Third-Party Apple Watch Faces In 2022

We live in a world that has become busier and technologically strong as compared to the past 10 to 15 years. People want to get their work done efficiently and with less effort.

Technology these days is hyping so high that it made our lives much easier and more comfortable. 

Steve Jobs introduced the world with his touch technology mobile phones named iPhone and the company named APPLE.

He launched the first iPhone in January 2007. Today these series reached up to iPhone 13 and its sub-models like iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 pro max.

Apple is just not keeping its roots strong in the game of mobile phones; with that, they have spread their roots in iPads, Macintoshes, MacBooks, Apple Air Pods, and Apple Watches.

Third-Party Apple Watch Faces
Third-Party Apple Watch Faces

Apple Watches

Apple Watches
Apple Watches

People got their minds blown when Apple launched their first Apple Watch in April 2015 with series 1 and keeping the chain continue.

They recently launched the Apple watch series 7 in October 2021. Many researchers concluded almost the same result that the Apple users are the ones who prefer each product to be of the same brand like MacBook, AirPods, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Apple watch is a user-friendly watch with numerous and extraordinary features carrying in it, which makes it more attractive than the user wishes to buy.

Series to series, the Apple watch continued to enhance it with admirable features such as;

  • Notifies regarding text messages and calls
  • Fitness tracking
  • GPS tracking
  • Make calls on Siri command
  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Tells about time

Using the same watch with the same features and same theme, a user may want to upgrade it, which will make him spend many bucks in order to get more, but there are many simple ways and techniques which one can use and upgrade its themes and some of the basic features. Let’s dig into the details about the apple watch faces.

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Third-Party Apple Watches Faces

Third-Party Apple Watchs Faces
Third-Party Apple Watches Faces

Watch face is the dial, or you can say the display screen of a watch on which each and every feature of it is displayed with some specific theme.

Apple itself provides the facility to use different themes such as

  • Activity log
  • Chronograph
  • Chronograph Pro
  • Breath
  • Astronomy
  • Artist
  • GMT
  • Memoji
  • Numerals Mono
  • Numerals Duo and many more

But if a user wants to change and customize the theme, he can do it. There are many third-party applications that allow a user to customize the watch face. Applications are;

  1. Clockology
  2. Watchsmith
  3. Facer
  4. Watch Face albums
  5. WatchMaker
  6. Buddy watch
  7. Watchfacely
  8. StepDog

We are only picking up Clockology to undermine and let the user can customize the watch face according to them with some steps which one needs to be followed.

Software Upgrade 

Download App
Download App

Make sure the watch you have is connected with the iPhone you have. The very first step is to go to the settings, then Software upgrade and upgrade the “watchOS” if it is below 8.0 or 8.0.1, and if it is already 8.0, then there’s no need to upgrade it because it is upgraded earlier.

Download App

Then, the user is requested to go to App Store and download an app named “Clockology,” which is a free app to use.

Once it is downloaded, go to the apple watch app and make sure it is also downloaded there.

Download App
Download App

How to Use?

How to Use
How to Use
  • Simple, open the app, and there you will see a pink icon named “Beta” tap on it and agree with the conditions.
  • Now the best way to find the theme of your own choice is to open Facebook and join the Group named “Clockology Fans.”
  • Scrolling down, you can see different people have posted their customized Apple watch themes with the link to easily download and use it on your watch. You can see in these pictures attached below that what theme or watch face you like can be easily accessible with only one touch on a link. 
  • Whatever face you like, just tap the link and make sure to open the link in “Safari.” When the link is opened, tap on the “Download” button, and the face will be downloaded in the Clockology App on your iPhone.
  • Let’s say a face we have downloaded is shown here.
  • Hold the face you have downloaded, and you will see some options in the list from which you have to opt “Watch Sync” it will take a few seconds up to a minute to sync the face with the connected watch.
  • Once you are done with face sync, the permission tab will pop up on your watch, and after permitting, the downloaded face will appear on your apple watch. It has the same feature as the apple watch; you can just swipe to switch between different watch faces.
  • Further, go to the settings in a watch, tap on General and go to the wake screen. Scroll all the way down and choose “After Crown Press.” It will keep the app open. After all, Clockology is an app, and the screen can go off when it is not in use. So, it will keep the screen awake every time you go ahead and just flick your wrist to see the clock, and it will display you the custom watch face you have downloaded, as shown in the pictures below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Clockology App Free to Download?

Yes, the Clockology app is an absolutely free app to download and easily available on App Store

Could you please mention the Facebook group link on Clockology?

Yes, Sure, although it is easily searchable on Facebook, let me drop the link here as well.

Click Here

Is the Third-party app safe to use?

Yes, of course, it is utterly safe to use because it does not you’re your device, either mobile or watch. So, feel free to use and enjoy new watch faces.

Will Third-party apps ruin my battery health?

No, these apps are at the forefront of your watch and will not drain your battery.

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