Leads For Roofing Repair near You In 2022

If you run a roofing repair or installation business, you already might have a good idea about how difficult it is to reach new clients.

Roofing Repair Leads
Roofing Repair Leads

An effective lead generation strategy is imperative to drive new sales leads and grow your roofing business. 

In this article, we will discuss why lead generation is curial to keep a business alive as well as how to generate high-quality roofing leads to stay competitive in the industry.

Let’s go ahead and dive in!

Why Is Lead Generation important For Roofing Repair Business? 

Why is Lead Generation important for Roofing Repair Business
Why is Lead Generation important for Roofing Repair Business?

Before we talk about the best way to generate leads for your roofing repair company, let’s define the term and understand why it’s crucial for your business.

Lead generation is a marketing strategy to attract and convert prospects/leads into customers to generate more revenue. 

Whether you run a private contractor or run a small company, the importance of lead generation in the success of a business cannot be denied.

Lead generation helps you reach your target market, build a client base, and sustain your business. 

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Types Of Leads Generation For Roofing Repair Company

Google Ads for Roofing Repair Leads
Google Ads for Roofing Repair Leads

The Google Ads is probably the best way to generate affordable roofing leads for your company.

So Google Ads is an excellent channel to drive high-quality leads by making your website rank higher in search results.

You can also run targeted ads in specific locations to collect more roofing repair leads. 

Google Organic SEO

Google Organic SEO for roof reaparing leads
Google Organic SEO for roof reaparing leads

There is nothing better than organic SEO for attracting the right prospects for your roofing repair leads.

Organic SEO helps you attract local traffic and people looking for a roof repair or new roof and boost your sales to keep your business growing. 

Google My Business 

Google My Business for roof reparing leads
Google My Business for roof reparing leads

The Google My Business is a great channel to promote location-based services like roofing repair.

GMB is a business listing where local businesses display their details and contact information to boost their local search presence and find more clients online. 

Google Local Service Ads

Google Local Service Ads are great to target customers in your local area.

LSAs appear at the top of the search results to drive more visibility and clicks to your website. LSAs are pay-per-lead ads, so you only pay for the valid leads.

Benefits Of Google Ads For Roofing Repair Leads Generation

Benefits of Google Ads for Roofing Repair Leads Generation
Benefits of Google Ads for Roofing Repair Leads Generation

Quick than SEO

Google Ads are quick and offer instant visibility than SEO, which takes a while before providing results.

As soon as your ad campaign gets launched, your website will start getting qualified traffic interested in your roofing repair services.

Build Brand Awareness

Another amazing benefit of Google Ads is that it helps you build brand awareness to improve your chances of getting leads in the future.

With the help of the Display Network and the Search Network, you can increase the visibility of your ads and show them to the targeted users to make them acquainted with your brand.

Run Time-Specific Ads

You can use Google Ads to target roofing customers when they need help the most.

You may choose to run your ads after working hours or on weekends when people are more likely to call house repair services to bring in more roofing repair leads.  

Reach More Prospects

Google Ads comes with a Gmail integration available to all advertisers to help them reach more potential prospects.

You can display personalized ads to your targeted audience at the top of their inbox tabs and attract new roofing repair leads.

Easy to Measure

You can easily measure and control every aspect of your campaign, such as how your ads are performing, which ad is getting the most clicks, the source of your traffic, keywords people are using to search your services, and your Return on Investment (ROI).

Reconnect with the Visitors

Google Ads are the best way to reconnect with your website visitors, who frequently visit your site but have not converted into customers yet.

You can show targeted ads via Google Display Network and Google Search Network to convert them into customers. 

Block Your Competitor’s Name 

You can stop your Google Ads from showing when people use keywords with your competitor’s name.

If your ad ranks for a word with your competitor’s name, you are unlikely to get a click.

Instead, you can use highly targeted keywords and niches to rank higher than your competitors.

Our Recommendation For Roofing Repair Leads Generation 

Toto Dream Marketing
Toto Dream Marketing

If you’re a roofing contractor just getting started with no online presence whatsoever, TOTO Dream Marketing can help you generate leads online.

 We are a lead generation company that aims to generate high-quality, personalized roofing repair needs for our clients rather than generic data feeds as most companies do.

Our team is experts in generating leads for roofing contractors and helping them take their business to the next level. 

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Why Choose Us? 

We generate roofing repair leads exclusive to every client, without any sharing bed with others, and bring them to you in real-time so you can win their business.

We’ll make your phone ring with people looking for roofing repair contractors in your service area and help you maintain a constant flow of leads.

  • Custom Landing Page

We’ll create a hyper-fast mobile-friendly landing page exclusively for you to attract qualified leads and increase conversion rates.

  • SEO Management

We’ll promote your roofing business to all the top local search engines to attract high-quality leads. 

  •  Content Writing

We’ll create informational content relevant to roof repair to capture the interest of your audience.

  • Focused on ROI

We provide high-quality leads with a high conversion rate and return on investment (ROI).

  • Dedicated Account Managers

You’ll be given a dedicated account manager to be your voice within the agency and help you achieve your goals and needs. 

  • Transparent Reporting

We implement client transparency practices to let you know what we are actually doing to help your business grow. 

  • Only Pay for Results

You only pay on receiving the qualified roofing leads, or you would not pay a dime.


How much Does Roofing Repair Costs? 

It depends on the type of repair, roofing material, and the size of the roof. Typically, the repair cost starts anywhere from $150 up to $7000.

What Makes TOTO Dream Marketing Stand Apart? 

Our exclusive leads and a highly-skilled team of marketing experts sets us apart from our competitors. We treat your goals like our own and bend over backward to make your business thrive. 

Will I have to pay If I get an unqualified lead? 

No, we do not charge our clients for unqualified leads. You only need to pay for getting qualified leads.

How To Set Up a Free Consultation with TOTO Dream Marketing Agency? 

You can write at [email protected] or call us at +9190-9801-6868 to set up a free initial consultation with our lead specialists. 

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