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Tiger woods is an American professional golfer and also a famous athlete. He has won numerous awards and made his name in many records.

Tiger woods is a golf player, entrepreneur, and CEO of the TGR multi-brand holding company with sub-companies. He also runs a charity fund that helps the poor for livelihood.

Everybody Knows Tiger woods, and in this article, we will discuss their net worth and his struggle in life, and many more exciting stories about him.

Other details of Tiger woods

     Net worth Roughly around $800 Million
     FULL NAME         Eldrick Tont Woods
     DATE OF BIRTH     30 DECEMBER 1975
     NICKNAME             TIGER WOODs
  Nationality   United State of America
Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

Childhood of Tigerwoods

Childhood of Tiger Woods
Childhood of Tiger Woods

Tiger woods was known as an Eldrick Tont “Tiger” He has two half brothers and a half-sister from his dad’s first marriage.

Tigerwoods is an American citizen born on 30 December 1975. He is known for his golf shots and has made numerous records in the field.

He plays Golf like he is having a love affair. Moreover, He is also a gamer, athlete, and fitness model.

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Career of Tiger woods

Career of Tiger Woods
Career of Tiger Woods

He is regarded as the greatest golfer in history. And also, he has reserved the title of THE WORLD GOLF HALL.” 

He started his career as a Golf player at the age of 20. Before this, he had played Golf in college at junior and senior levels.

He won most of the college-level competitions, which encouraged him to pursue a career in Golf.

Woods is an entrepreneur and Founded a company with the name of TGR.

TGR is a multiband enterprise and includes The Woods Jupiter, an upscale sports restaurant, a golf course design company; The TGR Foundation, a charitable foundation; and TGR Live, an events production company.

Woods has won numerous titles including 15 majors and 106 titles Worldwide.

Tiger is the first golfer ever to hold all four professional major championships, the biggest achievement for athletes.

His significant victories are four PGA Championships, three U.S. Open Championships, three British Open Championships With his second Masters’ victory in 2001, and five master tournaments.

He has won 82 PGA TOUR. At the age of 21 only, He became the youngest Master Champion ever.         

Personal Life

Personal Life of Tiger Woods
Personal Life of Tiger Woods

Like any other human, Tiger also faced ups and down’s in his life and suffered through many things.

In 2006, he lost his father, which was a significant loss for him because his father was the only person close to him and was also a role model for him.

It was a major heartbreak for him because he lost his best friend and father.

In 2004, he married Elen, and his wife gave birth to a girl in June 2007. After some time in 2008, they announced they were planning for a second child, and Elen gave birth to the baby boy, whose name is Charlie Alex woods, and at the time of Elen’s pregnancy, Woods announced he would not participate in the season because of his knee injury.

This time was a bit difficult for him, but he survived the surgery and got back soon on the ground.

As Woods’s career grew, his personal life was getting messed up. He and his wife Elen didn’t want to live together.

So both conclude by taking divorce, but this divorce was not easy for Woods because the settlement did not happen in both parties.

After a lot of struggle, he got divorced. According to some rumors, Woods is dating Lindsey Vonn, who is a professional alpine ski racer.

Award won by tiger woods

Awards won by Tiger woods
Awards won by Tiger woods

In 2007, California Governor announced that Tiger would be inducted into the California Hall of fame. 

After that, in 2009, the associated press gave him the title of “Athletes of the Decade,” which was the most significant achievement of his career, Woods.

His name has appeared at Associated Male Press Athletes of the Year with a record-tying four times.

He is a record-breaker in Golf and has won many titles worldwide. In 2019 he won the 2019 Master Tournament, for which President Trump awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

He won many tournament awards like the PGA Championship, BMW Championship, and the tour championship.

the Net worth of tiger woods

The Net Worth Of Tiger Woods
The Net Worth Of Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is known for his game, but his income sources are multiple. He is the CEO of TGR’s multi-brand company.

Woods is the highest golf player globally because of his records and victories. According to Forbes, at one time, Tiger was the highest earring athlete to earn over a billion dollars.

He has a vast amount of assets such as a $20million PGA Tour pension plan, $25 million other assets, a golf jet storm which is around $54million.

He also has courses designing company which works around the world.

Apart from this, he also signed a five-year deal with American Express, which was earned him an estimated profit of $30 Million.

He also signed a second deal with Nike. One was a combined deal between Nike and American express. And the second deal was only with Nike, which was worth $100 Million and lasted over five years.

According to all the sources of income, the net worth of Tiger Woods was $ 800 Million in the year 2021.

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Conclusion of Tiger Woods
Conclusion of Tiger Woods

Tiger woods comes from a low-income family, but with his skill and talent, he made his name in the field of Golf, and today, he has managed to win the hearts of millions of people.


Who is Tiger Woods first wife?

Elin Nordegren

Who is Tiger Woods daughter?

Sam Alexis Wood

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