Truthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup Review 2023

Looking for Truthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup Review? Look no more!

As you may already know, every American citizen has the right to access public records.

However, accessing those documents isn’t always easy, and the hardest part is to find what you are looking for.

With this Truthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup Review, we’d like to analyze a tool that can help you with that.

In particular, we’re discussing one of its features: the one that allows you to discover the owner of a particular phone number.

Let’s find out everything you need to know about this powerful tool!


GuideTruthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup Review
FeaturesPhone lookup, Background search, etc
WebsitePublic Records Search | Reverse Phone Lookup

Key Takeaways

  • Truthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup is just a feature of the bigger platform Truthfinder.
  • Using this tool, you can discover the identity behind an unknown caller.
  • By paying less than $5 a month, you can easily run unlimited phone lookups.
  • Apart from reverse phone lookup, Truthfinder also allows you to run people search, background check, and public records check.
  • Truthfinder reverse phone lookup has a rating of 3.7/5 stars.

What is Truthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup?

Truthfinder is a public records search engine. However, among its features, you’ll find the Reverse Phone Lookup.

This particular feature allows you to discover who is the owner of a certain phone number.

If you have someone calling you repeatedly, for example, with this tool, you can easily discover who’s calling you.

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Why Should You Choose It?

Why choose Truthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup?
Why choose Truthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup?

There are a lot of reasons for using Truthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup other than the one we’ve already mentioned as an example.

This tool can become extremely important when:

  • You can easily identify a scam caller
  • There is someone bothering you with calls or texts
  • You need to identify the identity of online sellers
  • Search for public records associated with a phone number
  • Check the identity of someone you’re dating for the first time.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Quite affordable
  • Extremely useful additional features.


  • None

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Plans and Pricing

Truthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup isn’t free, but it’s not expensive. With less than $5, you can look up unlimited phone numbers!

However, your subscription will be automatically renewed after a month unless you unsubscribe.

So, if you only check one or a few numbers, remember to enter your account page and click unsubscribe.

Other Features

Truthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup Features
Truthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup Features

As we’ve mentioned, even though in this Truthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup review, we’re only focusing on the phone lookup feature, Truthfinder is far more powerful than this.

By connecting to their website, you can start a deep public records search by proving all the information you have and clicking Search.

The following are Truthfinder’s other main features.

People Search

You can use this tool if you need to find more information about a specific person.

You can enter their name and city, and the website will provide anything that’ll jump out the State’s Public Records.

Public Records

With this tool, you can easily browse any type of public record. As you may know, public records include criminal records, court records, marriage and divorce records, and more…

You can use this tool just like a common search engine: enter the information you have and browse through the results. It’ll be extremely easy to find out what you’re looking for.

Background Check

With this tool, you can pull out a person’s background that includes information about:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • exes
  • Roommates
  • Neighbors
  • Business associates.


How To Get Started with Truthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup?

You can easily find out the owner of a phone number with Truthfinder by simply following these steps:

1. Go to the truth finder Reverse Phone Lookup webpage.

How To Get Started With Truthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup

2. In the search bar, enter the phone number and click Search.

Get Started

3. Check out. The service isn’t free, so before showing the results page, you’ll be asked to pay for it (it’s less than $5! – see the pricing section)

4. Browse through the results to find out who’s calling you!

NPC Truthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup Ratings

Ease of use4.5/5

Customer Ratings And Reviews

TruthFinder Customer Ratings And Reviews
customer ratings
Truthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup customer ratings

Out of 1,080 customer reviews, Truthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup has a combined rating of 3.7/5 stars. Out of the total 1,080, 62% of people gave it a five-star rating, and 11% gave it a one-star rating.



ComparisonTruthfinder Reverse Phone LookupZabasearch Reverse Phone Lookup
FeaturesPhone lookup, Background search, etcPhone lookup, Background search, etc.

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What Makes It Better Than Others

Truthfinder is the most immediate tool when you need to quickly check a phone number.

Furthermore, if you need a deeper investigation, you don’t need to pass to another platform; you can exploit Truthfinder’s other features to browse through the entire background of a person.

Our Take Of Truthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup

In our Truthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup review, we’ve highlighted how Truthfinder is extremely easy to use.

You can use it just like any other search engine, but you’ll be searching through public records! 

The Reverse Phone Lookup feature is one of the easiest to use; the fact that on the same website, you can exploit many other services (like public records search) is very convenient. This is suitable for both a quick search and a deep investigation.

Our Experience With Truthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup Review

Our team tested Truthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup in several ways:

  • We entered our own phone numbers, and the results the software provided were always accurate.
  • We enter an old phone number that a member of the team knows by heart. It’s a schoolmate’s old phone number (remember when we used to know our friends’ phone numbers by heart?). This was a test on an old phone number, and the results provided informed us that it is no longer active. However, the identity of the owner matched one of the schoolmates!


Do I need to log in to use Truthfinder?

Yes, you do. Logging in is easy:

  • Click login
  • enter your credential
  • Click login
  • Start using the tool!

How do I cancel my subscription?

  • Access your Truthfinder account
  • Go to Membership settings
  • Click on Cancel Subscription

Can I cancel my subscription by phone?

Yes, you can call Truthfinder support number ((800) 699-8081 Between 7:00 am to 7:00 pm PT, Monday – Friday).

  • Provide your account info
  • Ask to cancel your subscription.

Is Truthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup legit?

Yes, Truthfinder Reverse Phone Lookup is legit.

What else can I search on Truthfinder?

You can run a full background check report, get access to the crime reports, run people lookup, email lookup, and more.

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