TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup Review 2023

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If you’ve never heard of reverse phone lookup tools before, they are simple software tools – usually, they are web apps that you can access from any device – that let you know who is the owner of any phone number. 

In this TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup review, however, we’d like to introduce you to an even more advanced tool: with TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup, you can obtain more than a simple name.

It can provide any information about the person that owns that number as long as that information is public or shared in any form on the Internet.

Let’s learn more about TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup.


GuideTruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup Review
FeaturesPhone lookup, Background search, etc
WebsiteClick here

Key Takeaways

  • TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup is not only a web app but also offers an app.
  • TruePeopleSearch not only offers reverse phone lookup but also offers a full-background check report.
  • Although TruePeopleSearch is slow to load, it is also free of cost.

What Is It?

What is TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup
What is TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup

TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup isn’t only a web app: there is also a mobile app available.

Web apps are easy to use on a desktop computer, but it’s always a mess to use from the small screen of a mobile phone. The mobile app, therefore, is highly convenient.

Both the web and mobile apps work in the same way: there is the main bar where you can type the phone number and click Search.

You’ll be provided with a report that includes any information the software was able to find online about the person that owns that phone number.

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Why Should You Choose It?

As we’ve mentioned, there are many reverse phone lookup tools available online and some are even free.

However, only a few can provide the same quantity of information as True People Search.

While many platforms limit themselves to providing a name, TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup provides a full background report.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • A mobile app is available
  • Super user-friendly 
  • It provides more than a simple name, but a full background report
  • It’s free.


  • Slow to load.

Plans and Pricing

Despite being so advanced and so powerful, TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup is completely free. 

The reason why it can be free is that it doesn’t access any paid platform or resource during its Search.

It only scans the web – social media, search engines – for information that is either public or willingly shared by the person.

Other features

TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup features
TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup features

When you open the TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup web or mobile app, you are simply provided with a bar where you can type a phone number.

Behind this simple input tool, there is a complete set of features that is capable of providing a full background report about an individual or a company.

While other platforms subdivide these aspects into different available features,  TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup includes them all and requires only one action from the user.


How to Get Started

To access TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup, you can either:

  • Enter the TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup official website from any Internet browser;
  • Download the app from your app store on your smartphone (or tablet).

Once you get access to the platform in one of the above ways, you can use it just like this:

1. Type the phone number into the provided bar and click or tap Search

How to Get Started with TruePeopleSearch

2. Wait. The progress bar and the countdown will let you know how long it takes for the Search;

Get Started with TruePeopleSearch

3. Solve the captcha and confirm you are 18 and read the report!


ComparisonTruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup Truthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup
FeaturesPhone lookup, Background search, etc.Phone lookup, Background search, etc.

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TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup Review: What Makes It Better Than Others?

TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup is better than others for two main reasons:

  • It’s completely free
  • It provides tons of information with a simple search and in the easiest way.

NPC TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup Ratings

Ease of use4.6/5

Our Take On TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup

Our final verdict in this TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup review is that this is one of the best alternatives for anyone looking for a full report on somebody who is calling them for free.

If instead, you only need to quickly find out the name – and only the name – behind an unknown phone number, there are simpler alternatives.

Our Experience Of TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup

As always, we like to test the platforms we review in the first person.

Our tests are pretty simple: we enter our phone numbers, and we check if the responses are accurate.

In this case, we were impressed by the amount of information TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup can provide on a single search. 


How many searches can I run with TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup?

You can run as many searches as you like. They are all free. This is a free app; there are no limits on usage.

Do I need a TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup subscription?

No, you don’t. To start using the platform, simply access the website or download the app and type the phone number in the provided space. No additional steps are required.

Are the web and mobile apps any different?

No, they are just the same. The mobile app just makes it more convenient for a smartphone user to type the number and tap the buttons.

Is TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup legit?

Yes, TruePeopleSearch Reverse Phone Lookup is legit.

Can I access a full background check report too using it?

Yes, you can also access a full background check report using TruePeopleSearch.

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