The Benefits Of Eating Oil-Free Goods

Wondering what the benefits of eating oil-free goods are? Keep reading!

Fried food tastes delicious and yet is not healthy at all! We all know that fried food isn’t healthy for our health but did you know why?

Well, the reason is all about oil, as you may know, to fry some food you need to cook it in boiling oil. Oil is absorbed by the food and its coating and gives that crunchy taste. 

Fried food is, therefore, the best way of eating a lot of oil, and this is where the damage to our health happens: oils are rich in fats – too many for being healthy – and they don’t provide any other beneficial effect to our body.

They make our cholesterol levels grow, our body fat increase, make our stomach full and uncomfortable and make our digestion slow.

Does it mean that we need to renounce fried food? Not at all! Air fryers are just the perfect solution.

They can cook food, making it taste as though it was fried, but they don’t use any oil (only hot air!). 

Now, let’s take a look at all the benefits of frying your food oil-free with an air fryer.


Key Takeaways

  • Oils are largely responsible for high cholesterol levels, so consuming less oil should be your priority.
  • Because air fryers use almost no oil, it lets you experience the true taste of food.
  • Fryers can help you save a lot of money.

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Benefits Of Oil-Free Cooking

Weight loss


As we’ve mentioned, oils are basically made of fats. They don’t have other nutritional value than that. Oil fats have an extremely high caloric value: the most common oil of all, olive oil, has almost 900 kcal per 100 ml (a can of coke – which isn’t considered very healthy either – has only 140 kcal!).

So the first benefit of removing oil from your recipes would be weight loss.

Cholesterol levels


Cholesterol in our blood is the cause of many diseases: from high blood pressure to heart diseases, up to heart attacks.

Especially when we start aging, keeping our cholesterol levels low should be our top priority when it comes to our health.

Removing foods that increase cholesterol would be step number one: oils are largely responsible for high cholesterol levels (even though they are not the only ones. For example, cheese has an important role as well).



Are you sure that the taste of fried chicken wings is the taste of chicken wings? Most of the time, the taste of fried food is… the taste of oil!

When food absorbs so much oil, it ends up tasting like it… that’s why everything fried tastes so good!

When you stop using oil for cooking your food, you start experiencing the true taste of food: whether it is chicken wings, potatoes, or vegetables, they’ll finally taste different from one another!



If you’ve ever fried anything at home, you know how much oil goes in the pot.

When you use an air fryer, you need to purchase it once, and that would be all you need to cook your “fried” food. When you stop using oil, you stop purchasing it, and you save tons of money!

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Air fryers are beneficial for our health and pockets: they also allow you to taste food differently.

They are totally worth their price! We hope you liked reading this article on the benefits of eating oil-free goods and found it helpful.


How much oil does one need?

Ideally, an adult needs 2000 calories a day. So if you are a woman, then you can have 5-6 teaspoons of oil in a day, while men can have 6-7 teaspoons.

What happens when one consumes too much oil?

Your stomach may face problems digesting too much oil, and as a result, you may get nausea, diarrhea, or gain weight.

Which oil is good for health?

Olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil are the best oils to consume.

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