Semrush Review 2023

Online marketing is complex and requires smart and advanced tools to gather actionable data.

When it comes to the best tools for SEO and digital marketing, Semrush is the most important tool with lots of features.

How can this tool facilitate the users, and what are the available packages?

All of these details are covered in this Semrush review. Stay tuned to get useful insights in this Semrush review. 


GuideSemrush Review
FeaturesSEO tools, Social media tools, Content tools, etc.
Price$119- $449
WebsiteClick here

Key Takeaways

  • Semrush offers three kinds of packages starting at $119 and going up to $449.
  • You can access more than 50+ tools and features in Semrus, including social media tools, SEO tools, content, and advertising tools.
  • Semrush generates very detailed reports for domain analytics and keyword research.
  • It has a customer rating of 4.4/5 stars on Trustpilot.
  • Semrush is best for marketing campaigns.

Semrush Overview  

Semrush Overview

The company behind Semrush delivers the best tools for digital marketing and SEO.

The tool is unique that it gathers all data in one place to facilitate the user with amazing tools.

From SEO and content to advertising and SMM, Semrush can be a helpful resource in almost every field of digital marketing.

Semrush is known for its advanced features that help users get better results. 

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Semrush Pricing and Plans

It has different plans for different users. The Basic package is helpful for beginners and starts from $119/month; that has all the necessary tools you need to manage your SEO and SMM campaigns effectively.

Here are the other options available:

Price $119$229$449

Semrush Features and Tools

Semrush Features and Tools
Semrush Features and Tools

In this Semrush review, you will learn the features and tools offered by this tool. These features are very useful in getting better results.

All the advanced features are available in Expert Pro, Advanced and Professional plans.

There are more than 50+ tools and features in Semrush that can be helpful for marketers.

We will have a look at different categories of tools available for marketers.

SEO Tools

The tool is known for its advanced features that help analyze the data to gain more results.

The Keyword Planner is useful in planning the strategies to get better results.

It has a unique feature of keyword rank tracking that helps you track your keywords’ progress. You can also use the Google AdWords Bulk Editor with this tool.

Semrush SEM is popular for its social signals feature that provides real-time insights from all top social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. 

Social Media Tool

The tool offers all social media packages like Power Rank, Content Audit, Web Citation, and others, which can help improve your existing marketing strategy and plan new campaigns.

Advertising Tools

The Semrush Advertising tool is one of the most powerful tools in its categories.

It helps you find all available keywords and competitors, which help plan your campaigns.

With the help of this feature, you can find the best offers that can help you in getting more conversions.

This feature is very useful if running PPC campaigns on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. 

Content Tools

Content is the most important element of SEO and digital marketing, and this tool has some excellent features that can help you improve and manage content details.

The Content Gap tool is useful in finding keyword suggestions, whereas the content tracker feature helps you track all performance details of your existing content.

Content Idea Generator is another feature that provides unique ideas for your title and content.

This feature helps create unique titles and content that stand out from others.

Semrush Pros And Cons


  • Detailed reports for domain analytics and keyword research
  • Track backlinks easily
  • Different reports for both mobile and computer devices
  • Run SEO campaigns for different projects


  • There is no proper management of keyword lists
  • The user interface is a little bit complicated for the beginners

How To Get Started?

Follow these easy steps to get started with Semrush:

1. Go to Semrush’s website and click on the “Sign up” option appearing on the top right corner of the screen.

How To Get Started

2. Now enter your email address and password

Get Started
Get Started Semrush

How To Do Keyword Research Using Semrush?

How To Ace On-Page SEO Using Semrush?

Our Take on Semrush

For digital marketing and SEO, Semrush is one of the best tools to use.

It is a bit complicated for beginners because of the user interface and different features.

Online marketers can use this tool up to a certain extent to boost their business. 

If you have a limited budget, there are some very good alternatives for Semrush like Ahrefs and Raven Tools.

They are very powerful tools for getting better results with less money spent.

NPC Semrush Ratings

Tools Offered4.4/5
Ease of use4.8/5

Customer Ratings And Reviews

Semrush Customer Rating And Review
Semrush Customer Rating And Review

Semrush has a rating of 4.4 stars given by a total of 358 people. 76% of people gave it a five-star rating, while 10% gave it a one-star rating.

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Our Experience with Semrush

We have been using Semrush almost quite some time and found it useful.

We are now planning to upgrade our account to get more benefits from this service.

All the features are very useful, but it depends on the user how he can use them to get better results.

What makes it better than others?

There are some similarities in this Semrush review with the other top tools, but there is also some benefit over others.

We have been using Semrush for a long time and found it useful for our marketing campaigns.

It can be the best tool for SEO and SMM if you know how to use it properly.

We have been using Ahrefs and Raven Tools and finding them very useful in content management and keyword research.


FeaturesKeyword Planner, Power rank, etc.Keyword research, Rank tracking, etc.
Price$119- $449$39- $299
ToolsSocial media tools, Content tools, etc.Backlinks builder, Competitor analysis, etc.
Free trialAvailableNot available

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Final Verdict

Semrush is one of the most powerful and advanced tools that can help you get better results for your online business.

Its user interface is complicated, especially for beginners, but it has all the necessary features needed to manage SMM and SEO successfully. 

Online marketers can use this tool as an alternative to Ahrefs to get more benefits at a reasonable price.

This tool is highly recommended for marketing agencies and digital marketers working professionals.


Why is Semrush best?

Semrush is the most powerful tool for managing all digital marketing campaigns and content management. This tool can help you get better results.

How to use Semrush?

You need to purchase a Semrush subscription and follow some easy steps to manage your campaigns effectively.

Provide your log-in details, basket ID and website URL at the sign-up page, and you will be good to go.

What kind of reports can I access with Semrush?

Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, Site Audit, Local SEO analysis, and many more features that are very useful in getting better results for your business are provided with this tool.

Is Semrush legit?

Yes, it is legit.

Does Semrush offers free trial?

Yes, Semrush offers free trial with limited features.

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