SpyDialer Reverse Phone Lookup Review In 2022

There are tons of reasons why you may need to check a phone number to find out who the owner is: you have a missing call, someone is bothering you on the phone, you want to check a company, a scam, or things like that…

In this SpyDialer Reverse phone review, we’ll show you how easy it can be to run reverse phone lookup with this tool.


GuideSpyDialer Reverse Phone Lookup Review
FeaturesPhone lookup, Background search, etc
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SpyDialer Reverse Phone Lookup Review
SpyDialer Reverse Phone Lookup Review

What is It?

What is SpyDialer Reverse Phone Lookup
What is SpyDialer Reverse Phone Lookup

SpyDialer is an extremely simple web app that you can use to check phone numbers from any device.

Furthermore, you can check addresses, names, emails, and people.

The Search is based on a contact list that the platform has created over the years and that, today, can provide accurate results for this kind of Search.

However, it’s important to know that the person whose number is being searched can receive a missing call. (It’s part of how SpyDIaler works).

If this person calls back, they’ll listen to a record that informs them that their number has been checked on this platform.

If you want to remain anonymous, therefore, this isn’t the ideal platform.

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why should you choose it?

You should choose SpyDialer Reverse Phone Lookup because it is one of the few free services of this kind available online.

The majority of the competitors require a small fee for a few searches and a monthly fee for using the search tool repeatedly.

If anonymity is not a priority for you, then this is the best alternative available online at the moment when it comes to reverse phone lookups.

Pros and Cons


  • It’s completely free.
  • You can run a search starting from a phone number, email, or address.
  • It’s extremely easy to use.


  • It’s not anonymous.
  • You can’t run background searches on this platform.

Plans and Pricing

We already mentioned in this SpyDIaler Reverse Phone Lookup Review that this platform is completely free!

It doesn’t require any payment for running one, a hundred, or unlimited searches.

This is a huge pro: whenever you receive a missing call, you can feel free to check the number before calling back.

If you are tired of calling back numbers just to find out that they were the usual company trying to sell water purifiers, this is the platform for you!

SpyDialer Reverse Phone Lookup Features

SpyDialer Reverse Phone Lookup Features
SpyDialer Reverse Phone Lookup Features

WIth SpyDialer, you can check more than just a phone number: you can check by email and address too.

However, what you can do with this tool is run a background check.

This isn’t the platform for you if you need to check a name through public records, for example.

If you need a deeper investigation over a phone number and you want to discover more about the person who is calling you, you’ll need an additional platform because SpyDialer Reverse Phone Lookup doesn’t provide additional features.

How to Get Started

SPyDIaler is among the easiest reverse phone lookup tools. When you land on their website, you have already accessed the platform, and this is what you need to do next:

  • Step 1: Click on the phone (if you need to check the phone number)
  • Step 2: Type the phone number on the white banner
  • Step 3: Click Search

You’ll be provided with the owner’s name of the typed phone number.

SpyDialer Reverse Phone Lookup Review: the best alternatives

SpyDialer Reverse Phone Lookup Review alternatives
SpyDialer Reverse Phone Lookup Review alternatives

The SpyDialer is quite unique: there aren’t many other free reverse phone lookup web apps available.

However, these are the best alternatives:

CocoFinder – this is also a free reverse phone lookup tool. If you need full anonymity, then CocoFinder could be even more suitable than SpyDialer;

Read CocoFinder Review

Instant Checkmate – this isn’t free but requires only 1 dollar to use the platform for one day. During the 24 hours, you can check as many phone numbers as you want;

Read Instant Checkmate Review

Intelius – this tool requires 0.95 dollars per Search.

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SpyDialer Reverse Phone Lookup Review: What Makes It Better Than Others?

The main reason why you want to opt for SpyDialer is that it’s free.

As we’ve mentioned, the majority of reverse phone lookup tools require a fee per Search or even a subscription.

Of course, anonymity must not be a priority. If it is, opt for another tool like CocoFinder.

Our Take Of SpyDialer Reverse Phone Lookup

Our final verdict on this SpyDialer Reverse Phone Lookup is that it’s the best choice for anyone who doesn’t care about remaining anonymous.

It’s free, and it’s extremely easy to use. You can also use the tool from any device.

Our Experience

As always, we’ve run some tests with SPyDialer Reverse Phone Lookup.

We entered phone numbers from our contact lists so that we could check if the results were accurate. 100% of our tests gave accurate results.

That’s why we concluded that, despite being completely free, SpyDialer Reverse Phone Lookup is a reliable application.


Do I need to create a SpyDialer account?

No, you don’t. SpyDialer just works like this: you enter the website, and you can use the platform. No account is required.

Can I run a public records check with SPyDialer?

No, you can’t. You can run a search by name, phone number, or address. You can’t go deeper than that.

Do all the phone number owners receive the missing call?

No, but it can happen. That’s why if you want to remain anonymous, using this app is a risk.

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