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While there are different types of sports and games that let people compete based on their skills and the expertise to use different things.

There are some games where the actual physical strength of people is checked by a competition. Surprisingly some even include fighting and UFC is a great example of it.

What is UFC?

UFC means Ultimate Fighting Championship and as the name suggests it is a competition where people come and fight for the title.

It’s an American company that promotes mixed martial arts.

Being Mixed Martial Arts MMA means that it is full-contact fighting where a lot of techniques and skills are allowed.

Simply put, it allows several grappling and striking techniques while the contestant is standing on the ground.

History of UFC

If we take a look at the history of UFC, we will come to know that it has the richest history.

It belongs to the times when sports were more real and skill-based rather than the inclusion of different things.

Most of the competitions in that time were based on physical strength and abilities.

UFC’s MMA dates back to around 648 BC which was the era of the Greek Olympic Games. At that time, it was known as Pankration.

However, there were some other versions of MMA at that time as well.

Type of UFC Games

The type of UFC games is very simple. There is one referee in the ring and there are 2 contestants inside the ring as well.

They are allowed to fight using MMA techniques while following all the rules.

The referee is there to indicate the foul moves.

Other than that, 3 judges are sitting at different angles on the ring, and they award points to the players for their performance during the round.

Scoring in UFC

Each round has 10 points. When the fighters are allowed to fight the judges are judging their moves and techniques.

As the round goes on the judges make their decisions and after each round judges give the points out of 10 to the player who was better in every manner.

In this way, the points can be scored in every round.

How many teams are included in the UFC?

UFC matches are all about individual performance and there are no teams.

There are individual players from different countries in the UFC and they only represent their country. In terms of countries, there is no limit on how many can participate.

However, in 2020 71 countries will participate in UFC while there could be more.

Speaking of the number of countries, 71 was considered a great number considering the past stats of UFC as well as the Coronavirus Pandemic situation.

How many matches are played by each team?

As there is no fixed number of players in UFC, the number of matches cannot be determined.

The UFC Schedule and UFC rankings are all made according to the total number of fighters. The same happens with the UFC results. Those are also concluded accordingly.

How is a Winner Decided?

If you are looking to know about the UFC fight tonight and its winner, It is necessary to know how a winner is decided. As the UFC proceeds most of the players are eliminated.

There comes a time when there are only 2 players left in the finals after all of the matches are played. Then those two are set for the final and they fight.

The length of the match can be shortened by the referee and the same could be done with the rounds.

However, the judges allocate points for both the fighters and the one with better performance in the final wins the UFC title for that season.


To some people, UFC might not be that pleasing. But to many, it is a very attractive league as fighters are showcasing their MMA skills.

It not only includes the showcase of their skills but the real-life pressure handling during the fight and a lot of other stuff.

Moreover, different people have different favorite fighters who they love to watch, and it makes people connect with UFC in a very emotional manner making the whole thing hype up a lot.

Frequently asked question

How does a fighter win the UFC?

The interesting thing about UFC is that there are rounds of 5 minutes each. These can be either three or five rounds according to the circumstances. In each round, the team of 3 judges gives some points to the fighters and the one with 10 points wins the round.

It is also necessary that the opponent gets fewer points. So, when the rounds are completed, the total result is concluded and that is used for making the final decision of the match. In some cases, the match is completed without even completing the rounds.

It is the case where the referee declares one player the winner when the other one taps out because of submission, or the fighter is not intelligently defending himself. Getting knocked out also makes the fighter lose as the referrer often stops the match.

How many players are there in each match in the UFC?

No matter what the level of a UFC match is, there are no more than 2 players in a UFC fight. The reason is that UFC fights are always a one versus one fight.

How is the UFC schedule made?

Making the UFC schedule every year is done in a different manner depending on the number of players who participate in the event. On average the players fight 2 to 3 times a year. However, due to the brutal nature of the sport, this is not played as often by players as they play other sports, so the schedule is made in a new way every time.

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