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Unlike most of the other sports events, UFC has a lot of differences including the little ones as well as the major ones.

These changes not only make it unique, but these are also among the biggest reasons why UFC is an interesting event of MMA.

While there are a lot of differences in the way UFC happens, UFC Results are also something pretty different in itself.

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You might take an example of some soccer event or basketball event. Teams know where they are standing as they perform because they are given solid points as soon as they score those points.

On the other hand, things are very different when it comes to UFC. So, here you will get to know all that you need to know about UFC Results.


What are UFC Results

In a UFC fight, two fighters are headed against each other, and they have to do nothing but prove that they are on the better side.

For this different Mixed Martial, Arts techniques are used. As there are no specific points for different moves there is a panel of 3 judges.

This panel of judges awards points out of 10 to each player for each round of the fight.

As the rounds are over or the match is abandoned by the referee, those points are then used for calculating the final results.

So, when the round is over the judges declare one player as the winner and it is considered as the UFC Results.

One player doesn’t need to win while the other one loses. In some fights, none of the players wins as the game ends as a draw according to the final decision of the panel of judges.

All you need to know about UFC Results

Only knowing the basics about the results will not provide you with all the information that you need. That is what we are here for.

So, here we will be discussing the results of the fight as well as some other interesting facts about the results.

What is the duration of a fight in the UFC?

So, first, we will discuss a round’s duration. Usually, around in the UFC fight is no longer than 5 minutes according to the rules.

Now moving towards the total duration of a UFC fight. At least there are 3 rounds to be played before a result is generated.

Sometimes the match results cannot be deduced after 3 rounds, this limit is extended to 5 rounds. It means that one UFC fight can last for 13 to 25 minutes of fighting time.

The breaks between these rounds add to the total time. If we conduct the total time of one UFC fight, then it can take almost 6 hours from the start to the finish of the event.

Factors affecting the results of UFC fights

The panel of jury present there examining the fight notices a lot of things. Different things play their role in affecting the results of the UFC fights. Some of them are:

  • The body language of the fighters can add points
  • The hits and techniques of fighters can add points
  • Foul moves can reduce points

While the list is pretty long, these were some important factors.


No matter how excited you are for the fight in the end the thing that matters is what the panel of judges say.

Well, to fully understand the game you need to know a lot. We hope that by now you have understood a lot of things regarding the results of UFC fights.

So, now that you know all about results you can now enjoy your favorite upcoming UFC Fights.

While you enjoy the fights make sure to stay tuned as we will keep on providing some of the best facts and results here.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Can The UFC Results Be A Majority Draw?

Yes, it is true that must not be a winner in every UFC fight. Sometimes the fight ended in a draw. It happens when the panel of judges keeps on giving points to the fighters and when it comes to announcing the final result, 2 of them declare the match as a draw. In that case, the match ends as a majority draw.

Do The Round Points Have An Impact On The Final Results Of A Fight?

Yes, the panel of judges has to award some points out of 10 to each fighter for every round. They keep track of these points as it tells them how a player performed throughout the fight. When the rounds finish the judges can conclude their results from those points. So, these points have a huge impact on the final results of a fight.

Which Unusual Situation Can Lead The Fight To Move Towards The Results?

While both the fighters are very well motivated to win the fight, things sometimes do not go as planned. Sometimes the match rounds are not even completed while the referee has to stop the game because of some special condition.

These unusual conditions include a fighter getting knocked out, a fighter not defending himself intelligently, or a fighter tapping out because of submission. Apart from these conditions, there are 3 rounds which can extend to 5 rounds.

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