but using it to its full capacity might not be possible on a regular basis.

Dual Core vs Quad Core Processors

Is It Expensive?

Most of the new processors are quad-core processors, but some of the processors come out in two different ways, quad-core and dual-core.

Dual-core is a rather old technology that generally can’t keep up with the operating systems of today, but you can still see dual-core processors on the market, and it is clear that quad-core processors are more expensive than dual-core processors.

However, the excess money you will be paying for a quad-core processor could definitely be worth it if you are thinking about using the latest models of operating systems or doing stuff that would require a strong processor with high processing power.

The Verdict

To conclude, quad-core processors are the newest technology in the processor world, and they offer four different cores within one processor dye allowing for the chip to work smoother and faster than dual-core processors, which only have two cores on a single processor dye.

Quad-core processors are more expensive than other types of processors, but they are the ones that work the best with the latest technology on computers and mobile phones, so paying the extra money is generally considered as worth it.

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Where can multi-cores really help?

If you are a gamer, or if you require photo and video editing software, photoshop, or other designing software, then having more cores can help you in providing a smooth gaming experience.

Is quad-core and i5 the same?

i5 core processors are often found as quad-core processors, but in some high-end i5 core processors, you may find six cores.

What is better a dual-core or quad-core processor?

Definetly, a quad-core processor is better as it will be able to perform more smoothly when compared with a dual-core processor.

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