15 Proven Methods To Get Hands On Towing Leads

Towing Leads can make or break your towing business, regardless of how long you have been offering towing services or your location.

It is impossible to sustain your business without an effective lead generation strategy and without taking advantage of internet and related marketing strategies.

According to Townsquare Interactive, more than 85% of people use the internet to find local towing businesses.

So if you own a tow truck company and wondering how to get more towing business to grow your company, you have found the right guide.

This guide covers everything you need to know about generating towing leads. Let’s get started!


What Is Lead Generation And Why It Is Important for Towing Company? 

Leads generation is among the most important marketing strategies to include in your marketing plan.

Towing leads are the potential customers interested in using your towing services, and lead generation is attracting those leads to your business and converting them into customers.

With the help of the right lead generation strategy and the right tools, you can successfully generate high-quality towing leads and take them through your sales funnel up to the buying stage.

More sales mean more revenue which is inevitable for the long-term sustainability of your towing business. 

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15 Proven Methods To Get Hands On Towing Leads

If you want your own local business to thrive and generate leads all the time, you need to find different ways and act on them simultaneously.

When you can’t manage to find these ways and fail to generate leads for your business, you will most likely go bankrupt.

This gets harder if you are a local business like a towing business. Here are 15 ways to generate towing leads for your towing business.

1. Research the Most Common Problems and Answer Them

Every industry has extremely common problems that the customers are facing. Towing industry has those problems and questions, as well.

Research these problems, understand them, and then use your digital channels to answer these questions.

You can also answer them face-to-face when you meet someone facing a problem. The main aim here is to provide your potential customers with valuable information.

2. Follow the Market Trends of Your Target Audience

Every business has various market trends at different points in time. It was harder to track these trends in the past, but now, thanks to the digital age, you can easily track them.

Always keep ahead with the current market trends of your target audience and position yourself according to these trends.

It could be a viral social media trend or how you do towing businesses. Ensure that you understand the trend and apply it to your way of work.

3. Survey Your Potential Customers and Competitors

Understanding what your potential customers want and how your competitors work is crucial.

Either use online or offline methods to survey them but create a set of questions and ask them.

The process will give you an idea of maintaining yourself in your target market and being more successful.

If you understand your target market and know their needs and problems, you can personalize your content and offerings according to that and provide a better service.

4. Put Your Logo and Name on Your Tow Trucks

Your tow trucks are what does the business. Your towing truck will do the job when you go to tow a vehicle. When you are towing a vehicle, that is your work, and people can see it.

If you have your logo, brand visuals, name, and contact information, people will likely remember you when they need towing.

You advertise yourself while earning money in this way. However, the design your use on your trucks should not be too complicated. It should have a very simple design and be easy to read.

5. Go on The Road and Search for People in Need

The towing business is about helping people stranded on the road, most of the time.

To find clients in your free time or when you have no leads, going out to the streets, main ways, and canvassing the area could yield some fruits.

By coming to help in the time when they need help the most, they will remember you for next times, and you will create a good relationship with your customers. This way, you will find leads directly yourself. 1

6. Offer Specialized Incentives

When you are running a business and trying to attract customers, the hardest part is to create trust and build a relationship before they turn into customers.

They will have their doubts and hesitations about how good you are. You need to offer them specialized incentives, freebies, discounts, or anything else to lure them in and try you.

Offering these free and specialized incentives could help you to create that bond with your customer and easily turn them into customers from visitors. Study them hard and offer an incentive that could benefit them.

7. Set up a Call Tracker Software Associated with Your Paid Marketing Campaigns

When you are doing paid marketing campaigns, even though you will have your tracking system digitally, you still need to know from which campaign people called you.

If your phone number is on the marketing campaigns, finding out from which campaign the customer called you could be challenging, putting a stop to your efforts.

Associate a call tracker software with your campaigns to track these calls. You can also work with a company to do this for you for ease of tracking.

8. Partner with Online Directories

The physical directories of the past are now online on different websites.

They are easier to reach out to for many customers, and they take those directories seriously when deciding on a business to work with.

Find local online directories for towing businesses and get in touch with them to list you there. Since these websites are SEO optimized and focus on your target audience, they will attract a lot of possible customers, which could turn into leads if you can offer a unique selling proposition with guarantees, referrals, and other details.

9. Optimize Your Website Content for Local SEO

The content you have on your website, either the pages or the blog posts you are writing, has to be oriented and optimized for local SEO.

To apply local SEO in a perfect way, find high-ranking keywords related to towing and in your local area. Apply those keywords to your content all over your website.

This will help Google to crawl you higher in these certain keywords, creating a good local SEO background.

You also should focus on involving backlinks in your content to tell Google you are a reliable source.

10. Have a Responsive and Conversion-Based Website

When someone visits your website, if all they see is a cluster of information and can’t navigate themselves to what they are looking for, your website is not conversion-based.

To top it all off, if your website is slow, the visitor will leave your website and look for other businesses.

Redesign your website with much less information and easy navigation, and ensure that your website is responsive and fast enough for people to navigate fast. 2

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11. Create Content for Content Marketing

Producing valuable and quality content is important in telling your visitors that you care about them and you know what you are doing, thanks to your expertise.

If you produce content on your website or social media like writing blog posts, sharing content, and other stuff, people could visit your website more to get information and find answers to their questions. With small call-to-actions, you can convert these visitors into leads, too.

12. Participate in Radio Channels or Advertise on Radio

When someone is traveling in their car, they are most likely to listen to the radio.

Because your target audience is people with cars in a certain region, if you participate in radio channels of that region, you can attract people’s attention.

Try to have a conversation on the radio channel and give valuable information rather than advertising your business all the time.

Think of it as part of content marketing, but you will be actively talking, and you will have the target audience at hand.

13. Think About Expanding the Area You Work In

Most of the time, people need towing trucks in places outside of neighborhoods, like on main highways or places far away from where people live.

If you can expand the area you work in and can canvass these main highways around your city and put signs or ads in these places, you can get more leads than you would in a city.

You could also mention this on your website and social media accounts.

14. Use Retargeting Paid Marketing Campaigns

After launching a paid marketing campaign, you will have people who visit your website but do not use your services.

They are people who were interested in your business, but your offerings couldn’t manage to hook them up to work with you. They could be easier to convert than finding new customers.

Set up retargeting paid marketing campaigns to target these people again but with a different message and offerings. They could be willing to use your services this time.

15. Participate in Local Automotive Shows

There are many different automotive shows happening all around, including in your city. Find these local automotive shows and go there in person.

Meet with people, network, and give them a card. Try to help people with your experience regarding cars. Tell them they could call you anything related to towing.

Since they met you in person and you created a somewhat relationship with them, the chances of them calling you in times of need are much higher than looking around online. 3

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Benefits Of Google Ads For Towing Leads Generation

Leapfrog your competitors 

Google Ads makes it the perfect tool to get to the top of SERPs and leapfrog your competitors.

Google Ads provides instant visibility and ranks your website at the top of the search engine results pages to help you drive all the towing leads to your website and win their business. 

Rapid Than SEO

You could spend months or even up to a year to get featured at the top of the search results with SEO, while in Google Ads, you skip all the wait and hard work and secure the top spot in the search results within a few days of launching your ad campaign. 

Brand Awareness For Towing Leads

Google Ads also helps in brand recognition and building brand awareness with the help of the Google Display Network.

It makes your ad appear higher in the search results, so it will be seen by the users browsing the internet, watching YouTube, or checking their Gmail inbox.

High Intent Keyword Targeting 

One of the best things about Google Ads is that you can target your ads based on ready-to-buy intent.

Your ads appear only to the people interested in your towing service and have their wallets out to buy your service.

Ease of Remarketing 

Google Ads has tremendous remarketing possibilities due to its massive reach.

It allows you to show your ads to your existing or potential customers, people who have visited your website but left without buying, and reconnect with them.

The more your ad will appear in front of them, the higher your chances are of getting a new lead. 4

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Why Choose Us? 

Our modern marketing techniques and flexible pricing make us different from others.

We will create custom lead generation campaigns tailored to your unique needs and do our best to help you grow your tow fleet.

Here’s how we generate leads for your towing business:

  • Custom Landing Page

We’ll build a customized landing page with highly relevant messaging to attract and convert more leads. 

  • SEO Management

We’ll optimize your web pages to rank higher in the search engines and drive more qualified leads. 

  •  Content Writing For Towing Leads

We will provide high-quality and relevant content tailored to customers’ needs.  

  • Focused on ROI

Our strategies heavily focus on generating high-converting leads to increase your ROI. 

  • Dedicated Account Manager

You’ll get a dedicated account manager who will help you grow your towing business. 

  • Transparent Reporting

Our transparent reporting helps our clients measure their campaign performance and ROI.

  • Only Pay for Results

We only charge our clients for the calls marked as leads or ring-outs. 

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Which is the most popular app used by Tow Trucks Drivers in the U.S.?

Urgent.ly is the most popular app used by Tow Trucks drivers, which helps them in providing on-demand assistance.

How to promote my towing business?

You can do a lot of things to promote your towing business, including:

  • Get listed on Google My Business
  • Use SEO keywords on your website
  • Use digital marketing and social media for promotion

How much does a tow driver makes?

On average, a tow driver makes $28 per hour, and the top earners make $38 per hour.

How to generate Towing leads easily?

You can team up or collaborate with small businesses such as collision centers or mechanics to generate more towing leads.

Is the Towing business even profitable?

In 2019, the towing industry brought in $8 million in revenue which is expected to grow more this year and in coming years. So yes, Towing business is definitely profitable.

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