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Different types of sports and games have different ways of conducting their contests and the same is the case with UFC.

Here we will be elaborating on everything related to the UFC schedule that you need to know.

Unlike most sports UFC has a very different way of making its schedule as well as all other match-related things.

People from the public generally support their favorite players and teams and they are often willing to know about their favorite upcoming match.

If you are also one of those people, then you are at the right place.


What is the UFC Schedule?

UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship, and it is a contest of Mixed Martial Arts where players fight for the final title.

July 23, 2022

Main Card

Weight ClassFight
HeavyweightCurtis Blaydes vs. Tom Aspinall
Middleweight LightJack Hermansson vs. Darren Till
LightweightPaddy Pimblett vs. Jordan Leavitt
Light HeavyweightNikita Krylov vs. Alexander Gustaffsson
Women’s FlyweightMolly McCann vs. Hannah Goldy
Light HeavyweightPaul Craig vs. Volkan Oezdemir

Preliminary Card

LightweightMarc Diakiese vs. Damir Hadzovic
FeatherweightMakwan Amirkhani vs. Jonathon Pearce
FlyweightMuhammad Mokaev vs. Charles Johnson
LightweightJai Herbert vs. Kyle Nelson
Women’s FlyweightMandy Bohm vs. Victoria Leonardo
WelterweightClaudio Silva vs. Nicolas Dalby

However, it is necessary to have a map for the whole event.

That is the map that decides when a player is going to have a match and who will be the opponent for the game.

This map that provides all the information is known as the UFC Schedule.

The schedule here contains a lot of information about a single match including the following:

  • Time
  • Date
  • Location
  • Streaming places where you can watch that match live online.

UFC Results

Everything you need to know about the UFC Schedule.

If you think that you know a lot about sports schedules, then you also know about UFC’s schedule then you are most probably wrong.

Well, some of you might be right but there are a lot of complex things going on at the backend of this schedule.

To ensure that you know all of that interesting stuff we will be sharing all of the interesting things that you need to know about this schedule.

How is the UFC Schedule made?

Most sports events have a specific way of making their schedule.

Some have hardcoded methods while others use algorithms for a fair schedule-making process.

However, there is nothing like that done when it comes to making a schedule for UFC. Every year the schedule is made differently.

It depends on a few things including the number of players participating in the event.

The sport itself has a very brutal nature to a lot of players who are not willing to participate in it every year.

Other than that, when some player participates, they have to fight 2 to 3 times a year. So, the schedule for each year’s UFC title is made accordingly.

UFC History

Among all sports and games, UFC has the richest history. It dates back to the time when sports were depending on real skills and strength instead of including different tools and other things.

With including physical strength and physical abilities as the main components of a player it is one of the most exciting games of the whole world’s history.

UFC takes you back to the Greek Era of the Olympic Games straight back to 648BC.

There have been several names assigned to this sport and they have changed several times as well.

How many matches are scheduled for each team?

Just like the method of schedule making is different every year, a lot of other things are also changing from year to year.

One of those things is the number of matches scheduled for each team.

As the schedule is made according to the number of players participating, the matches scheduled per team are also determined afterward.

Not only is the number of matches per team decided in this way but the UFC rankings are also decided in the same way after the schedule is made.

So, one can say that a lot of things in a UFC season depend on the schedule designing process.

The total number of teams included in the UFC Schedule.

A major misconception among people is that they think that UFC is a sport that is also played similarly to other sports.

Unlike what they think, UFC is an event that is all about the individual players, their performance, strength, and fitness.

There are no teams involved and individual players from different countries are allowed. Those allowed players still cannot represent anything but their country.

However, an interesting and attractive thing about UFC is that there is no limit on the number of players from a single country.

In this case, the public might call that a country’s team, but those players are still fighting in the event individually.


Watching UFC matches is as fun as watching any other game. These games are full of action, and it becomes even more fun when your favorite player is winning.

So, if you are looking to explore all of your favorite UFC action you must stay tuned.

While you enjoy your favorite UFC action, we will make sure to keep you up to date with all of the interesting facts and figures from UFC so that you do not have to miss a single bit of UFC action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Number Of Players In A Team For Each UFC Schedule Match?

UFC is an event where there are no teams. The event is based on individual players and this number of players varies from year to year. For example, one year there could be 100 players participating from different countries while in other areas there are only 40 or so. So, the UFC is all about individuals instead of teams.

How Is The Score Counted In The UFC?

In a UFC round, there is a referee who points out foul moves. Other than that, every round has 10 points and there is a panel of 3 judges. After every round, the judges will assign some score to both the players out of 10. So, a player can score points out of 10 in every round.

How Can A Player Win?

UFC games are played in a way that the number of players keeps on reducing as more and more players are getting eliminated. Once there are only 2 players left the final match takes place and the one who wins this final fight is the winner of the UFC title.

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