Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup Review In 2022

When you only have a phone number, and you need to know who it is registered, you can find your answers with specialized tools.

In this Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup review, you’d like to introduce you to one of the most advanced tools of the sort: it’s one of the most known and reliable and, other than the name of the person who is calling you, it can also provide other useful information because Spokeo is even more than a reverse phone lookup tool.

If you want to know why we are so enthusiastic about Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup, keep on reading our review!


GuideSpokeo Reverse Phone Lookup Review
FeaturesPhone lookup, Criminal Records and more
Price$35.95 – $119.95
WebsiteClick here
Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup Review
Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup Review

Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup Review: What is It?

What is Reverse Phone Lookup
What is Reverse Phone Lookup

Spokeo is a web platform that allows its users to run searches and investigations with many parameters.

If all you have is a phone number, then the particular tool that you need is the Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup.

With it, you can simply enter the phone number, and you’ll be provided with the name of the person to whom it is registered.

Furthermore, Spokeo can also provide tons of other information so that you can have a full background of the person who is calling you or that you are searching for.

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Why should you choose it?

Why should you choose Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup
Why should you choose Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup

There are many reverse phone lookup tools available online, but Spokeo is known as one of the most reliable.

Reliability is key in this field: you should pick a reliable tool even if its services are a little more expensive than the alternatives.

Another reason why Spokeo is known as one of the best reverse phone lookup tools is that not only does it provide a name from a phone number, but a full range of information that can help you in many ways: you can find a person you are no more in touch with, you can find out who is your stalker, you could expose a telephone scam…

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly, colored, and pleasant interface
  • It provides more information than simply a name
  • Reliable
  • It has an efficient customer support
  • Useful additional features.


  • It requires a subscription.

Plans and Pricing

Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup Review Plans
Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup Review Plans

It offers many plans that can be suitable for different needs. What makes the difference between one plan and another is the number of searches per month you can run.

These are the ones available:

  • Basic Business. You can run 200 searches per month, and you’ll be billed $35.95 per month;
  • Professional Business. You can run 500 searches per month, and you’ll be billed $69.95 per month;
  • Enterprise Business. You can run 1,000 searches per month, and you’ll be billed $119.95 per month;

Other features

Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup Features
Reverse Phone Lookup Features

The Spokeo is a complete tool when it comes to searching for information about people on public records.

Let’s find out what are the other Spokeo’s features.

Search by phone, name, address, or email

First of all, with Spokeo, you can run a search starting from a phone number, email address, physical address, or name.

Public Records

Then, you can run deeper research on any kind of person because Spokeo searches for results among public records, criminal records, and court records.

These are all the kinds of information you can be provided if you use Spokeo:

  • Contact Information
  • Personal details
  • Location history
  • Wealth data
  • Family and associates
  • Criminal Records
  • Court records
  • Social media accounts.

Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup Review: How to Get Started

Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup is extremely easy to use. Follow these steps to search who is the owner of a phone number:

  • Visit the Spokeo Website
  • Register your account
  • Pick your plan and make the payment
  • Log in to your account
  • Enter the phone number and click search

You’ll be provided all the information available related to that phone number.

Best alternatives

These are the most popular alternatives to Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup:

Intelius – this is ideal if you only need to do one search because it lets you pay only 0.95 dollars per search.

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Truthfinder – This is a very similar platform and requires $5 for running one search.

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Instant Checkmate – This is also ideal if you need to run a few searches and nothing more. With 1 dollar, you can use the platform for one day.

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Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup Review: What Makes It Better Than Others?

Spokeo is better than others because it looks like a more advanced tool.

You are also required less experience: you need to provide some parameters, and the results are provided to you in the easiest way.

If you’re looking for a platform that does the job on your behalf, this is your option.

Our Take Of Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup

Spokeo may not be the cheapest option if you need to run one or a couple of searches, but if you need a tool like this repeatedly and you want something easy to use, then Spokeo is ideal!

Our Experience

We’ve tried Spokeo in different ways. On the homepage, you can select whether you want to start your search from an email, name, address, or phone number.

We’ve started with phone numbers, and the results were always exact (we know because we have given our phone numbers!).

We’ve also tried the other features, and the results have always been accurate.


Do I need to create a Spokeo account?

Yes, as we’ve mentioned in our short guide on how to use it, the first thing you need to do if you want to search phone numbers with Spokeo is to create your account.

Can I become a Spokeo affiliate?

Yes, Spokeo does have an affiliate program

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, of course, you can. Go on the setups of your account and select Cancel my subscription. 

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