Tax Defense Network Review 2023

Tax Defense Network offers many services around the matter of taxes: from tax issues to small business help.

With their help, you can find the best compromises so that you can pay your taxes without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of money you owe to the State or IRS.

If you are searching for tax relief, professional help is what you need. There are firms that specialize in providing these kinds of services, and Tax Defense Network is not only one of them but it’s also one of the best.

In this article, we’d like to take you through every aspect of Tax Defense Network, from the kind of help they can provide, to their fees, to the amount of money you can end up saving if you hire them.

Let’s dig deep into our Tax Defense Network review without further delay.


GuideTax Defense Network Review
FeaturesTax Help, Tax Audit, etc.
Community RatingLow
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Tax Defense Network Review
Tax Defense Network Review

Key Takeaways

  • Tax Defense Network mainly offers three kinds of services- Tax ReliefTax help, and Tax audit.
  • TDN also offers bookkeepingpayroll, and other services for businesses.
  • It is accredited by BBB (A+ score) and also holds many accreditations and awards.
  • TDN has a rating of 3.1/5 stars on Trustpilot. In case you are looking for a high-rated tax relief company, then you should check out Fortress Tax Relief.

How much does Tax Defense Network cost?

There aren’t flat and fixed fees for Tax Defense Network’s services. We are well aware that clients always like to know how much they are going to spend even before they contact the firm or service provider the first time. However, this isn’t always possible. 

With tax relief or help services, for example, offering fixed fees is almost impossible. Every service is strictly customized according to every client’s needs and so, as a consequence, are the prices.

To get an idea about how much Tax Defense Network would cost you, you can contact the firm and ask for a quote.

Make sure you describe the kind of service you need so that they can be accurate with their quote and you don’t have bad surprises.

In any case, the fees you owe the firm will always be lower than the amount of money you’re going to save if you rely on their professional help with your taxes.


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Tax Defense Network Features & Services

Tax Defense Network Features & Services
Tax Defense Network Features & Services

The services of Tax Defense Network are mainly tax relief, tax help, tax audit, and small business help.

Tax Relief

If you have grown a big debt with the state and you have difficulties paying it back, Tax Defense Network professionals can help you in many ways: they can find agreements to let you pay less to plan your payments so that you can delay them in time, they can have your penalties forgiven and so on…

Tax Help

If you don’t want to think about the taxes you need to pay, but you only want to pay them, Tax Defense Network can offer the right service for you: they’ll take care by letting you know when and how much you need to pay so that you don’t have to worry about it.

With this kind of service, you also make sure that you are picking the most convenient options, that is, that you are paying the lowest amount of money you owe without waste.

Tax Audit

Sometimes, Tax issues are born because of a bad tax audit: you don’t know how much taxes you’re going to pay so that, when the moment comes, you don’t have the money to pay them. A tax audit can greatly help avoid penalties and irregularities with your taxes.

Small Business 

Tax Defense Network provides bookkeeping, payroll, and tax services for small businesses.

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How much can Tax Defense Network save me?

Professional help with your taxes can make you save thousands of dollars. Especially when you run a business or your tax debt is high, Tax Defense Network can come up with many solutions to save you money.

This is why hiring Tax Defense Network is still worth it despite having to pay the firm’s fees.

Pros and Cons


  • They can provide tons of different solutions to your tax problems
  • They can provide tax audits and other services that allow you to avoid developing tax issues in the first place;
  • They offer bookkeeping, payroll, and other services for businesses
  • Tons of accreditation


  • Just like any other tax firm, Tax Defense Network isn’t explicit about its fee on its website. If you want to know how much they are going to cost you, your only choice is to contact them and ask for a quote.

How Tax Defense Network services work?

How Tax Defense Network services work?
How Tax Defense Network services work?

If you want to hire Tax Defense Network for your tax problem, this is how you do it:

  1. Get in touch with them: You can do it in several ways, by visiting their website and filling out their form, by phoning their offices, or by making an appointment so that you can meet the attorneys in person.
  2. Explain what you need and get a quote: The first meeting will be all about your issues, the possible solutions, and the quote. Once you’ve accepted the quote, they’ll move on to a deeper analysis of your case. You may be asked, at this stage, to provide documents and papers.
  3. Hear the possible solution: When they have examined your case, they will discuss the possible solutions with you. 
  4. Let them do the work: From this moment on, they’ll let you know what to do and when, and you won’t have to worry about anything.

NPC Tax Defense Network Ratings

Customer Service2.8/5
Tax Relief help3.4/5
Ease of use3.7/5

NPC Tax Defense Network Ratings

Customer Ratings And Reviews
Customer Rating And Review
Tax Defense Network Customer Rating And Review

Out of 220 customer reviews on Trustpilot, Tax Defense Network has received an average rating of 3.1/5 stars which is not very impressive.

You can go through the customer reviews yourself to have a look at what people are saying about it. 


Reputation and Accreditations

Tax Defense Network has built a strong and excellent reputation over the years.

More importantly, they have been accredited by BBB (A+ score), the Torch Awards, the AICPA, the NATP, the ASTPS, and the NAEA.

What makes Tax Defense Network better than others?

Tax Defense Network offers such a wide range of services that they are most likely to find a solution to your tax problems.

Their services are particularly ideal for anyone running small businesses. With them, you can have the same professional taking care of your personal and business taxes so that they can optimize your options.

They also have one of the best reputations when it comes to tax firms in the country. 

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Our experience with Tax Defense Network

We can tell here our direct experience with Tax Defense Network since we’re small businesses. We contacted the firm to receive a quote for their small business services.

Also, we were surprised when we found out that they can offer different levels of services: for example, you can have them take care of your accounting, or you can have them take care of everything, including your personal taxes.

Of course, the two levels of services have different prices, but you can always pick an intermediate solution, which is what we’ve done.

The Tax Defense Network team is always responsive, explaining their moves and offering more than one option or solution.


CompanyTax Defense NetworkLarson Tax Relief
FeaturesTax Help, Tax Audit, etc.Business tax relief, IRS tax relief, etc.
FeesN/ANot revealed
BBB ratingsA+A+
Trustpilot ratings3.1/54.9/5


Tax Defense Network is one of the firms with the best reputation. However, there are some valid alternatives. The best ones are the following:

Fortress Tax Relief

Fortress Tax Relief is a firm that specializes in tax relief services. Their services are particularly indicated for anyone with a huge debt. When you contact them, one of the first things they ask is how much your debt is.

They provide different kinds of solutions to try and reduce your debt. If you have a tax issue and are searching for relief solutions, this firm might be particularly indicated.

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Optima Tax Relief

The Optima Tax Relief is ideal for those who prefer online services for every aspect of their life.

Optima Tax Relief is one of the few firms that have met the needs of the youngest generations and developed an online platform that their clients can use to follow the processes of their tax issues and planning.

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Precision Tax

This is another firm with an excellent reputation accredited by all the major agencies in this field, and that can offer a wide range of services and expertise to their clients.

Just like it happens with Tax Defense Network, you can contact them by email, phone, or even meet them in person in one of their offices.

Final Verdict

From our research, we understand that Tax Defense Network isn’t the best tax relief firm. The few features and poor results make it a less appealing option than its competitors.

If you are looking for the best tax relief company, we suggest you check out Precision Tax relief, which is also one of our highest-rated tax relief firms.

It not only offers a wide range of services but also gives you proven results. 

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Do I need to subscribe to a service?

Tax Defense Network doesn’t require a subscription. They will ask you to pay their fees, and they’ll communicate it with a quote.

Do Tax Defense Network provides an online platform to keep track of my processes?

No, Tax Defense Network does not provide an online platform. They handle their processes the old way, keeping you informed of every move by email or phone calls.

Do they require a flat fee?

Yes, Tax Defense Network requires a flat fee. Their fees are not calculated in percentage and are not in the form of a monthly payment.

However, if their fee is particularly high, you can arrange with them a plan to delay the payment over time.

Do I need to buy a service in particular?

You rather need to specify what you need. They’ll prepare a quote that indicates what they’re going to do for you and how much you’ll need to pay.

Is Tax Defense Network legit?

Yes, it is legit.

NPC Overall Rating


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