Redwood National Park – Everything you Should know

From magical forests, coastal drives, spectacular beaches to stunning overlooks, and epic wildlife, Redwood National Park offers more than enough to make it worth visiting.


ParkRedwood National park
Founded 1968
Things to doScenic walks, exploring, etc.
Hotels near Redwood National parkCarter House Inn, Holiday Inn Express, and many more
Price Free of cost
Camping Location Multiple Locations

In this guide, we’ll take you through the best things to do in this park and must-visit destinations, as well as some valuable tips to make your visit stress-free and enjoyable.

 Redwood National Park
Redwood National Park


Intro to Redwood National Park
Intro to Redwood National Park

Redwood National is a four parks complex located in Northern California, famous for being home to the tallest trees in the world, mighty Redwood.

It is both an International Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site of UNESCO

Other than majestic giant trees, it has tons of other things to offer, including a wide array of ancient forests, coastal scenic drives, peaceful beaches, hiking trails, a rich mosaic of wildlife, and a bunch of fun activities to cater to every type of National Park lover. 


 History of Redwood National Park
History of Redwood National Park

In 1850, the old Redwood Forest covered over 2 million acres of the California coast.

Native Americas inhabited the northern portion forced to leave their land by timber harvesters and gold seekers.

Heavy logging during the 19th and 20th centuries destroyed the forest, which led to some serious efforts to conserve the forest.

In the 1920s, The State of California and the Save-the-Redwoods League acquired hundreds of groves to preserve remaining redwoods resulted in the establishment of three Redwood State Parks, Jedediah Smith, Prairie Creek, and Del Norte Coast, among others.

The Park was created in 1968 when more than 90% of the redwood trees had been cut-down.

In 1994, it was joined with three other Redwood State Parks for cooperative forest management.

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Things to do in the Park

Things to do in Redwood National Park
Things to do in Redwood National Park

Spend a Day in James Irvine Trail

If you have an entire day to spend here, there’s no better way to utilize it than hiking on the James Irvine Trail.

It is a 10.7-mile hike that will take you on a fantastic journey over the hillside and through the century’s old Redwoods.

If you’re an experienced hiker, it will take 4-8 hours to complete the hike. The trail provides numerous high viewpoints where you can observe the trees from various angles.

One thing which makes this trail even more remarkable is that the scenery is constantly changing, and you can find everything from waterfalls, redwoods, rivers, and hilltops in one place. 

Explore Lady Bird Johnson Grove 

Lady Bird Johnson Grove trail is one of its kind trails full of beautiful tall trees and rolling fog.

Located high up in the mountains, it is 1200 feet above sea level which means you’ll find yourself among the clouds.

The high elevation contributes to the peaceful environment often blanketed in clouds, devoid of disturbing traffic noise.

Moreover, the heavy fog makes the background look more mystical and luscious.

The Grove is only 1.5 miles long, relatively flat, and easy to hike with little kids.

Climb the Battery Point Lighthouse

Those interested in stunning nature views matched up with historical trivia must visit the Battery Point Lighthouse.

It is one of the oldest lighthouses on the California coast, and today it makes a unique historical spot in the park.

The park has an accompanying museum where you can see furniture, tools, and pictures over 150 years old. It is only open for visitors during the low tides to ensure their safety. 

Fern Canyon Trail 

It is one of the best trails in Park that you should add to your list. A fun facts about this trail is that one of the famous Jurassic Park movies got filmed here.

The canyon walls are 50 feet in some places and entirely covered by the ferns and mosses, some of which are hundreds of millions of years old.

You can hike in and back to the canyon or make a complete loop up and out of the canyon.

Scenic Walk on Endert Beach

It is one of the most scenic beaches in the Park. It is a rock-studded, driftwood-laden shoreline perfect for taking sun-set walks.

The beach is quite remote but still the trip, especially when the tide pools are full of sea stars, sea urchins, and green anemones.

It’s about a mile on foot from the Coastal Trail trailhead to the empty beach. Make sure to check the park’s visitor center for weather updates and tide schedules. 

Best Time to Visit

Best Time to Visit Redwood National Park
Best Time to Visit Redwood National Park

The ideal time to visit the Park is during the Summer. The warm temperature reduced rainfall levels and optimal hiking conditions, especially in the Prairie coast and Jedediah Smith.

The highest ranger-led activities are offered in June, July, and August. Though the park has the most significant number of visitors, the park rarely feels crowded. 


Map pf Redwood National park
Map pf Redwood National park

Make sure to download the park’s map from the official site of this park Service, as many popular maps online don’t have accurate coverage of this central park.

You can also download the audio-described versions of the park’s official map. 


 Camping at Redwood National Park
Camping at Redwood National Park

It offers four campgrounds within the park boundaries available for reservation at any time of the year.

Many camping sites are available within 45-minutes of the park’s boundaries operated by private companies.

You can make the reservations for the campgrounds via the reservation system of California State Park.

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weather at redwood national park
Weather at Redwood National Park

Visitors must be prepared for many types of weather while visiting the Park.

The temperature in the Summer stays in the 50s and 60s with occasional rain.

Winter is the dampest season in the Redwoods, with frequent rainfalls, storms, and temperatures in the 40s and 50s.

Spring is the wet and slightly warmer temperature in the high 50s, whereas fall is beautiful and vibrant with temperatures in the 50s and 60s.

Make sure to check the current weather of the park before visiting. 

Best Hotels

Best Hotels Near Redwood National Park
Best Hotels Near Redwood National Park

The park Park doesn’t have hotels or lodges inside it.

However, if you’re interested in staying in a hotel or cabin, here are some great hotels and motels in the nearby towns you can pick from:

  1. Carter House Inns
  2. Holiday Inn Express 
  3. Historic Requa Inn 
  4. Elk Meadow Cabins 
  5. Eureka Inn

Fees and Passes

 Fees and Passes of Redwood National Park
Fees and Passes of Redwood National Park

The Park is free to visit. Only California State Parks, including Del Norte Coast, Prairie Creek Redwoods, and Jedediah Smith, collect the day-use fees at the campground entrance stations.

Discount pricing is given to holders of “American the beautiful” You can find detailed information on the park’s entrance here

Checklist for Redwood National Park

Checklist for Redwood National Park
Checklist for Redwood National Park

Here’s a list of essential items you need to pack with you to make your visit more comfortable and enjoyable:

  • Day Bag pack
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Rainproof jacket 
  • Sleeping bag 
  • Non-slippery Boots
  • A hat and Sunglasses
  • Water and food 
  • Binoculars
  • Lighter
  • Flashlight
  • First-aid kit 
  • Map


What to wear in Redwood National Park for free?

It is better to dress in layers as the weather can change drastically in the park. Make sure to wear long-sleeved clothes to protect your arms from insect bites and branches of the trees.

How many days are required for all main attractions of Redwood National Park?

Redwood National Park had such a wide variety of things to explore that you could easily spend a week trying to see it all.

Where Can I see wildlife in Redwood National Park?

There are several places to spot wildlife in Redwoods, including Gold Bluff’s Beach, Elk meadow, and the Elk Valley/ Humboldt Road Area.

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