SimpleDebt Solutions Review 2023

Finding it difficult to pay off your credit card debt? Do not worry because there are ways to deal with this peril, thanks to debt relief companies.

In this SimpleDebt Solutions review, we are going to see if this company is worth its salt or if signing up for their service is going to be a mistake for you. So make sure to read this article till the end!


GuideSimpleDebt Solutions Review
Minimum Debt Settlement Requirement$10,000
FeaturesFree consultation
Number of reviews114
Community RatingStrong
WebsiteClick Here
SimpleDebt Solutions Review
SimpleDebt Solutions Review

Key Takeaways

  • SimpleDebt Solutions offers credit debt consolidation services from third parties.
  • It has an A rating on BBB.
  • Because of the involvement of the third party, their fees can go up to 35%, which is quite high.
  • You need to have a minimum debt amount of $10,000 to be eligible for their program.

What Is SimpleDebt Solutions?

What Is SimpleDebt Solutions?
What Is SimpleDebt Solutions?

SimpleDebt Solutions offers credit debt consolidation services from third parties to people who are bearing the burden of high debt and are looking to get rid of it quickly.

So how does this actually work? Suppose you are facing financial hardship and are unable to pay off your loan, so SimpleDebt Solutions will offer you free counseling and will match you with a company that can cater to your situation best.

However, because they offer this debt consolidation service through third parties, their fees are usually on the higher end and can go as far as 35%.

Also, because they offer debt consolidation loans, opting for their service would actually make you take an additional loan to get rid of the one you already have, which doe not make any sense.

There are much better options available today that can help you in getting rid of your debt without taking another loan.

However, if you still think that this company can help you, then let us dig deeper and understand what things it can offer and if there is any positive side to opting for their service.


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Features And Services

  • Credit Debt Consolidation – In a credit debt consolidation program, all your credit card debts are merged into one so that you have to make only a single payment each month with a lower interest rate.
  • Free Consultation – SimpleDebt Solutions offers free consultation by which you can talk to their representative and see if you want to go with their services or not.

Pros And Cons


  • Can recommend multiple loans in seconds
  • Free consultation
  • A rating on BBB


  • Charges high fees
  • Uses tactics to lure customers



SimpleDebt Solutions’ lender fees range from 5.99% to 35.99% APR, which is really high compared to the industry standard of 15-25%.

We recommend you should check out affordable and safer options such as NetDebt, Accredited debt relief, etc.

Debt Relief Time

Even the debt relief time of SimpleDebt Solutions is longer. SimpleDebt Solutions can take anywhere between 24-84 months for you to get debt free, whereas the industry standard is of 24-36 months.


SimpleDebt Solutions has not mentioned the percentage of the amount that you will be able to save from their service.

Given their high rate of fees, we believe you won’t be able to save more than 15-20%, which is again way less than the industry average of 25-35%.

Minimum Debt Settlement

SimpleDebt Solutions requires you to have a minimum debt amount of $10,000 to get started, which is at par with the industry standard.

Also, you might need to have a decent credit score to be eligible for their program.

Types Of Debt Addressed

SimpleDebt Solutions can help you with the following kinds of debts:

  • Credit card debt
  • Personal loans
  • Private student loans
  • Medical bills

How To Get Started?

By following these steps you can get started with SimpleDebt Solutions:

1. Go to SimpleDebt Solutions website, and select the amount of debt you owe by moving the slider and click on “continue.”

How To Get Started with SimpleDebt Solutions

2. Now fill in information such as name, email, number, etc. and click on “Get free quote” and that’s it you are done.

Get Started with SimpleDebt Solutions
Get Started with SimpleDebt Solutions

Customer Support

SimpleDebt Solutions has good customer support, and we have seen a lot of positive reviews for their customer support online.

To get in touch with them, you can call them at (800) 485-0094 or email them at

They are available from 6 AM‐7 PM from Monday to Friday and 6 AM‐4 PM on Saturdays. 

NPC SimpleDebt Solutions Ratings

Customer Service4.3/5
Debt Settlement help3.7/5
Ease of use4.3/5

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Customer Reviews And Ratings

Customer Reviews And Ratings
Customer Review And Rating

SimpleDebt Solutions has a rating of 4.9/5 stars out of 114 customer ratings on TrustPilot.

Maximum reviews were addressed to customer support; very few reviews spoke about the company in general.


Our Experience

I had a word with SimpleDebt Solution’s credit counselor. The representative was professional and listened to me patiently.

Also, after analyzing my situation, he pulled up a lot of third-party services to help me with the situation.

However, the fees were too high, and taking another loan to get rid of one that too for such high fees didn’t look worth it.

I recommend you to be prudent about this thing because one can get very easily lured into their trap.

What Differentiates It?

SimpleDebt Solutions offers third-party solutions to those who are in debt, so they can offer you many options to choose from.

The choice that they will offer you is something that differentiates them. But if you do your own research, you will have multiple options even then, and you will end up saving a lot more that way.


CompanySimpleDebt Solutions NetDebt
Minimum Debt Settlement Requirement$10,000Not revealed
ServicesCredit card consolidationPrivate student loan debt, Credit counseling
Fees5%-35%Not revealed
SavingsNot revealedNot revealed
Relief Time24-84 months24-36 months
BBB ratingAN/A
Trustpilot Rating4.9/54.4/5

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How We Review Debt Relief Companies?

While reviewing debt releif companies we take care of the following points:

  • Services offered
  • Savings one can make
  • Affordability
  • Effectiveness
  • Company’s online reputation
  • Minimum debt relief requirement
  • Accreditations
  • Debt relief helps time

Final Verdict

From what we have understood, SimpleDebt Solutions isn’t the best debt consolidation service out there.

They lure customers with their marketing tactics and convince them to enroll for a service that charges a high rate, takes a longer time, and exposes them to more risk.

And we don’t think taking another loan to pay off a current loan is a prudent decision. We recommend you check out National Debt Relief, our top-rated company.

This company offers in-house debt consolidation services and charges only 15% to 25% Of Enrolled Debt as compared to SimpleDebt, which charges up to 35% of fees. For more information, you can check out our full-length review on it.

We hope you found this SimpleDebt Solutions review helpful.


In how many states does SimpleDebt Solutions offer its services?

SimpleDebt Solutions offer its services is 26 states.

When is the right time to file for bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is not the ideal option, and you should go for it only when you have exhausted all your resources and when there is no other option left.

You can always consider debt settlement, debt consolidation, etc., to get out of debt.

What Does The IRS Do About Forgiven Debt?

The IRS considers forgiven debt of more than $600 taxable.

What is the difference between debt settlement and debt consolidation?

In a debt settlement, your chosen agency negotiates with your creditors and persuades them to accept a lower amount.

And in a debt consolidation program, all your debts are merged into one so that you have to make only a single payment each month, that too with a lower rate of interest. 4

Is SimpleDebt Solutions legit?

Yes, SimpleDebt Solutions is legit.

NPC Overall Rating


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