Stop IRS Debt Review 2023

Whether you are just a private or you run a business, you need to deal with taxes at least once a year.

We all know, however, that we don’t think about our taxes only on April 15: they become part of our lives, especially if we have a debt that keeps growing.

Firms like Stop IRS Debt are born to help you deal with your taxes and your debts so that you don’t have to think about them during the year.

We are born to enjoy our life and love not to think about taxes: if you want to enjoy your life and job without preoccupation, take a look at this article and find out about what Stop IRS Debt can do for you.

Before we begin, keep in mind that Stop IRS Debt provides its services for both privates and businesses. This isn’t something that every firm offers.

So, if you need one of the two services – and especially if you need both – Stop IRS Debt would be your ideal choice!


GuideStop IRS Debt Review
FeaturesAudit Defense, Tax Prep, etc.
Community RatingPoor
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Stop IRS Debt Review
Stop IRS Debt Review

Key Takeaways

  • Stop IRS Debt provides services at the cheapest fees possible.
  • It mainly offers three types of services, including Tax ResolutionTax Prep, and Audit Defense.
  • Stop IRS Debt is accredited by all the major agencies in the country.
  • However, they have a low rating of 1.7/5 stars on Trustpilot, and if this bothers you, then you should check out Fortress Tax Relief, one of the top-rated tax relief firms.

How Much Does Stop IRS Debt Cost?

Stop IRS Debt is one of the cheapest firms available today in the country. They provide their services at the cheapest fees possible.

However, they don’t publish their rates on their website. This is common to any tax resolution firm. 

The reason is that services like these are strictly personalized around the client’s needs, and providing fixed fees suitable for everyone is impossible.

That’s why the only way to find out how much Stop IRS Debt will cost you is to contact them and ask for a quote. The quote will be provided according to your needs and the services they require.

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Stop IRS Debt Features & Services

Features & Services
Stop IRS Debt Features & Services

So Stop IRS Debt’s services are organized into three main areas.

Tax Resolution

This is the kind of service that you need if you have grown a debt with the IRS. As you may know, your debts increases by penalties if, in the past, you missed some payments, had some delays, or other kinds of issues. 

When you hire Stop IRS Debt, they kind provide different kinds of solutions so that you can obtain the best options to get rid of that debt.

Tax Prep

If you don’t want to worry about your taxes and just want to pay them without any fuss, you can hire Stop IRS Debt so they can take care of your tax prep.

Again, they not only deal with preparation but also with making you obtain the best treatment possible.

Audit Defense

Audits are IRS collection tactics that usually work. However, when you have powerful and professional representation on your side, you can defend yourself from these tactics and save as much money as you can while always being in compliance with the IRS.


How Much Can Stop IRS Debt Save Me?

The final result that you obtain when you hire Stop IRS Debt is to save money.

Whether you hire them to fix or prevent your problems with the IRS, they’ll always find the legal and regular way to make you spend as little as possible.

As attorneys, the Stop IRS Debt’s team duty and main aim are to assert your rights.

Pros and Cons


  • Starting with Stop IRS Debt is extremely easy: just visit their website and click Let’s Get Started.
  • They are accredited by all the major agencies in the country.
  • They have an excellent reputation on the web.
  • They can prevent your issues with your taxes, and they can fix the problems when they occur.
  • They have the cheapest fees when compared to the competition.


  • The only con that we could highlight is that there is no way of knowing how much their services will cost before you contact them and ask for a quote. As we’ve already explained, however, this is more than justified by the fact that they personalize their service – and therefore their price – according to each client’s specific needs.

How Stop IRS Debt Services Works?

How Stop IRS Debt services works?
How Stop IRS Debt services works?

One of Stop IRS Debt’s main advantages is that you can hire them easily. This is how their service works:

  1. Visit Stop IRS Debt’s website and click on Let’s Get Started.
  2. Now, a guided procedure will begin. It’ll ask how much you owe the IRS, why you need help, in which state you live, and provide your name and phone number.
  3. This process will let you know what kind of solutions are possible for your problem, but it’s still an automatic response. If you’re interested, go on and ask the firm to call you.
  4. You’ll receive a phone call, and this can be interpreted as your first consultation.
  5. During the consultation, you are provided with a quote. Now it’s time to choose whether to accept it or not.
  6. If you accept it, the actual process will begin. You can be asked to provide some documents, but they’ll basically take care of everything.
  7. Pay your taxes according to the arrangements Stop IRS Debt found for you, when and in the ways they tell you to do.

Stop IRS Debt reputation and accreditations

Stop IRS Debt is accredited by all the major accreditation agencies and institutions.

They’ve been in business for over 18 years, they are accredited with Better Business Bureau, they’ve been listed in the 2018 top-ranked on Trustlink, and they ranked as Best Pick on Supermoney in the best tax resolution companies category.


NPC Stop IRS Debt Ratings

Customer Service3/5
Tax Relief help2.8/5
Ease of use3.8/5

Customer Ratings And Reviews

Stop IRS Debt Customer Ratings And Reviews
Customer Rating And Review
Stop IRS Debt Customer Rating And Review

Out of 44 customer reviews on Trustpilot, Stop IRS Debt has an average rating of 1.7/5 stars which is really bad.

A lot of their customer complain about how they did not receive the kind of help they were promised. You can check out the customer reviews yourself for a better idea. 


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What Makes Stop IRS Debt Better Than Others?

There are two main factors that make Stop IRS Debt better than others. The first is that they are known as affordable firms.

The second is that they are known as one of the most reliable firms in the country. 

Our Experience With Stop IRS Debt

To test Stop IRS Debt, we’ve gone through the process of hiring them, starting from their website. We’ve provided the information asked, and we went through the entire procedure.

At the end of it, we were offered three different types of solutions, and they were all excellent. 

Clients aren’t usually capable of picking the solution on their own, and they need assistance.

Since we wanted to test if they are able and willing to provide such assistance, we went on with the procedure. We scheduled a phone call, and we spoke to one of their attorneys. 

The attorney asked for confirmation of the information provided and then moved on to explain the reasons and the opportunities behind every solution. From that on, the client is made capable of making their own decision.

Of course, if you actually hire them, they’ll also run a deeper analysis of your case to confirm the solutions they found or add some new and more efficient solutions. 

When the solution agreement is reached, they take care of everything. What they do is send you all the documentation: they’re basically telling you when and how much to pay.

They guide you through the payments to get rid of your debt, making you save tons of money.


CompanyStop IRS DebtPrecision Tax
FeaturesAudit Defense, Tax Prep, etc.Bank Tax Return, Payroll tax debt, etc.
BBB ratingsA+A+
Trustpilot ratings1.7/55/5


Fortress Tax Relief

Since we’ve spoken about tax resolution, we want to also speak about a firm that offers fewer services than Stop IRS Debt but that is completely focused on tax resolution.

Fortress Tax Relief specializes in letting people obtain the best option when they decide to pay their debts with the IRS.

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Tax Defense Network

This is also a well-known firm that can provide any kind of service to privates and businesses when it comes to tax management.

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Alg Tax Resolution

This firm manages its services in a way that is similar to Stop IRS Debt’s. 

Check where their offices are located, it could be a valid alternative to Stop IRS Debt if the offices are closest to your location and you’d like to meet the attorneys in person.

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Final Verdict

Stop IRS Debt, from our point of view, isn’t the best tax relief company.

It not only offers extremely limited service but has also failed to impress its customers, which can be deduced from their online reviews.

We recommend you check out our top-rated tax relief company, Precision Tax.

Precision Tax not only offers a variety of services and options but is also highly appreciated for providing the best results. You can check out our full-length review on it to know more about it. 

We hope you found this Stop IRS Debt review helpful.


Is hiring a professional firm for tax resolution mandatory?

It is not. Anyone is allowed to handle their taxes as they wish; we are only all asked to pay them.

However, having professional help can bring great advantages, reducing stress and also optimizing your options, and ending up saving money.

Are the Stop IRS Debt's services provided online?

They can be, but they are also open to other communication channels: you can speak to your attorney on the phone or via email, and you can also meet them in person in one of their offices.

Do I need to buy a service in particular?

They’ll offer a range of solutions, but you don’t buy one of them. You hire the firm, and you agree to pay their quote.

Do I need to subscribe to a service?

Hiring Stop IRS Debt doesn’t mean that you need to subscribe to their service.

You are asked to pay a quote, and you’ll need to pay it only once. You can also plan your payments if you can’t afford to pay all at once.

Is Stop IRS Debt legit?

Yes, Stop IRS Debt is legit.

NPC Overall Rating


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