How to Spot Fake AirPods Pro In 2022

Because of the lack of general information about whether the product is real or fake, many people get trapped by scammers and lose their money.

They sell the product with so much mastery that field experts sometimes fall for their traps. AirPods Pro users also fall for this type of trap.

How to Spot Fake AirPods Pro
How to Spot Fake AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro has high demand in the market due to its convenience, style, and durability, so both users and Apple owners face too much loss because of these fake product sellers.

The fake AirPods Pro makers are making it with so much detail using the same software and design that even apple feels it difficult to spot a fake one.

After long research and techniques, a few ways are described to Spot fake AirPods Pro in this article.

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Ways to Spot Fake AirPods Pro:

Ways to Spot Fake AirPods Pro
Ways to Spot Fake AirPods Pro

Follow these ways step to step to distinguish between real and fake AirPods and save yourself from scammers’ fraud. 

Spot Fake AirPods with Serial Number:

Spot Fake AirPods with Serial Number
Spot Fake AirPods with Serial Number

The essential thing in any product is its serial number. It is a special combination of alphabets and numbers assigned to a specific product unit.

Apple tracks its specific unit of a product during its production process through its specific serial number.

This also helps in identifying defective batches. It is proof that the product users originally belonged to Apple for the product users.

Through serial numbers, we can also track our AirPods if they are lost or stolen through serial numbers. So it means we can identify whether our AirPods are original or fake.  

For this purpose, open the Apple Coverage Check Page and type your product serial number there; if your AirPods are not fake, this will appear on the screen:

Now a day’s, checking the authenticity of AirPods is not even possible with serial numbers, as many manufacturers use the serial number of real AirPods on their fake ones.

So, in that case, you can check that the fake one holds different serial numbers on the box and the AirPods inside.

Price Difference between Original and Fake AirPods:

Price Difference between Original and Fake AirPods
Price Difference between Original and Fake AirPods

You can see a clear price difference between original AirPods and fake ones.

Many buyers fall for this trap because no one likes to buy an expensive product when they can buy the same thing at one-third of the actual price. 

At this time, the price of AirPods, originally manufactured by Apple, is $169 with a wireless charging case and the AirPods with a wire charging case cost $145. Even if they are on sale, they still sell for around $100.

But some fake sellers who want to sell more of AirPods manufactured by them keep the price to the lowest so the customer can easily fall for their trap.

But some sellers keep the price near the original one to make them look authentic, and some increase the price more than the original one just to prove the authenticity of the AirPods manufactured by them.

So the only method here to verify that you are buying the original product is to buy the product from Apple Stores or Apple-authorized sellers.

Or, if you are buying AirPods online like from a site like Amazon, just make sure you are buying from the Apple Store official page.

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Spotting Fake AirPods through Packaging: 

Spotting Fake AirPods through Packaging
Spotting Fake AirPods through Packaging

The perfect words to describe the packaging and boxing of original AirPods are clean, decent, and minimal.

People expert in technology knows very well how much Apple pays attention to its packaging.

On the other hand, the fake manufacturers never pay too much attention to details, and even if they have a hard time with AirPods, they can still never compete with Apple in packaging.

So to spot the fake AirPods with packaging, check one box for details like wrong spelling, content on the box, logo of Apple, Color, and the way of fitting AirPods inside the box.

Features you can’t find in fake AirPods:

Features you can’t find in fake AirPods

The Fake AirPods manufacturers can add too much detail in the product’s visual details, but still, there are some features no one can copy inside the product.

You can only verify the original product using iPhone only; if you are an android user and use AirPods with them, you can’t properly check the hidden features of the original AirPods.

The original AirPods will get paired easily. Also “Find My” app can check it too; if they show its original, you should be happy that your AirPods are not fake.

Magnet Effect:

Magnet Effect
Magnet Effect

This one sounds quite lame and childish, yet it is the genuine one. In original AirPods, there is some magnetic effect, so when you bring two AirPods close to each other, because of that magnetic force they repel each other;

Fake AirPods will never repel each other; this is the most basic and subtle trick to check whether your AirPods re original or fake.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to tell the obvious difference between original and fake AirPods?

The obvious difference between original and fake AirPods is off their price. The fake sellers make the obvious price difference; they keep the price low to sell more of their product. But some fake sellers are selling at an almost equal or more than the original price to make their product look authentic.

Where can we buy original AirPods?

To buy original AirPods, the best way is to buy them from Authenticated Apple Product Seller Stores. Or, if you are buying online from Amazon, make sure that you buy from the original Apple Store page.

How can we spot fake AirPods by their packaging?

The apple company provides its products in the best packaging. No local fake AirPods manufacturer can make a copy of it, so if you are trying to differentiate between original and fake, look for some wrong spell on a box or charging case inside. If you have little knowledge or someone else you know has this knowledge of the original one, you will spot fake packaging in the blink of an eye.

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