Toluna Review in 2022

Most of the survey sites pay you money for answering questions that you don’t care about.

Toluna is a slightly different site where you can make money by completing surveys, but you can choose the categories of your own choice.

You can choose the electronic or travel markets to fill out different surveys.

This Toluna review will talk about the most important points that you need to know about this survey site.


GuideToluna Review
Earning OptionsTaking surveys
Withdrawal OptionPayoneer card, PayPal, and credit cards.
Minimum threshold$10
WebsiteClick here
Toluna Review
Toluna Review

What is Toluna?

Toluna is a survey site that gives you money for answering surveys. There are more than 9 million active users on this site.

This platform is helping businesses with the automation of their surveys and helps the users make money with survey sites.

You need to create a new account and answer questions provided on their website. Their website is very clean and simple.

There are not too many options to choose from, but plenty of surveys are still available for you.

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Why Choose Toluna?

Why Choose Toluna
Why Choose Toluna

Toluna is a platform that will give you money for completing surveys, and their reward scheme is very fair too.

You will be paid for simple tasks like answering questionnaires, filling out forms, and taking surveys.

The money you will receive from this survey site will depend on the number of questions you answer.

If you have many completed questions, then your earnings will also be higher than other users who have only a few completed questions in their account.

Pros And Cons


  • You can choose the Market where you want to work from
  • The pay rate usually depends on how many questions are completed in a day.
  • The site is free and unlimited membership is free as well.


  • Surveys take time, but most of the surveys take less than 5 minutes to complete.
  • You need to access the account to see your earnings.

Minimum Withdrawal at Toluna

Minimum Withdrawal at Toluna
Minimum Withdrawal at Toluna

You will be able to withdraw the minimum amount of $10 for the first seven days that you join the site. You can also request a higher amount to withdraw more money.

You will automatically become a monthly member after seven days from joining the site, and you can request a higher withdrawal limit if this isn’t your first time using their service.

You got two options for withdrawal frequency. If you do not want to withdraw any money after one month, you can choose withdrawal cycles every 30 days.

In this case, withdrawing will only be allowed once every 30 days.

Earning Options at Toluna

Earning Options at Toluna
Earning Options at Toluna

Toluna offers a great earning opportunity for members interested in making some extra income.

The number of points that you can get depends upon the number of questions you have answered correctly, and the number of points will depend on the length of the survey.

The site also provides a paid product trial opportunity, allowing you to earn a decent amount of money in a single day.

Each product trial will allow you to earn $3 per day, and each day is different from another, so you have huge earning potential at the Toluna site as long as you keep working on it.

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Withdrawal Options

Toluna allows you to withdraw the money with a Payoneer card, PayPal, and credit cards.

These options will not withdraw the minimum amount, but it can be lower than $50.

So there is no problem with these withdrawal methods, but if you are looking for the maximum amount in a single withdrawal, choose PayPal or a Credit card because these two will allow you to withdraw over $100 without any limitations.

Get Started with Toluna

Get Started
Get Started with Toluna

To get started and join Toluna, you need to first register on their website. After that, you need to create a new account.

You will also be asked to submit some information like your name and email address.

Now, if you have done this step successfully, then it’s time for the next step of joining Toluna.

You can join Toluna by choosing the Market for surveys where you want to work from.

After that, they answer questions and earn points in published random surveys. You can complete up to 10 questions per day without any restrictions.

Our Experience 

The reward process is complicated as some users might get messages about their reward being rejected or processed.

The issue with the redeemed rewards might bother you, but the overall experience is quite smooth with lots of surveys. 

Toluna Alternatives

There are many options available to make money online. If you want to know other sites like Toluna, you can check some of them out in this section.

The Toluna alternatives include Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and many other similar sites.


Toluna is a good option for survey sites. The survey sites pay you money to complete surveys with your knowledge and opinion.

If you are after making money online, this is one of the best ways to do it.

It is a site where you will get paid for doing things such as taking surveys and many other similar tasks.

The site is pretty trusted and has millions of members from all around the world.


Is Toluna legit and trusted?

Yes, Toluna is a legit and trusted survey site. More than 9 million users on this site, so you don’t need to worry about its authenticity.

How much can I earn at Toluna?

It depends on the survey you chose. If you get a good number of questions at a time, you can earn a lot in a very short time.

Can I make money with Toluna in all countries?

No, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot make money at Toluna. You will only be able to do surveys in the Market where you live right now. 

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