How To Update Apps On iPhone In 2022

Wondering how to update apps on iPhone?

Apps are a substantial part of any smartphone. Be it Android or iPhone; they don’t feel worthy without applications.

However, they both have different app downloading versions. Some of the apps are already on mobiles by default. There are other apps that are essential for our work or interest. 

iPhone allows us to download our favorite apps that are compatible with the iOS version. With time everything needs upgradation.

In the same way, apps in iPhone also need to be updated as soon as a new version or feature is launched. 

How to update apps on iPhone
How to update apps on iPhone

Guide to update apps on iPhone

Guide to update apps on iPhone
Guide to update apps on iPhone

App updating is an inevitable task to ensure your mobile apps work smoothly and do not cause any trouble.

Because after a limited time, you will be unable to open your apps, to provide a smooth-running, update your apps on iPhone now.

If you don’t know how to update your iPhone apps, don’t worry at all, as we have made a detailed guide for you so you can easily update apps on your iPhone.

Ways to update apps on iPhone

Ways to update apps on iPhone
Ways to update apps on iPhone

There are two ways to update;

  1. Update apps through the automatic option.
  2. You can update apps on your iPhone manually.

Update apps on iPhone automatically. 

Update apps on iPhone automatically
Update apps on iPhone automatically

There is an effortless way of doing your tasks. Just like that, you can also update your apps on your iPhone automatically.

Here is the guide;

1. Go to the app store:

To start, you have to go to your app store in your iPhone’s below-given home screen tabs.

For that, go to settings. Here you will find the App Store for your iPhone. Go and click on the option of the App store. It will further give you some other options.

2. Find App updates

So, now that you have opened the App Store through Settings, it’s time to go on to the next step. Now you will see an interface with multiple options. Scroll down, and you will see an App Update option on your iPhone.

3. Slide to make the option functional

When you see the App Update option, press and slide the option, you see. When it appears green, this means it is active now.

4. Enjoy Automatic App Updates

Below is another option for automatic update and download. Press and slide it until it appears green. Now the option is active. Whenever any App Update is available compatible with the iOS version, your mobile system will automatically download it.

And you will enjoy the trouble-free usage of your apps. Also, here is an option to not download unused Apps. You can activate or deactivate it; that depends on your choice.

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Updates app on iPhone manually.

Updates app manually
Updates app on iPhone manually

There is another way to update apps. It is useful too because, by this, you can update apps on your iPhone. You can update your favorite apps manually with the latest Version. 

Follow these simple steps to download the latest versions of your apps on iPhone;

1. Free up your space

Make sure your iPhone internal storage has enough space so you can download the latest versions. Low system space will be unable your download compatible versions. So before starting the procedure, delete unnecessary files and relax your phone space.

2. Search for App Store

Now go to the home screen tab. Here you will find an icon for Play Store. Open your app store. 

3. Look on the right

Here you will see your profile on the top right corner. Click on the profile picture and a new interface. Go and see it. 

So, when you go to the profile and the interface, look for the search bar.

You will see a search bar on the upper side. The search bar is to search any kind of app that is available on the App Store.

5. Search for anticipated App version

When you see a search bar, here you can click, and a keyboard will appear. Type here the name of the app that you want to update. Look for the app version that is compatible with iOS. 

6. Download app

Now, when you have searched for the app, you will see the app’s latest versions available. Find the one that is compatible with I cloud. Click it, and it will open with a download tab. Press the tab. After some time, your app will be downloaded.

You will receive a notification that your application is updated.

7. Turn on notifications from Play-store.

It happens to us that when a new version of any app is launched, we don’t get to know about it. It is usual as we don’t pay much attention to keep checking news feed or Play-store.

But we receive notification all of sudden that the current version you are using will be disabled in a short while. It drags us in a hurry to clear our phone space.

So, if you turn on the notifications, you will get to know on time whenever a new version is available. It will help us to update our apps on time.

Other than that, you can go and check out your Play-store time-to-time so you may know about the updated versions.


Update Apps On iPhone – Conclusion

So, we have explained all the possible methods that can help you update your apps on your iPhone. For further queries, you can check the help center of the iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions about app updates of iPhone

Why am I unable to update apps on my iPhone?

It might be because of any disruption in your Apple ID. If you are unable to update apps, check your Apple ID. So at the time of downloading, make sure you are tied to the same Apple ID that you have entered into your iCloud.

Why aren’t your apps updating?

You should tackle it in this way;

  • You should clear the cache residual.
  • Go and check your data manager.
  • Clear all unnecessary topics. 
  • If you’re unable to update apps, go and see if your built-in App manager is enabled or not.
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