15 Foolproof Methods To Get Water Damage Restoration Leads 2023

Generation Water Damage Restoration Leads is an essential marketing strategy to improve your sales and plays a vital role in your company’s success.

You could have the best services in the market, but it will be useless without an effective and properly implemented lead generation strategy. 

In this article, we’ll be talking about how lead generation can increase your revenue and what are the best ways to generate water damage leads effectively. Let’s get started!


Why is Lead Generation Important for Water Damage Restoration Business? 

If you run a water damage restoration business, you know that customers are more likely to call one of the first companies that appear in the search result because they need a fast solution.

To be the one they call first, you must rank higher than your competitors on the search results, which is only possible through lead generation. 

Lead generation is essential to boost your sales and also have a strong impact on the long-term growth of your company.

It helps you identify your potential customers early in the process to get a solid ROI.  

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15 Water Damage Restoration Lead Tactics

For any kind of business owner, generating leads is a massive problem. Generating leads is hard because it requires constant effort and pinpointing the exact thing you need to do.

Finding the things that work for a particular business might be hard. Generating lead efforts gets exceptionally harder with local businesses because the target audience is much smaller.

One of the local business types is water damage restoration companies. That is why we created a list of 15 ways to generate water damage restoration leads.

These ways have been working for water damage restoration business owners, and you can try for your business to generate leads.

1. Create An Optimized Website

Develop Your Own Optimized Website

If you don’t own a website, even if you are a local business, you will lose a lot of possible leads. Develop and design an optimized website that is responsive and easy to read. Your website is the storefront of your business.

Making it easy to read, optimized for mobile users, and fast will let your target audience stay on your website once they visit it.

Your website also needs to be relevant to your geography and industry. Add informative and relative content to keep people focused on your website.

2. Write Informative Blog Posts

In every industry, there are always questions that people are trying to find answers to.

Create blog posts around these questions and answer them thoroughly on your website. Your blog posts must be informative and focus on answering common questions.

This will attract many potential leads to your website because they are looking for an answer to a problem in your industry.

Also, make sure to add short and not pushy call-to-actions at the end of each blog post to convert your visitor into a lead.

3. Don’t Overlook Online Reviews Of Your Business

Make an effort With Your Online Reviews

When a potential customer looks around for a water damage restoration business, after checking out your company’s website, they will be most likely to go to the internet and look for reviews.

The reputation of a business is its online reviews. Always check out the reviews on the internet on reputable review websites and on Google.

Fix the bad ones by calling in your customers and ensuring everything is well with their work.

Try to be active and respond to positive reviews and clear out the situation with the negative ones if you can.

4. Create Solid Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Including the people in your neighborhood, billions of people use social media every day. That is why investing in paid social media marketing campaigns could benefit extremely well.

While creating your campaign, you must focus on choosing the right geographic location and related keywords, finding your target audience’s interests, and other details to make your marketing campaign relevant.

Putting yourself in front of your geographic target audience will generate easier leads.

5. Achieve High Conversion Rate with Call-To-Actions

Focus on High Conversion Rate

Your website might be getting a lot of visitors but not enough leads compared to the number of visitors.

This is a problem that many businesses are facing and is not easy to fix. You need to start fixing the content on your website if you want high conversion rates.

Focus on making your website simpler and easier to read, and do not add anything complex. Focus on helping the customer find what they want easily.

Add short call-to-actions on each page without being too pushy. Show your visitor that you can o what they are looking for on that page by embedding your business name and contact information.

6. Partner With Online Business Directories

In the past, there were physical business directories where you had to find a specific business and call them.

Now, these directories are also online. Find these directories that focus on water damage restoration companies and contact them to involve you there.

Create a partnership so that they will add you to their directories. Make sure you are good at what you are doing by showcasing your business, work, and other details.

Provide them with details of your business, such as the location and the contact number, so that they can put you in front of the right audience.

7. Invest in PPC Marketing Campaigns

PPC Marketing Campaigns

Among the paid marketing campaigns, perhaps the most budget-friendly option is PPC marketing. With PPC marketing, you pay per click on your ad, and the rest will be up to you to convert that visitor.

You set up a budget, and your ad will run until you get to that number of clicks on the ad. Choose the right location and keyword for increased visibility.

To convert your visitors into leads, add call-to-actions, and create minimalist landing pages that come to the point right away.

Your whole point should be to make a sale rather than inform people about something. That is why directly talk about your business and make it short.

8. Physical Ads are Old But Gold

Since you are a local business, you need to make sure that people in your neighborhood and city know you rather than other geographic locations.

The best way to increase your brand recognition locally is to put your brand out there.

Purchase billboards and put your ad design there, print out flyers and spread them around the neighborhood, and use your trucks to showcase your logo and name.

The designs you make must be extremely simple and include your name, logo, contact information, and what you do in a simple sentence.

9. Participate in Local Events for Networking


There are always local events happening in many different parts of each city. Find these events out and participate in these local events.

They are great for networking and talk people with problems with water damage.

Try to answer their questions and give them a card so that they can ring you when they need water damage restoration.

If the event is related to your business, try to participate as a speaker or sponsor the event with your logo and name.

10. Optimize Your Content for Local SEO

The biggest part of organic traffic and generating leads for any kind of business is SEO.

SEO is about focusing your content and website on specific keywords. This makes people find your business easy.

However, you need to focus on specific geography with local businesses. SEO efforts that focus on a location are local SEO.

You need to find the hot keywords in that area and use your area’s name in the keywords. Ensure all of your content is optimized for local SEO by using these keywords.

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11. Create Content for Content Marketing


Another solid rock option that generates constant leads with organic traffic is to produce original and quality content in various niches.

This could be videos, blog posts, articles, or anything that provides value to people and answers commonly asked questions. Your content must answer these questions and provide value for the reader.

12. Know Your Target Audience

If you don’t know who you are dealing with, it will be extremely hard to understand what to do with your efforts to get leads.

Research and understand your local audience. Use the information you get from research to create personalized offers and incentives. Give your local audience the answers to common problems they are facing.

13. People Rarely Say No to Incentives

Offer Incentives for Referrals

When an existing customer of yours is happy with the service they are getting, they are highly likely to refer you to someone they know.

Offer them incentives to refer you to their friends. This could be a discount coupon, free restoration option, or anything that could help them personally.

These satisfied customers will refer you to their friends for this incentive, and you will get a lead for offering this option. Like a referral program.

14. Join Facebook Groups and Be Active

Your local neighborhood will most likely have different Facebook groups for different topics.

Join these Facebook groups and introduce yourself, post some content, comment on people’s posts and solve their problems.

Be present and showcase yourself, not your business. In time, people will get accustomed to you and will talk to you in case they have a problem and work with you for their water damage restoration problems.

15. Purchase Water Damage Restoration Leads

There are many businesses on the internet that focuses on learning about a sector’s target audience and creating a directory with their name, email, or whatever it is they are collecting. They then sell these lists to businesses that want them.

Even though it could be helpful, since you are a local business and your target audience is much smaller than the leads in these lists, it might not be the perfect option.

However, if you can find a directory for your local area, you can buy it and start reaching out to the people on the list.

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Benefits of Google Ads for Water Damage Leads Generation

Benefits of Google Ads for Water Damage Leads Generation

Works Faster than SEO

Google Ads is one of the fastest means to get ranked on the very first page of the SERPS and increase your brand visibility.

Google Ads is quick to show results than SEO which takes a lot more time to show the results you want. 

Targets the Right Audience

Google Ads allows you to target the right audience interested in your services to improve your odds of turning them into a lead.

Google gathers user details such as demographics, gender, browser activity, device type, logins, and online interaction to know about their interests and helps you target them with Google Display Ads.  

Holy Grail Brand Awareness

If you want to build brand awareness, collect customer data, and generate more sales, Google Ads is the definite channel to use.

Since your ads appear at the top of search results, it makes people familiar with your brand, even if they click it or not.

When people know your brand, they are more likely to choose it in the future. 

Measure your performance For Water Damage Restoration Leads

Google Ads allows users to analyze how their ads are performing according to their goals.

You can constantly monitor control of your campaign, make optimization efforts, and change anything that doesn’t seem right. 

Increases Your Reach

Google’s immense reach makes it one of the most trusted online sources used by people to obtain information.

With Google Ads, you can bid on the search terms related to your business to reach the people looking for those services and improve your chances of getting more leads.

Beat Your Competitors

The transparent system of Google Ads helps you keep an eye on the strategies and keywords your competitors are using to promote their business and use them to make yourself stand out from them. 

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How causes water damage?

Water Damage can be caused due to many reasons, including dishwasher leakage, water overflow, flood waters, leaking roofs, clogged toilets, dishwasher leakage, tap left open, etc.

Is water restoration a profitable business?

For major works, you can charge as high as $10,000 with a profit margin of 50%, and even small jobs can make you earn upto $750,000 in a year. So yes, the water restoration business is quite profitable.

How long does it take for the water damage to go away?

It can take upto five days for your place to completely dry up, depending on the intensity of the damage.

Can Water damage cause heath problems?

Yes, water damage can cause severe heath problems and can give rise to bacteria, mold and fungal growth and infections.

What are the tools required for water restoration?

The most common types of tools required for water restoration include:

  • Moisture Detector
  • LGR Dehumidifier
  • Air Purifier
  • HEPA Vacuums
  • Air Scrubbers 
  • Odor Control
  • Self-Propelled Dump Containers, etc.
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