Should You Pay To Join Money-Making Survey Sites?

Paid online surveys have become one of the most popular “work from home” niches these days.

For many people, online surveys are a great way to spend downtime at the office and earn a little extra cash. 

However, everybody seems to have an opinion about taking online surveys for money and it is very difficult to say who is correct.

Some people claim that they are legit, while others say that they are just scams. 

If you are thinking of taking online surveys for money and are confused about whether you should pay to join survey sites, this article is for you.

In this article, we’ll be looking at so-called paid surveys and find out whether they are worth it? 


What are the Paid Surveys?

Online paid surveys are questionnaires that consist of a series of questions around a specific topic and you can access through the internet or are often delivered to you via phone or email. 

The purpose of these surveys is to collect huge volumes of quantitative data about the participant’s personal and economic habits set against their specific demographic and gain a deeper understanding of their opinions and preferences. 

Survey websites usually ask respondents to complete a series of profiling and screening questions to determine if they are suitable for the survey including their personal information. 

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How Much Do They Pay? 

The rewards for the paid surveys can range from a dollar to $10 to $20. The minimum wage is $7.25 per hour and hourly income ranges from 41 cents to $2.03.

Most survey sites require you to have a minimum number of points before you could redeem them for the rewards. 

Is it Worth it to Pay to Join the Survey Sites? 

Never sign up for any survey site that requires you to pay a fee to access a paid online survey.

Survey sites that ask you to pay money before doing anything are probably a scam, and by taking those surveys, you not only give up your personal information to the survey sites but also waste your valuable time that could be spent on other things that will actually make you money. 

Paid surveys are only worth it if you have realistic expectations, but if you expect to earn a full-time income from taking surveys, you will be disappointed. It is a lot less lucrative than many companies would have you believe.

The money you make by taking paid online surveys is meager and there are much better ways to make money out there. 

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Things to Know Before Taking Paid Surveys 

Even with a lot of drawbacks, paid surveys are still an attractive option for some folks to kill time and make some bar money.

Here are some things you must keep in mind if you take online surveys to guard yourself against online scams: 

  • Sign With a Separate Email

Even if the survey site seems legitimate, never sign up with your private email account. Always register with a separate email account from free webmail sites like Hotmail or Yahoo!

  • Look for the Privacy Policy

Fraudulent survey sites usually don’t have a privacy policy as their main intention is to steal the unsuspecting participant’s personal information.

Make sure to read all the privacy statements and disclaimers carefully before signing up. 

  • Don’t Share Too Much

Never share too much of your personal information like your social security number, bank account details, passwords, and driver’s license number. Answering normal questions is fine, but never overshare your details.

  • Install Anti-malware Software

Many paid survey sites redirect you to spammy third-party websites that could harm your computer. To keep yourself secure, make sure to install reliable anti-malware software. 

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