TradingView – Explained! In 2022

TradingView is a well-known Cayman Islands-based online STP ECN broker.

Since its inception in 2004, the firm has served over 100,000 customers, including institutional and professional traders worldwide.

TradingView is a CIMA and MFSA-regulated broker that provides over 5000 financial products on five platforms, including MT4 and MT5.

However, the broker does not accept clients from the United States or countries where local laws or regulations prohibit FX and CFDs.

The firm also invested in its European trading activities in 2021, building an office in Malta and obtaining a license from the local authority.

The relocation has enabled the business to use local regulatory circumstances and also infrastructure to provide clients in the area with market-leading trading conditions.


Trading Platform TradingView
Established 2004
Regulated Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA)
Trading Platforms Web, mobile, five different trading platforms
Assets Forex, CFD, stocks
WebsiteClick here



The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) regulates Tradeview Forex under license number 585163.

CIMA is the Cayman Islands’ primary financial services regulator. Furthermore, the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) licenses the broker’s European trading hub.

They just launched a new office in Malta, governed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), and also bears the license number IS/93990.

The MFSA is an autonomous public entity that submits an annual report to Parliament.

The MFSA is affiliated with the European Banking Authority (EBA) and also the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) (ESMA).

Most professional traders and institutional clients, on the other hand, are likely to be wary of offshore regulated brokers.

This review would have preferred to see more credible bodies regulating the industry, such as the FCS, CySEC, and ASIC.

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  • It provides chart data export. 
  • It will give you indicators on indicators. 
  • You will get charts that are based on custom formulas.


Platforms at TradingView
Platforms at TradingView


This is a professional trading platform with cutting-edge technology, a wide range of liquidity, and sophisticated trading tools.

Hedge funds and also institutional clients frequently utilize it. The platform is available from Tradeview as a downloadable desktop program for Windows. 


Spotware Systems Ltd, a software business based in Limassol, Cyprus, created this advanced trading platform.

It provides complete customization, charting, trading tools, social trading, and also automated trading.


This is a well-known professional trading platform utilized by millions of traders worldwide.

MetaQuotes Software Corporation, a Russian software business located in Cyprus, created the MT4 platform in 2005.

It has fast connectivity, an easy-to-use interface, and also many tools for extensive chart analysis and trading.

You can download Tradeview MT4 for Windows, iOS, and also Android mobile devices.


This is a sophisticated trading platform developed in 2010 by MetaQuotes Software Corporation to supplement the current MT4 platform.

Compared to the MT4 platform, it has the same physical interface but greater functions and complexity.

Tradeview supports both the MT5 desktop version for Windows and the mobile versions for Android and iOS devices.

Spreads & Leverage

Spreads & Leverage
Spreads & Leverage

Floating spreads with changeable fees are available from Tradeview.

Spreads and also charges vary between its two FX accounts, Innovative Liquidity Connector® (ILC) and X Leverage.

Spreads on the ILC account begin at 0 pips and are competitive on the X Leverage account.

On the ILC account, a $5 round turn commission is levied for every lot transacted, whereas X Leverage account holders are not charged.

The typical spreads on the significant pairings GBPUSD and EURUSD are 0.6 and 0.2. On their website, under ‘Rollover rates,’ you may get a detailed list of the broker’s swap rates.

Leverage, like spreads and commission terms, varies per account. Maximum leverage for ILC accounts is 1:100, but it is 1:400 for X Leverage accounts.

The minimum trading size on the ILC account is 0.1 lot and 0.01 lot on the X leverage account.

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Accounts available at TradingView
Accounts available at TradingView

Individual, Corporate, and also Joint accounts are available from Tradeview.

The key distinctions are the aforementioned forex account categories; such as, Innovative Liquidity Connector and X Leverage, both of which are available on all three accounts.

The minimum deposit for an ILC account is $1000, whereas the minimum deposit for an X Leverage account is $100.

All accounts above $2,500 are assigned a dedicated account manager who is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Users can also access the ‘Client Cabinet’ after creating an account. For Islamic traders, the broker also provides swap-free accounts.


Safety at TradingView
Safety at TradingView

Tradeview maintains customer funds in separate bank accounts to ensure safety and security. Furthermore, the firm exclusively deals with top-tier banks.

The brokerage additionally safeguards its clients from trading and leverage risks by utilizing an automated risk management system accessible via their trading platforms.

These safeguards ensure that account balances do not go below zero.

Furthermore, its systems offer cutting-edge encryption, safe logins, and industry-leading data privacy.

The broker also regularly performs internal and external corporate audits, which you can access on their website.

Education Offered

To trade efficiently with Tradeview LTD, you must first grasp the Tradeview LTD trading tools and marketplaces.

Make full use of all educational resources. This covers educational resources provided by Tradeview LTD as well as outside.

Tradeview LTD provides a wide range of educational tools. Take your time and get to know how the financial markets work. Take the time to learn how to use your trading platform.

Make buy and sell transactions, learn how to capitalize on global trading opportunities, and also most crucially, understand how to reduce and manage investment risk.

Using an analytical approach when trading with Tradeview LTD may be a smart idea.

Take some time to explore the Tradeview LTD platforms and also practice thinking more methodically and rationally about the markets.

It is a new skill set for many, yet it is what the market demands of you.

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What differentiates it from others?

  • Certain things make it different from other options.
  • It will provide you with 10 indicators per chart.
  • It will give you 4 charts in one layout. 
  • You will get hundred server-side alerts. 

Our experience with the product

I have been using tradingview, and it has helped me a lot to improve my knowledge about the market and exchange policies.

Now I know how to deal with the market and its requirements.

They have always been very helpful towards me and responded to whatever confusion I had about a certain requirement.

TradingView Comparison 

TradingView Comparison 
TradingView Comparison 

Let’s compare it with some of the other options. 

TradingView vs. Graviton

Graviton will help you with the smart deployment of Technology. You can use it to gain the profits that you are looking for.

It will serve you well if you know how to use it properly. However, tradingview is one of the companies which will give you information about the world market. 

TradingView vs. xignite

Xignite is a data provider for the stock exchange and market. If you want to know about the stock exchange market and what are the variations and, you should go for this option.

You can get a lot of benefits by using tradingview because it is also one of the best websites for gaining information about the international market. 

TradingView vs. Exchange Data International

You will get quality data with exchange data International. It is a reliable source that is going to keep you briefed about a lot of things you should know about the market.

Tradingview is also the best and most convenient option in this regard. It will keep you updated about the changes in policy regarding the market.

Customer Service

Customer Service of TradingView
Customer Service of TradingView

English, Spanish, Czech, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, and also Russian are just a few languages supported by Tradeview LTD.

Tradeview LTD has a D grade support rating because replies are occasionally sluggish.

Tradeview LTD has less customer support features than other brokers, such as live chat, phone, and email assistance.

Email assistance is available, and also a limited number of languages are supported.

They support A limited number of languages via live chat help. Phone help is available in a limited number of languages.


Tradeview provides competitive spreads, cheap commissions, and large leverage across various reputable trading platforms.

While CIMA regulation is good, analysts and professionals generally advise against offshore regulated firms’ trading.

The few instructional resources available may also fall short of meeting the demands of novice traders.

As a result, while Tradeview is a good broker, we also recommend looking at other FX and CFD providers.


Is there a Tradeview demo account that I can try?

Yes, Tradeview has a demo account for its users. Tradeview offers a free demo account that gives you access to all of its platforms.

Also, to begin, users must provide certain personal information on the broker’s website.

How much capital is needed to trade with Tradeview?

You require a minimum deposit of $100 on the X Leverage account, and on the Innovative Liquidity Connector, a deposit of $25,000.

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