What Is Smart HDR?

Mobile phone cameras are developing way faster than traditional cameras that photographers use.

Even though they can’t compare with the high-end photography cameras, they can be a suitable replacement for mid or low-end photography cameras.


Mobile phone camera technology has been using HDR to capture every exposure of a scene to create more realistic pictures, and this just got better with smart HDR.

Apple came up with this technology with iPhone XS and now using it in every new phone they make.

We will examine what smart HDR is and what the differences are between traditional HDR.

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What is Smart HDR?

HDR is a technology to help you better frame your pictures on your mobile phone camera.

It stands for high dynamic range and mixes several pictures together with different modes and exposures to accurately create the scene’s environment.

Basically, when you are taking a picture, your phone camera takes several pictures and finds the best one in terms of lightning and quality, all within a second.

Apple came up with a better version of HDR, which is called Smart HDR, which takes more than nine, to be exact, pictures at the same time you are taking a picture and finds the best one or combines them together to create a better atmosphere.

This allows for your mobile phone to capture more exposure with every highlight, object, and lightning.

The top sizes of TVs available with smart HDR are: 43 inch tv, 60 inch tv, 90 inch tv.

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Difference between HDR vs. Smart HDR

Even though Smart HDR is a fairly new technology in new iPhones, it might be a little bit hard to grasp the difference between traditional HDR and smart HDR.

The pictures are crisper and more realistic with the latter, so it might be hard to capture them with your eyes if you are not an expert.

But, the main difference is that traditional HDR takes fewer pictures when you take a shot compared to smart HDR, which takes way more pictures.

This allows for an option to capture every possible exposure within a scene and choose the best one available.

With traditional HDR, your camera can only capture a limited amount of exposure.

Should You Use Smart HDR?

Even though you can’t switch between smart HDR and normal HDR if you are using a phone with smart HDR pictures, you might wonder if you should use smart HDR or close it off totally when you are taking pictures.

This totally depends on your liking and what you want with your picture. Try both of them and see which one suits better to your wants.

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The Verdict 

To conclude, smart HDR is a technology that Apple uses in their newer iPhone models, such as iPhone XS or above.

This technology allows for the iPhone’s camera to capture better pictures with realistic outlooks since it takes around nine pictures right when you take a photo and finds the best one available.

This allows for your pictures to look smoother and crisper since it can capture many different exposures within a given scene.

Even though you can’t switch between smart HDR and normal HDR, you can choose to close it if you don’t like the effects.

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